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  1. JMO....

    Don't get locked into a position when making your drafts. Teams that draft for a position, or draft purely based on need usually end up reaching and making bad picks. Detroit, Oakland, Houston, and other teams can attest to that. Just my drafting philosophy.

    Well Robb4242 I am not sure if you know it but that is TD's our GM philosophy is to draft players that fit our scheme at the biggest need. It seem to have worked last year, but hey that is just his philosophy.


    Besides the teams you mention draft the best player available not based on need (ex Detroit why else who you draft wr three years in a row).

    Our biggest need if we address the Dline and Oline is the secondary!

    Being that Runyan is pretty long in the tooth I don't think they can afford to invest too much into him but it was just a suggestion. There maybe a cut here or there that we can substitute for this signing. But I really like the Meier signing I think he is the best keep secret!

  2. I have a couple of thoughts for the offseason as everyone does please hear a brotha out.

    We are entering the 2nd year of what believe in a three year plan which is working out great so far. So I guess this is my version of a free agency moves I would like for us to make this upcoming season.

    Offseason losses and cuts

    Laywer Milloy

    Simon Fraiser

    Jason Jefferson

    Todd Weiner

    Adam Jennings

    Grady Jackson

    Kindal Moorehead

    Matt Ryan- Just checking you if are paying attention

    Offseason additions and resigns

    Michael Boley Atl OLB-Nothing needed to be said!

    Dominique Foxworth Atl CB-Worth the investment.

    Terrell Suggs Bal DE/OLB-Where do I start, durable, versatile and productive. This movee will finally bring some creditability to the DLine as another person who can apply pressure on the opposite side of Abe.

    Rob Meier Jac DT-Just as productive as Haynes (0.5 less sacks and 70 less tackles in the pass 7 seasons) with a fraction of the starts. A little high in the age but a great pick for the money knows Coach Smith. This sign will allow us to address other area in the draft.

    John Runyan Phi OT-Same as Meier little long in the tooth but great RT for the money with years of experience and again will allow us to address other area in the draft.

    2009 Draft

    1-Round SS Taylor Mays, Myron Rolle or best player available at the position.

    2-Round DT Vince Oghabaase or Terrence Cody.

    3-Round CB Dominique Johnson

    4-Round OG Louis Vasquez

    5-Round DE Nick Reed

  3. WOW......MJ make impact plays.....dude u cant seriously compare JA98 and MJ........Dude.....its been da*m near a year and a half and the man dont have 1 sack........ I like JA98 as a UT but not as a effective pass rushing DE......If you want to go by sacks.....George Selvie is a bum to because he only have 2 sacks right...lol....come on now

    I disagree with that.....JA98 was HIGHLY over-rated........Jamaal Anderson was a 3-4 DE all the way.....If you seen this man play in college....90% of Jamaal Anderson sacks was stunts (he and the DT would cross over or blown assignments by the OT)

    Im not saying Michael Johnson is the definite pick,......We could go in a couple of different ways....But i just dont like how yall are trying to make MJ look like a bum and this man is one of the most feared DEs in college football

    You dont have to be high on him but please dont compare him and Jamaal Anderson together.....One thing i will say....His first year...The team that draft him should develop him like tampa bay did Gaines Adams......

    You are right there is no comparison. 20 tfl and 13.5 sack Anderson last year in college compared to 15.5 tfl and 10.5 for Johnson entire college career. Keep in mind this was done n the SEC not the ACC. Can we make the same assumption about JA98 that stats does not tell the whole story? All stats are courtesy of cfbstats.com if you would like to check.

  4. Use the philosophy best player at the biggest need I rank our needs in this order base on stats and watching the games.

    1. We cannot stop the run this was our biggest problem last year and it has reared its nasty head again this year.

    2. Our secondary even thou much improved still needs addressing

    3. This was a very close with our secondary as far as need but it is hard to argue when you lead the league in rushing. This may change as the year progress I will reevaluate at the end of the year. It also helps that this is a deep draft for the OLine positions.

    4. Depth and special teams.

    1. Terrance Cody the guy is a beast for stopping the run.

    2. Myron Rolle might drop out of the 1st round with the poor play of the FSU of late or Patrick Chung.

    3. Louis Vasquez OG from TTech

    4. James Smith OT from Baylor

  5. Check out his TFL though. That's very impressive. For a guy we can get in the 3rd round that ain't bad.

    The biggest reason why people would like to replace JA98 is because he can not get to the qb, why would you replace him with another guy who has the same problem. JA98 is against good the run he just hasn't applied enough pressure to the qb for everyone's liking. He has more tackles than Abe.

  6. because we wont have to pick him early to get him, it would be a miastake to pick another DE in the top 10 twice in three years, Johnson hasn't exactly put up great numbers either but is considered the best DE in the draft?? Anderson put up lots of sacks but look what happened to him in the NFl people invest too much in stats he would be an upgrade over Jamaal could be had in the late second early third and wont have to invest our 1st pick in another DE

    oh and its 11.5 career sacks, but he has, 33.5 career TFL, 134 TKL hes 6-6, 253 ILB and runs a 4.74 and ill say it again is an upgrade over Jamaal and we dont have to spend a first round pick on him

    9-11.5 it really doesn't matter if it has been 4 years that is still pretty low product. His best year to date is 5 sacks and he has yet to register 1 sack this year. Picking him in the second round is still a wasted pick. We have too many hole to fill to draft projects in the 1-3 rounds. There are far better prospects that we can pick in the third and fourth round than this guy. Nick Reed from Oregon and Austin English from Oklahoma.

  7. I like Matt Shaughnessy would probably go in round's 2-3

    2007: Earned third letter ... started at DE in all 13 games ... consensus second-team All-Big Ten selection … named UW’s defensive MVP … led team, fourth in Big Ten and tied for 19th nationally with 18.0 TFLs ... tied for eighth on UW’s list for TFLs in a season ... 83 TFL yards in 2007 season are in school history ... led UW defensive linemen with 60 tackles

    UW senior defensive end, Matt Shaughnessy, has been named to the Ted Hendricks Trophy watch list for 2008. The Hendricks Trophy is given out annually to the nation’s top defensive end.

    Huh, he has no sack for the year? His best year was five and only has 9 for his three year career. Why do you like him?

  8. it's only been 4 games and we won't be able to get all of our needs in the draft and free agency THIS year.

    I Really hope that Jamaal can come into his own because Abe is gettin older.

    I say we go with Michael Johnson if he is there in the 1st because Abe probably has a few more good years in him and we need to take advantage of that by giving him another great rusher opposite him.

    I am VERY HIGH on Andre Smith from Alabama to solidify our Line and will allow Ryan to grow with two great Tackles. Clabo Has played Decent but we all know he could be a better quality backup and we need that because Weiner has not been impressive.

    I think that one of the two will be available and we should take one of the two but right now Michael Johnson seems to be the right choice.

    I Watch a lot of College Football and He just seems to be at the NFL Level Already

    Johnson doesn't look like a first rounder, he only has 1.5 sacks this year and has never had a year with more than 5.5 so what makes him so much better than Anderson. Anderson had 13.5 sacks in one season, playing against better comp!

  9. michael johnson=beast.

    people go off numbers too much. dont get caught up in sack totals. michael johnson WILL be elite in tha NFL. he's disruptive to offenses, can drop back in zone, lightning quick, physical, and size is not a factor with him. watch him before you judge him.

    as for a dark horse candidate- Larry English of NIU. will probably go 2nd round.

    1. If that is the case "people getting caught up" then there is no need to look for another DE.

    2. If you can't dominate in college then how are you able to dominate in the NFL.

  10. I guess we're all seeing that Haynesworth was not just a one-year wonder. Dude is the kog that keeps it all together for TEN.

    I don't think the question is Haynesworth talent it is his motivation. How good will be be when he gets his big contract? If you haven't notice we have stayed away from those players how have questionable motivation.

  11. We need a impact Safety, not another "oh we hope" safety's in the later rounds.

    This is a deep SS draft with possible 5 1-2 round talent, name five teams in the league that needs a SS that bad. Do the math, someone who if was in any other draft would be a first round talent will drop out the first round similar to Baker in this years draft. It make more sense to draft a stout DT which is like find gas in Atlanta; hard! There are two DT that fit our needs and a fall off from there. Remember TD philosophy, to draft the best player a the biggest need. And he draft players because of his team needs and not the talent of the player. So his draft borad maybe look a little different then most. We are currently 13th in pass def and 23rd in run def, keep in mind this was the one of our biggest problems last year. Surely this will be address in the first round this year!

    We are committed to running the ball and stopping the run! We are running the ball but we are not stopping the run!

    DT 1st round

    SS 2nd round

    OL 3rd round

  12. I can't see us picking a Oline in the first round with the success we have had in the running game (leading the league in rushing) and the fact that we haven't given up that many sack 7 by my count. TD has to address the DLine this year being that he did not last year and we are rank in the bottom half for run defense which sceams dline.

  13. I was trying to have more of a realistic draft......I dont think that the ravens will let Suggs walk plus you guys have to think about this This affected my draft also..... i wanted to go DE in the 1st round)

    The way Coach Smith runs a 2 D-Line unit....Instead of getting the normal 60 snaps a game from Suggs or the first round rookie DE we draft....... They would play only 35 snaps a game(thats how many snaps Abe get)....(the 2 D-Line unit we use)..... Will the FO an Coaching Staff will pay Suggs 8+ million a year or spend a 1st round pick on a guy that will only take 35 snaps a game ?

    I dont know....but i dont think so........I think that Coach Smith and TD will look for a pass rusher in the mid round picks.........

    This is my early mock draft.....I'm sure somethings will change by the end of the year......

    I think the number of snaps that Abe gets have to do with his history of injure. plus you want to keep your dline fresh. Signing Suggs will do two thing allow you to move JA98 to what seems to be his more nature position run stopping UT and adds another pass rusher to the put press on the qb. This improve your secondary. As they pressure creates ints and coverages creates sacks. Win win!

  14. A DT has yet to show me they are worthy of going top 10, but there will space eating DT's in the second, I feel we should either go S with William Moore although im not a fan of drafting a S early Moore might be worth it depending on his play this year, but i would much rather have us drafting Andre Smith and allowing him to keep getting bugger stick him at RT and allow Matt Ryan all day to throw the ball and Turner the running lanes to gash defences

    Did you watch the UGA vs Alabama game? Cody has definitely caught my eye! And I also like Vince Oghobaase from Duke. With the potential of Coleman and the deep SS position of this position in next years draft we should really consider address area in later rounds. Remember the more pressure our DLine puts on Qbs the better off our secondary will be. It starts at the line of scrimage!

  15. Just say no to drafting a 2nd DE in 3yr's, obviously weneed huge help on our Dline as there no pressure today- so we should go after Suggs give him whatever he wants as he is a proven commidity in this league

    And draft a space eating DT to allow the playmaking LB to make plays. Like the kid from Alabama or Duke?

  16. man, thats awesome. 345 pound guys is what this team needs. All the love for baker and blalock. just want them to get HUGE. 377...Leonard davis :D

    Why would we invest a 1st round pick when we have only given up 7 sacks and we lead the lead in run yds per game? Dline is were we need help, DT to be specific!

  17. Keep in mind Haynesworth hasn't played a full season since his rookie year and the fact that he only had one great year which was last year because of contact neg. Plus I would much rather pay for 307 tackles and 47 sacks in 6 yrs in Suggs versus 229 tackles and 18.5 sacks in 7 yrs for much cheaper.

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