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  1. im not tha biggest advocate of Mays, however i do think he's good. i could argue that if Wiley was so good then why hasnt he gotten much attention? you could answer "not on national level as Mays and Moore", i could reply "Michigan State aint no chump school". i could also argue tha fact that i doubt you've seen every game Mays, Wiley, and Moore has played. therefore you cant be to sure where all those stats came from (ie getting beat in coverage and having to make a tackle, or garbage time tackles).

    for example, Mizzou is far from a defensive team so Moore may get a lot of his tackles from receivers after they rack up yardage. As stated before, no team that USC has played "has discovered tha art of tha forward pass" so Mays may get a lot of his tackles from run support. you get where i'm headed?

    Thank you for the questions, that is why I am pretty much screaming this guy's name out everytime I get a chance. MSU doesn't get much national attention for reasons unknown. Take for instance Javon Ringer, he leads the nation in rushing yards and tds yet is still a late second round or third round draft pick. Yes you are correct that I do not watch every game from the three but who does? I do get game by game stats weekly from cfbstats.com and I do read profiles and recaps from games as I am sure you and many others do if you do not watch the game. If you are suggesting that Wiley stats are inflated by blowouts what would that say about Mays stats? No one have more blowouts than USC. Please keep the questions coming!

  2. Oh we all post on here for others to comment on our opinions. I expect and accept others to do the same for my picks which I am alway willing to defend and debate my picks or opinion. My advice is to grow thicker skin, don't post or be prepared to defend your position! Everything is in good fun!

  3. Head Busta From Augusta -

    I think I am speaking on behalf of thakrunk1, falcon82, myself, and dare I say the entire member population when I say - who the heIl are you? You think you know all these things and just say other people don't know what they are talking about when it is in fact you who sounds near-******** in every post you "contribute" to this board.

    Yes, USC has some of the best linebackers but with Lawrence Jackson and Sedrick Ellis gone and Fili Moala disproving his worth, the USC D-Line is one of the weaknesses of their team. Other teams realize this and that is why they decide to run the ball against USC. That is also why the linebackers have an unruly amount of tackles - the D-line gets gashed and the LBs have to make the plays, and they will make them since they are good, but after 3 or 4 or 5 yards are gained.

    Learn your sh*t.

    And what exactly qualifies you to have the divine opinion? This I would like to know.

    Oh where do I begin? Answer your questions in the order that you have asked them.

    1. Who am I? I am like you a fan of football namely Falcons fan born and raised in GA all my life. I am a research analyst for a consulting firm (choose not to name because that could get me into a little trouble for doing a lot of this on company time). That maybe the reason why I rely so heavily on statistical data so much (numbers never lie). I kind find it hard to believe that I sound ******** when I’ve asked several times why you or any of your colleagues would draft a player who has contributed so little to his team’s success in the first round. Or why draft players in the first round in positions that we appear to be set at? The only answer I get to these questions are “his has the one of the best passing defense because coach fear him” or “team’s fear his 4 career ints and 11 pbu. When the truth is his team has only played two teams who are ranked in the top 75 and lost to one of them. He has yet to dominate a game in his career! But I am the ******, ok moving on.

    2. You mention that teams decide to run the ball on them but they have only given up 100 game this year which is pretty impressive. You allow say that the LBs have inflated numbers because of a weak line but their stats would indicate that they are having more of an impact in coverage than the running game. Brian Crushing 36 tck 5.5 tfl 1.5 sacks 4 pbu 1 ff & Rey Maualuga 32 tck 1tfl 1int (for td) 1 pbu. Can these inflated stats be because the secondary is question? Taylor Mays stats 29 tck 2 tfl and 2 pbu. Ok moving on.

    3. What qualifies me to have divine opinion? I don’t claim to have or be the divine opinion I just would like to debate facts not hypothetical believes. I have never heard anyone claim that they make there game plan around a SS who plays center field so they won’t even attempt to throw long. My opinion teams they have played don’t throw well hence 4 out of the 6 are ranked 76 or worst out of 120 teams (two of which are ranked lower than 100). One of the two teams ranked higher than 76 had them 21-0 at halftime. But hey that is my opinion.

    So I believed I asked or attempted to answer of all your questions if I haven’t please point out what I haven’t I will do my best to do so. Now your turn, why do you want Taylor Mays so badly when there are better prospects on the board projected to go in later round(s)? Namely Otis Wiley whose stats this year in 8 games are almost equal to Mays’s career stats. But if I was to compare the last three years it is not even close.

    Mays 156 Tackles, 2 TFL, 11 PBU & 4 Ints.

    Wiley 194 Tackles, 9 TFL, 22 PBU & 8 Ints.

    Moore 204 Tackles, 12.5 TFL 8 PBU & 9 Ints (I can’t argue with this guy stats but Wiley is just as good two rounds later)

    Remember stats don’t lie!

    We are all intelligent individual no reason discuss this as mature people. So teach me my sh**

  4. thanks for your contribution. good post. <_<

    Well since you are inviting me! You Mr. Offseason are in favor of drafting "hype machine" players who have never accomplished anything in their career other than be "work-warriors" Taylors Mays in the first round and after a year if you don't see the results you expect you are in favor of trading them off Chirs Houston & JA98. Please expand how that make any sense? It seems to me that we will be replacing the same position every year because we are drafting players that never should have been on our radar.

  5. ok it is obvious what we need on both sides of the ball.

    Defense. DT, DE, CB, S, & WLB(possibly)

    Offense. TE, C, O-Line Depth at RG/RT, WR (possibly)

    Here are my players that I would happy with in the Draft

    I believe that we will trade Chris Houston and a 4th for a 2nd

    1st round Orakpo, Maclin, Moore, Mays

    2a. BJ Raji, Macho Harris

    2b Macho Harris

    3. Eric Wood, Otis Wiley, Luiz Vazquez

    5. TE Shawn Nelson

    No comment.

  6. Guys? Do you really want to pick somebody that has a "upside" (can't hear that word anymore) in Round 1??? Sorry, but in the first (and even second) round I want to draft somebody that can make a impact right away (like we did this year) and not in 2 or 3 years, there are plenty raw players that you could coach into a "so-called superstar" in the middle rounds.

    If we had no other problems than Safety I'd even consider doing that, but look at the team, they're playing well (actually better than expected ... and over their limit), but you can't tell me that our only problem is the secondary. If you're New England (with Brady on the field), the Giants, the Steelers, ... you can do such things and wait, but we're not a team that's in the playoffs every year, that's where we want to be, but it's still a long way to go.

    Dude you are wasting your time. These are the same people who will draft someone in the first or second round and after a year if they are not pro bowl players they want to cut or trade them for someone else who is the flavor of the month i.e Houston, White & JA98.

  7. tha thing about Taylor Mays is that his numbers justify a high growth potential. I think we can all agree that Mays is still very raw. He is just a junior and has put up solid numbers playing safety on a defense that always has standouts making plays before tha ball can even get to him. Saying that Mays will not be an NFL playmaker is outrageous. he has tha size and speed to be elite and has been playing under one of tha best college coaches in Pete Carroll.

    people like to go off stats more than they like to go off impact. it's not always about racking up picks, sacks, and tds. Mays is an imposing figure. he hits hard, plays hard, and works hard. i think some are trying too hard to compare him to Sean Taylor or LaRon Landry because of his workout numbers. look at tha player for who HE is and what he brings to tha table.

    point blank, you're getting a playmaker. someone that can be molded and coached into an NFL superstar.

    Wow this is running a close second! Hey guys lets start doing this lets draft players who only play for great coach and on great teams never mind if they contribute to the greatness. Greatness will just rub off because all great player play under great coach and play around other great players!

  8. When teams draw up a game plan - and all college teams do, they don't just run the same plays - they attack the weaknesses of their opponent and try to stay away from running right into their strengths. USC's corners are not great, so teams will pass for short yardage all day. No team has ever attacked USC deep because defending deep with Mays and Ellison there as well is one thing USC does very well.

    This is why you don't see teams go deep against USC. If USC had crappy safeties you would see teams attack the middle of the field/go deep on USC because it would be one of USC's weakness.

    For example, teams are attacking FSU deep (Myron Rolle specifically) because he is struggling in coverage. It is part of their game plan.

    Dude if that is not the dumbest thing I have ever heard! The guy has only 4 ints to his career he has not done anything to be fear for. They have 2 lb prospects that are consider better than Mays but teams don't stop running the ball. There is not a team in the country that goes into a game saying we can throw the ball because Mays is back there. In what year did teams all of a sudden determine this guy is so good we are not even going to try to throw the ball deep. Heck NFL HOF safeties don't get that much respect. Dude you have just lost a lot of creditability with that argument.

  9. in what book or law does it state that a strong safety has to be 6'2'' 200+lbs??? if tha player plays bigger than his size, it's all good. he's gonna be asked to be in coverage more than run support anyway, right? and he plays run support just fine.

    The same book that requires OT to be +300 lbs it is just a requirement for the job. If that wasn't the case Decloud would be our SS right, but nice try thou! Hey why not make him a NT with all that speed!

  10. Hate to sound like a broken record but Mays is a center field home run killer in the USC defense and prevents any team from going deep. Look at teams yards per catch against USC - close to the lowest in the nation.

    Or could it be because they have played teams that don't go deep, the one team that have played that passed the ball beat them so what is that saying?

  11. Hate to sound like a broken record but Mays is a center field home run killer in the USC defense and prevents any team from going deep. Look at teams yards per catch against USC - close to the lowest in the nation.

    Could that be because of the other three 1 round prospects? I have never seen a guy strike so much fear for accomplishing so little? The guy only has 4 ints and 11 passes broken up for his three year career and you telling me that teams don't go deep because of his 40 time and size?

    Do you really believe that? Seriously?

  12. I cant lie..... I really like Otis Wiley..... Thats the safety i really really like..... He is a 4th round prospect right now......

    The reason why im not to high on William Moore is because to be real... Dude just had one outstanding year..... I rather a prospect have 4 int one year and 4 ints the next year...... That shows consistency

    8 ints in one year but only 1 a year in a players other years is not consistent

    Finally someone who sees the world thru my eyes!!!! Consistency gentleman is the word of the day. Who cares what you 40 time is or what you bench. How are you with the pads on? If you want a fast guy draft a sprinter if you want a strong guy draft a gym rat if you want a football player watch his play on the field and the stats sheet. Just remember, many of you are JA98 case because of the same reason he does not show up on the stats sheets!

  13. One more example.

    Who is the better CB, Champ Bailey or Antonio Cromartie?

    2007 stats

    Bailey = 3 INTs, 14 PBU

    Cromartie = 10 INTs, 18 PBU

    2008 stats until Bailey's injury

    Bailey = 1 INT, 3 PBU

    Cromartie = 2 INTs, 7 PBU

    Would you argue that Cromartie is the better CB? You are going to say no simply because you know that this isn't the case, but if you relied on your logic that stats are the divine predictor of greatness, you would say that Cromartie is much better than Bailey.

    Well if you are asking me who I rather have now Cromartie, more upside. What you are comparing are apples and oranges? Find me two players who have played roughly about the same amount of time and compare the same amount of years and you will make the same conclusion. To be honest Bailey in my opinion is a little overrated. I can remember playoff games that Peyton and Brady picked on him the whole game. Infact I remember Bailey was benched in the fourth quarter bench Brady was eating him up!! So Bailey is not that high on my list because I've seen him play but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

  14. 3. Rashad Johnson. S, Alabama. 6'0'' 186lbs.

    - Calmly flying under tha radar is Rashad Johnson. He's done nothing but produce. in limited duty as a sophomore he tallied 33tackles...1.5tfl...2 forced fumbles. Last year as a junior and starter he piled up 94tackles....5.5tfl....1sack....6ints....8pbu....1ff (among tops in both SEC and National). running a 4.44 in tha forty-yard-dash, Johnson also delivers a punch and is referred to as an intellectual player. Like i've said before, determination is key with me; Johnson was a walk-on at Alabama.

    - People might look him up and see that he's had an off-field issue involving a bar scuffle with police and immediately dismiss him. However, this article clears any character concerns up Rashad Johnson Altercation

    Isn't he a little small for SS which is what we need?

  15. Help me understand everyone's thinking I have a prospects who's stats blow Mays & Moore out the water in all the key areas Tackles, Ints, Pass Broken Up and he is a return man. This guy can be gotten in the 3rd round oppose to the 2nd why are we not begging for this guy?

  16. Oh, in that case - **** straight!

    To the stat-huggers: Would you prefer a D1 QB in a pass happy offense who puts up ridiculous numbers (Colt Brennan) or a D1 QB in a balanced offense who had an alarming amount of INTs in his senior year (Matt Ryan)?

    If you went by stats alone you would be 100% for taking Brennan.

    Case closed.

    The point is Ryan had some stats (4507 yds and 31 tds) to back up his intangibles not to mention it is common knowledge that QB that play in a spread offense are buyer beware. That is why Tim Tebow, Patrick White & Harrell Graham are not cosidered the number 1 ranked qb. Oh by the way Brennan had 17 ints compared to 19 for Ryan.

    Mays has not accomplished anything in his career but run a 4.3 and be a workout warrior. One name Vernon Golston! Give me the guy who intangibles are comparable and shows up in the stats sheet.

  17. His play doesn't show that? No team goes deep on USC. Period period period. How did OSU beat them? 40 carries by the RBs for 200 yards. No over the top plays at ALL. That shows how dominate he is back there.

    Dude he has 4 ints in a 3 year career what is there to fear? Wiley has that this year in just 8 games!

  18. I'll sit here and tell you on a lie detector test that Taylor Mays doesn't have the stats because USC has him play the deep ball all the time.

    Well if we were USC playing in college football then he would be great but we need a player who's play on the field out ways his measurable and 40 time. Unfortunately stats is the only way we can tell that. He and Johnson may have the potential to be great players, and may end up being great players. But it is one think I have learned watch sports the only thing potential get you is fired if you are a coach and gm.

  19. I can't belive we are back to discussing Taylor Mays as a first round pick, we have greater needs than a safety in round 1 let alone one that hasn't really been that impressive this year and one that has the potential to be good but also has the risk to be a huge bust, I really don't want to take anymore risk/reward players in round one. And untill I see mays have a good game this season he is still getting all this hype for his measurables and work out numbers. And I will say it again you don't pick players beacause of their measurables unless you are the Raiders, and guess what it isn't working out to good for them at the moment.

    Otis Wiley and Nic Harris have better stats and can be had in the 3rd round.

  20. Thanks Atljbo. I think that TD should look into FA for a DT. Whether it is Canty, Cody or even Haynesworth, it doesn't matter to me. As long as we can add a good solid DT to help collapse the pocket. If we can add an experienced, productive DT via FA, we will be able to draft a swift LB (like Curry) and still draft a Safety in the second or third rounds. To me, that strategy makes the most sense. Of course, I am buying into all the Curry hype without any knowledge of his play.

    Is Curry really any better than Nicholas?

    No he is just the flavor of the month!

  21. you might be fixing the DT position but i am not convinced cody and raji are the guys we absolutely need to replace grady. and speaking of someone's wants... how realistic do you think it is that TD is going to draft 2 DT's in consecutive rounds, much less in rounds 1 and 2?

    How dare I expect TD to be apart of an organization that would dare to draft a player of great need in consecutive rounds. 2006 draft NE Pick 86 TE David Thomas and NE Pick 106 TE Garrett Mills twenty picks apart. 2004 draft NE Pick 95 S Guss Scott and NE Pick 113 S Dexter Reid eighteen picks apart all just after winning the Super Bowl I might add. So not only would I expect TD to draft two players of the same position in consecutive round if he had to he will pick a player of the same position 20 pick after he picked the first! It all depends on the need of the team and the prospecting players. So Mr. Offseason or anyone else what else about my draft do you not like besides draft two players of the same position in consecutive rounds?

  22. We are anchoring our defensive line on a 36 year old dt as we speak... and im going to be honest the bolded line... makes my head hurt. i dont know what youre trying to say.

    marks is the #1 DT in the 2010 class imo. cody might be the best run stuffer but he is a 3-4 NT dude. we are not running the 3-4 here. it has been said many times but just because we have grady jackson at NT doesnt mean we have to replace him with a guy just as big as him. i personally dont think cody is a complete player as far as being able to rush the passer however i could see him going top 15-20 to a team that needs 3-4 NT help (baltimore, san diego come to mind). that does not mean we should draft him. i think raji is in a similar mold, which sucks because i like raji. but i think he might be a better fit in the 3-4 at NT. and the reason they command double teams is because they are such good run stuffers, not because they are huge threats rushing the passer. that is why they project well to the 3-4 NT position. a plugger like that in the middle of the 3-4 defense makes it very potent and frees up the linebackers to make plays. in jacksonville stroud and henderson stuffed the run but they also could penetrate and cause havoc in the backfield. they could dominate their man and make plays in the backfield. cody and raji can stuff the run but dont often make plays in the backfield, at least they havent when ive seen them. ill admit ive seen a bit more of cody than i have of raji.

    you might be fixing the DT position but i am not convinced cody and raji are the guys we absolutely need to replace grady. and speaking of someone's wants... how realistic do you think it is that TD is going to draft 2 DT's in consecutive rounds, much less in rounds 1 and 2?

    im just sayin... i think cody is a 3-4 NT all the way and raji may very well be a 3-4 NT also. obviously we dont want guys like tampa bay has but we dont need 3-4 NT's at dt to fit the scheme imo.

    This is what I was attempting to say. "If we were to keep him that's fine he can groom the young guys but I hope we are not expect him to play effectively for another two years."

    I do apology for having grammatical errors as this is a message board and I tend to type faster than I think and sometimes I don't feel the need to go back and check behind myself. I will do my best to not make you think more than you have to because I know how difficult that may be for you. However can you use a capitalized letter just once beside when you are abbreviating something? It will make me feel just a little bit better that I wasn't or in your words wasnt corrected by someone who just ignored all the grammatical rules. Thanks!

    Being that I feel like I started this debate I feel responsible to add some meat and potatoes to it. Anyone who knows me know when in a debate I tend to resource a great deal of information before I make any remarks about the subject. That being said I looked up the difference between 3-4 and 4-3 and the responsibilities of the players that play them.

    Defensive Tackles


    “There are two defensive tackles in the 4-3 scheme. The first defensive tackle is called the nose guard. The nose guard is generally a little bigger and stronger and plays a one technique which means he lines up on either outside shoulder of the center depending on which way the strength of the play is going. The nose guard's primary job is to stop the run and take on the double team (which is getting blocked by two offensive linemen) thus freeing up the linebackers to make a play. The second defensive tackle (simply referred to as the defensive tackle or three tech) is generally a bit quicker and faster than the nose guard. He plays a three technique meaning he lines up on the outside shoulder of the strong side offensive guard. The job of a three tech is to: prevent the run, keep the guard off linebackers, and rush the quarterback on pass plays.”


    “The defensive line is made up of a nose tackle (NT) and two defensive ends (DEs). Usually, defensive ends were usually defensive tackles when entering at first. Linemen in 3-4 schemes tend to be larger than their 4-3 counterparts to take up more space and guard more territory along the defensive front.

    The base position of NT is across from the opposing team's center. This location is usually referred to as zero technique. The two DEs flank NT and line up off the offensive guards. The location off the offensive guard is usually referred to as three technique.

    Some 3-4 teams (such as the New England Patriots) use the three down linemen primarily to occupy the offensive linemen. In such systems the defensive linemen are assigned two gaps to defend. NT is responsible for defending plays which occur in the spaces, or gaps, between the center and guards. Each of those spaces is called an A gap. Flanking NT, DEs defend the gaps on either side of the tackle he lines up across from. Each guard-tackle gap is a B gap and the space outside each tackle is called a C gap.

    Other 3-4 teams (such as the San Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys) primarily make each lineman responsible for only one gap.”

    The smaller lineman the author in the page is making reference to is the DEs, which like Abe are between 250s and 290s. So just to sum this up the real difference when it comes to defensive lineman in the two schemes is not the DTs positions it is the DEs position. So I encourage everyone to research their own sources on the differences between the two and please share! But I will stick to my original desire to draft Cody as a NT because there will not be a better run stopper if this years draft. A I also like Raji because he is pretty stout at run stopping as well but he has the strength and speed to get to the quarterback. The evidence is that a week ago he led the nation for sacks halfway thru the season for DTs. DTs has been a thorn in our sides for years now and I feel it is about time we address this versus these quick fix ideas. Yes I wish we had 4 first round draft picks so we can draft all of these outstanding players but if you are a true fan you know where we are weak at and that is up the middle. I also remember Coach Mike Smith saying that we will run the ball and stop the run that is our keys to success. We are now capable of running the ball we just can’t stop the run. Oh by the way is Jackson anchoring our defense with a run defense in the bottom half of league and teams are averaging 4.4 ypc on us?

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