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  1. What a peaceful time I had as a kid in the 80's, listening to Skip at night in the summertime. Regular season baseball is so long & calm it takes a personality to keep it going & that's what he had. It used to be so funny when he would make fun of the upcoming late movie on WTBS, or with sarcasm apologize for delaying Night Tracks...
  2. 32 is such a great mathematical number for any league, but I could see them adding eventually. I think they would prefer movement first like others have said. The Buffalo situation, maybe Jacksonville is also too small. I went to the Falcons-Saints game in San Antonio & it seemed to be a large local following, not just New Orleans fans (they had much more serious issues at the time). Los Angeles not having a team seems strange to this day. While we're at it I wish it was like this: Baltimore COLTS, St. Louis CARDINALS, & LA RAMS. When I do a new franchise on Madden I usually "fix"
  3. My personal list is different than most. I'm gonna be a DIE HARD Falcons fan whether they win or lose or whatever off the field scandals pop up. The difference to me is this new logo/uniform does not feel like those Falcons. I will never get used to it, the more I see games from past eras in my VHS archives, the more it hurts. So, here we go with my "mistakes" I wish had never happened: 1. Changing the logo in the first place 2. Not changing the logo back in this fresh new start we have (I know there are NFL rules involved) 3. Firing of Reeves (continuity does wonders for an offense) 4. Fi
  4. We already have slow, hard-hitting safties as it is...
  5. That was the best Alabama game since 2005, hope we could do it again. We didn't lose agame by more than 7 points, but lost soooo many games. Speaking of Bama-UT, it was our biggest rivalry too until Auburn finally got good in the 80's.
  6. I'm a Bama guy so I had to go with the Dawgs
  7. I would say it's impossible with that schedule, but you can win it with 2 losses these days...
  8. I am ashamed of Alabama's performance in this, we used to be Top 5 all the time. I guess it mirrors our football... ab.bmp
  9. The biggest factor in that race was the 9-3-1 season of 1993 was turned to 1-11 due to Antonio Langham signing with an agent (on a cocktail napkin no less)
  10. REALITY?? We are replacing reality with HOPE, that's the "in" thing these days...
  11. Now "FAT!" from the Gundy rant on Rome's show is in my head, thanks
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