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  1. I am watching a replay of the Tampa Bay and Jags game from last night. Gaines Adams is starting to excel. He lines up at both end spots and is looking like a great pick from the draft in which we took JA. Tampa got the better man that year. I really hope Jamal can become productive at some position. Bierman should start a DE this year.

    Well he was projected to be the best DE that year. The first off the boards. We are ok he only has 8 more tackles and 6 more sack for his career than Anderson!

    I am looking at the stats he only had 2 tackles. Thanks for rooting for the home team guys!

  2. You claim Roddy showed you promise and Anderson did not, therefore you reject the argument that we need to give Anderson more time just as we needed to Roddy before calling him a bust, benching him or whatever.

    Are you aware that desite poor defensive line coaching last year, Anderson played the run well for a rookie LDE AND that he tied for the lead in qb hurries for all rookie defenders? Did he get a sack? No, nor did Roddy get a TD his second year.

    The fact is, both Roddy and Anderson played poorly their rookie seasons. Roddy started showing the flashes in year 2, Anderson hasn;t even played year 2.

    Its too freaking early to be calling Anderson a bust, and if being tied with all NFL rookies in QB hurries doesn;t demostrate any poential whatsover to you, I'm not sure what it is that would,

    I totally agree! What kills me is that we as Falcon Fans are prepared to eat our own young. Before last year White was on the chopping block this year it is Anderson. New flash people it takes time to develop into a Pro Bowl caliber player. It took Kerney 3 years before he became a double digit sack artist. Let just give the kid a chance and the support he needs!

  3. Would anyone here be against making a run at him?

    He will no doubt be the top FA next year after 4 double digit sack seasons in 6 years, if Carolina choose not to resign him... I know he goes missing some weeks, but his record at LDE is second to none among current players...

    No one here has speculated, so i thought id atleast throw it out there...

    Maybe draft a NT, slide Jamal Anderson inside to UT and have Abe and Julius stalking the QB... Its good to dream :D

    I guess if we were in contention it would be a popular acquisition, but atleast we would still get pressure if Abe went down...

    I personally would much rather make a run at T Suggs.

  4. Coach Smith is gonna bring some SmashMouth football back into Atlanta....seems like I remember a coach a few years ago doing that and he led us straight to the Super Bowl. I loved smash mouth football then and I love it now. It opens up every aspect of a football team. The sky is the limit if you have the right tools. SO the question is do we have the right tools...let's see....

    1. A power running back- (like Jamal ANderson) we got it, Turner is gonna be a star in the league.

    2. A receiver who can spread the field(like Tony Martin)- I think Roddy White is better than Tony Martin and will get better and better as his career goes on.

    3. A great offensive line- (not sure we had that in 98) But I expect this group to be a lot better than people are giving them credit for. I expect good things.

    4. A run stopping defense- (one of the best in 98) THis could definitely be a big question mark but if we can keep them off the field it would definitely help. I don't have a whole lot of confidence this year in our defense. In 98, I knew they could stop anybody. I dared them to run the ball.

    I think we could definitely surprise some people this year....I'm not saying we're going to the Super Bowl this year.....but we're on the right track. Excitement is coming...just hard to be patient sometimes. GO Falcons!!!!

    I was actually thinking a little more like a young Colts team. Everyone may laugh at this but look at the setup. We have a mild mannered player coach in Mike Smith who is defensive minded (Tony Dungy). We both run a defense that is a cover 2. A studious quarterback Matt Ryan who is often criticized (Peyton Manning until winning the sb). Two fast and strong/complimenting wr White & Robinson (Harris and Wayne). Yes I know the first observation is the stats, but look at for many of these players earlier on in their career. Not so unbelievable that our players can't reach the same heights as these players.

    Please let the hating begin!!!!!

  5. Like my friend Robb4242 said, "lets wait a bit". If Sam Baker can get by our division rivals

    facing Will Smith, Julius Peppers, and Gaines Adams, I'll be convinced.

    As for Roddy White making the Pro Bowl, beating out players like Terrell Owens and

    Larry Fitzgerald will be a challenge as well.

    So they only allow two wr in the Pro Bowl, last year with no coach and three quarterback changes he was third in receiving yards and appears to be much better this year. What wr in the NFC top five can say that? TO is a stud but a year older. I don't doubt Fitzgerald. But Colson number will go down with the addidtion on Shockley and Meachem. I'll take White over another wr now.

  6. After now seeing a hint of things to come, do people still think we need to draft a WR or LT with our first pick in next years draft. Baker appears to be solid and White should be a Pro Bowler. Yes I know it was the first preseason game, but there is no reason to believe that what you seen will be not be what you get. Barring a couple of tweaks to the O-Line which can be address in later rounds, the offense looked pretty good in all positions, running game was solid, wr core appears to be much improved and no matter what you think about Ryan we looked the part.

    If anyone knows me, knows I want a play making SS first and a stud at DT. Mays and Oghobaase should be our first two pick if we can get them and Loadholt or Louis Vasquez in the third.

  7. This is from his NFLDS scouting report:

    "Negatives: Plays too shallow at times, negating his deep coverage skills...Appears more comfortable as a drag-down tackler and needs to show better arm extension in attempts to wrap up, but takes proper angles in pursuit to compensate...Gets suckered out of position at times, as he will bite on play-action and misdirection...Will finesse rather than try to maul blockers, which results in him getting tied up by some blocks when trying to shed... Better flowing to the play-side than from behind...Drives for depth with good angle in his pass drops, but keeps his feet a little narrow handling the switch-off in the zone...Freelances often and might not have good success playing in a structured defense...Has good strength to impact ballcarriers, but his lack of bulk and size sees him engulfed by larger blockers and he struggles vs. double teams when playing at the X's...More quick than fast and might not have the pure speed to run with receivers in the deep third of the field (for a possible move to safety)...2007 was his only season of note, as he failed to get much playing time his first four years, despite playing with one of the more mediocre units in college...Missed close to half of the 2006 season with a concussion and further medical evaluation might be warranted."

    We blew it. We'll get over it, but this wasn't a good pick by our new scouting department.

    That right fire TD! Seriously. I don't think I have ever heard anyone use blew it with a fifth round selection before. It amazes me how we have so many "fans" criticize everything we do! This is not Philly or NY. News flash everyone draft in this years will be a Pro Bowler or a Hall of Famer even in the fifth round.

  8. can you show me some stats to prove that he is the best DT we have? im not downing the guy, but **** when has he played a full season and been productive??how u gonna crown a 6th rounder a good tackle when he hasnt been on the field alot?

    Week 5 10/07 Lewis had 5 unassisted tackles and 1 int. Tied Jackson for the most tackles by DT and 1 upped him with the int. Best DT on the field for both teams. You can shut up now!

  9. For how long though? He hasnt played a full season since 2003, and is 33 years old...

    Suggs and Scott have missed a combined 4 games between them since they joined the team, and should be the priority signings by Newsome imo... Ray Lewis has certainly got gas in the tank and will probably play for a few more seasons, but if its a huge contract he wants, then i think its to much of a risk for the Ravens.

    Someone else will have to step up and be the heart and soul...

    I totaly agree, I would sign Suggs before Lewis now. But owner haven't always been the sharpest knives in the kitchen when it comes to these decisions. But I think they are playing a little too much hard balll with him.

  10. Yup> I mean, EVERY SINGLE DRAFT PICK has to pan out perfectly, or the GM is a bum. Yup yup.

    My thoughts exactly. TD better not mess up on another 5th round pick or he will be fired! And if all picks aren't starters by year two then out he goes. are you guys seriously having this conversation. The guy drafts possibly three first year starters and possible five by year two and we are complaining about a 5th round pick. Are you guys friends or foes?

  11. Of course we want to get younger, that is why we brought in Grady Jackson and Jason Elam. They have youth and loads of potential, heh.... :P

    Grady is to fill a hole for one year I am sure we will draft a DT in next years draft. We are building thru the draft and supplementing thru FA. That was TD MO since he got here. We got five players that will most likely be starters within the next two years not bad for a first draft. (Ryan, Baker, Lofton, Jackson & Decloud). You don't build a dynasty but buy over priced FAs.

  12. i cant see the ravens letting go ray lewis, i mean ray is their heart and sould of that D, he is the leader of the WHOLE team why would they let him go? also i cant see them letting go suggs, he is a pro bowler year in and out...

    It becomes a numbers game everyone can't get max money. Reed, Suggs, Lewis & McGahee are all looking to have pay days in the next couple of years. Someone will become a cap causality.

  13. good effort but I just disagree with the first round pick - the first thing is I disagree with the position of it - you have us picking 8th before trading down......well, I disagree with the prognosticators predicting 1-15 but we will most likely go 4-12 or maybe 5-11. That should net us a higher pick than 8th. I think we will have the 5th pick overall - totally my prediction of course.

    I still think our greatest needs are offensive line and defensive line and I still think offensive line is the biggest of those two and it also will be where "value" intersects draft positon - I don't think there will be any DTs worthy of a top 10 pick. However there could be as many as three offensive tackles worthy (1. Michael Oher, 2. Andre Smith and 3. Eugene Monroe). I think all three of these guys will be better left tackle prospects than Sam Baker and we will just move Sam either inside to guard or kick him out to the rigth tackle position.I like the Duke DT in 2nd round as you have it

    Based on what?

  14. very very early lol....any ways, i love the Mays pick, and the 2nd round pick, but if we need a future RT....we cant just get a 3rd rounder and say hes our franchise RT, if our OL is very bad, i think well get our RT/G in the 2nd round, also switch that TTU G with Matt Slauson G from Nebraska, he should be a 3rd rounder or maybe higher, but do to an off the field incedent **** drop, any good draft i dont mind it

    Great mock and it is never too early! Why can't you have a franchise RT in the 3rd round. We have a franchise olb in the 5th round Boley. A team can't be filled with 1st and 2nd round picks. Plus Vasquez TTU G is a much better prospect than Slauson.

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