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  1. I think S is where we will go in the 1st round next year,If so who do we take.

    Who will make the better pro?

    Well I too was a fan favor of Mays however now thinking about it, being that this is a deep draft for SS and Milloy is playing at a high level and with play of Coleman of late. I can't see us spending more than a 2nd round pick for a SS and that will be pushing it. We can get a high quality SS in the second or third round. Mays, Moore, Rolle, Chancellor & Chung all are nice prospects! We will probably will go with a DT in the first round.

  2. I think first and foremost we should get Nnamdi Asomugha, he is solid. It would be a HUGE RISK, but i really like Mike Brown from the Bears, only problem is he is a walking band aid. I think he is a great player and if healthy could really do some damage for us.

    Why would we go get a overprice 9+ million $ cb when we:

    a) traded one away dhall

    B) have two starting material cb who has yet to play a down for us this season (Foxworth & Hutchins)

    c) not to mention we are in the top ten in pass defense and in the top five in ints.

    d) we just drafted two cb in higher rounds the pass two drafts (Houston and Jackson)

    Our problem is dline, now I am not one who hates JA98 and think he should be cut. But let's just say he is better position as a UT, if we pick up Suggs. We would have two pass rushing DE along with a nice run stopping UT in JA98 and then we can focus on getting a hard nose NT like Vince Oghobaase or whatever space eating monster you like. Also sign Boley to a long term contract! These siginngs will give us flexibility!!!!!!

    Signing Nnamdi Asomugha would only strap us for cash that will prevent us from addressing other areas! Can't pay him 9 million dollars and then pay Boley possible other free agents. (Milloy, Foxworth & etc)

  3. Can I get a link to this "QB Hurries" stat? I would like to see the names and numbers to get a feel for the context for the stat of "QB Hurries." Thanks in advance.

    Well what do you think about Roddy White? He only had 3 tds in his first two year. It took him until his third year until he really start producing but being that you have a man crush on JA98 you wouldn't have notice that. Thank god that Coach Smith who know JA98 stats obvious thinks otherwise!

  4. HMMMM, I thought cowboy's sig was spot on. Truth is hard for some peeps to digest I guess.

    I would hope we will elected a President for the issues at hand not what he wore twenty-thirty years ago! I don't care if we wore a halloween costume can he get this country going back in the right direction, I think so!!!!!!!

  5. That's because most people on the board have no idea what they are talking about.

    Don't you guys know that he should have had 12 sacks in the first game! Heck he was a first round pick. For here on out the new standard is first round picks should put up Pro Bowl numbers their rookie year no excuses!

    I think! :blink:

  6. It doesn't matter to me what they think, we got away with hwy robbery! The guys has 3x the tackles and pd as the guy they are trying to pump up. I t is nice to be able to return a int for a touch down but how many times is that going to happen. Give me a player that will shut down a wr and I will take that over any one return touch down! Let's put this in perspcetive, chances are they will not replace his production with that 7th or 6th round pick.

  7. :lol: So this schedule

    Central Michigan

    South Carolina

    Arizona ST








    GA Tech

    is a joke over this schedule

    Ohio ST

    Oregon ST


    AZ ST

    Washington ST




    Notre Dame



    My jaws hurt from laughing so hard.

    Besides OSU please tell me which one of those teams are contenders. We play Florida every year, LSU every other year, Tenn. Let's just say please let the PAC 10 play half there games against SEC teams and see how you guys are rank after the season. If I am not mistaken 3 of our teams have a share on the nation championship 4 out of the pass 5 year. With 3 different teams.

  8. I researched the stats of all DE's drafted in the first round since 2000. Jamaal Anderson finished the season with zero sacks, which makes him the only one of them without a sack in their rookie season. Keep in mind, most of these guys were drafted later in the first round, and the majority of them were not even starters their first year. They also didn't have the luxury of playing opposite John Abraham. Way to go McKay.

    Gaines Adams- 5 sacks / 31 tackles

    Jamaal Anderson- 0 sacks 30 tackles

    Jarvis Moss- 1 sack / 9 tackles

    Mario Williams- 5 sacks / 47 tackles

    Tamba Hali- 8 sacks / 63 tackles / 1 Int

    Mathias Kiwanuka- 4 sacks / 53 tackles / 2 Int's

    Marcus Spears- 2 sacks / 31 tackles

    Luis Castillo- 4 sacks / 49 tackles

    Will Smith- 8 sacks / 42 tackles

    Kenechi Udeze- 5 sacks / 36 tackles

    Kevin Williams- 11 sacks / 52 tackles /1 Int

    Ty Warren- 2 sacks / 33 tackles

    Michael Haynes- 2 sacks / 22 tackles

    Tyler Brayton- 3 sacks / 61 tackles

    Julius Peppers- 12 sacks / 36 tackles / 1 Int

    Dwight Freeney- 13 sacks / 46 tackles

    Bryan Thomas- 1 sack / 19 tackles

    Charles Grant- 7 sacks / 31 tackles

    Justin Smith- 9 sacks / 54 tackles / 2 Int's

    Andre Carter- 7 sacks / 47 tackles

    Jamal Reynolds- 2 sacks / 14 tackles

    Courtney Brown- 5 sacks / 70 tackles

    Shaun Ellis- 9 sacks / 53 tackles / 1 Int

    Erik Flowers- 2 sacks / 20 tackles / 1 Int

    Edit- I forgot Erasmus James- 4 sack/27 tackles

    How many of them played for a coach who did not have a clue as to what he was doing? Do not be mistaken this maybe J. Anderson 2nd year but it is truly his rookie season (now that he is playing for an actual coach).

  9. I started a thread very much like this in a different forum. I had over 20 good cut guys so I'll name some here without the in depth explanations that the Falcons could definitely use.

    1) Deltha O'Neal, CB

    2) Chad Jackson, WR

    3) Dre Moore, DT/NT

    4) Marcus Dixon, DE/DT

    5) Geoff Schwartz, OL

    6) Josh Barrett, S

    7) Lance Legget, WR

    8) Joey Haynos, TE

    9) Edward Williams, WR (I think it was Mr. Offseason who liked this guy a lot heading during draft time)

    10) Rudolph Hardie, DE

    The only problem I think with many of these players is that the are rookies and does not have any stats to judge their talents. However I love the Barrett at SS which would save us from that pick next year.

  10. I have been searching thru every team's cuts list for the past couple of hours searching for addition depth/help. I am primary looking at vets who may have a couple of years left that I think still have a little game in them. Please feel free to share to the list. I will also try to include stats from previous year.

    DT Larry Tripplett G GS Tot Tck Sole Asst Scks

    2007 Buffalo Bills 16 16 35 18 17 1.0

    DE Jeff Charleston G GS Tot Tck Sole Asst Scks

    2007 Indianapolis Colts 13 3 24 13 11 1.0

    DE Alfred Malone G GS Tot Tck Sole Asst Scks

    2006 Houston Texans 2 0 2 1 1 0.5

    2005 Houston Texans 2 0 10 6 4 1.0 (I don't know if he is injury prone but I am looking at the potential, pretty decent stats with limited action)

  11. Something I can't comprehend about our fans.

    We are so hard on our our players ie J. Anderson and S. Baker but we are quick to desire players from other teams who haven't done anything in 3-4 seasons. Why is that? Early this morning I hear name being called out like (Dan Bazuin, Junior Siavii, Jerome McDougle and etc.) Seriously guys are these players that will make us better. Can we start showing our own player that love we show these scrubs or at least not be as negative? Not one of these players had a better rookie season than JA.

  12. Like my friend Robb4242 said, "lets wait a bit". If Sam Baker can get by our division rivals

    facing Will Smith, Julius Peppers, and Gaines Adams, I'll be convinced.

    As for Roddy White making the Pro Bowl, beating out players like Terrell Owens and

    Larry Fitzgerald will be a challenge as well.

    I hate to keep bring this arguement up but after 4 preseason games and Baker looking pretty solid in all od them. We are 5 deep in wrs, I heard alot of people on this board screaming for a wr or ol in the first. Right now they are looking like two of our strongest positions. Any minds have been change so far?

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