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  1. Like it, Gotta disagree with some of your thoughts:

    Really don't see the Falcons cutting that many of the vets-they love Schreader's potential for example.

    Rather get an OT in FA and use the second pick on a stud RG, get the LB in the 3rd.

    Rather double up on WR/KR/home run threat than OLine late

    Schreader I still have on the practice squad.

    My reason for signing a RG and drafting a RT is because from a cost standpoint in cheaper not mention I think James project to be a better RT than any RG in the 4th round. Not to mention Halapio in the next two years will be ready to start.

    Not to mention the only RT I would really consider going after would be Oher which may or may not be available.

    Your comment about the number of vets we let go, I had the same conversation last year and we actually cut more than what I projected. Their is no one on the list (I think) we can't upgrade.

    What Lber would you target, anyone I think we can actually upgrade will be gone in the second. We don't have a need at Lber that would justify a 2-3rd round pick. Maybe depth but we might be better off sign a veteran for the cheap like Moats or something.

  2. I thought Dri Archer was in the 3-4 Round range, not 7th?

    A lot of effort got put into this, so there's that. Almost a little too much to read, I found myself skipping.

    Projections will obviously change as we get closer. The ranking I used was on CBS/ NFL Draft Scout who has him projected at 7th round.



  3. 2014 Offseason

    Projected Cap $120.1M.


    Rollover Cap space from 2013 $3.22M


    Players not resigned/cut/retired (2014 Cap savings approximate $20M)

    TE Tony Gonzalez (Retiring saving $7.0M)

    CB Asante Samuels (Cut saving $5.25M)

    DE Osi Umenyiora (Cut saving $3.5M)

    DE/OLB Kory Biermann (Cut savings $2.5)

    OLB Stephen Nicholas (Cut saving $2.0M)

    RB Jason Snelling (Cut saving $1.3M)

    OG Garrett Reynolds (Cut saving $1.3M)

    DE Cliff Matthews (Cut saving $646K)

    FB Bradie Ewing (Cut saving $524K)

    WR Kevin Cone

    OL Mike Johnson

    CB Dominique Franks

    TE Tommy Gallarda

    DT Peria Jerry

    OG Jacques McClendon

    FS Shann Schillinger

    DT Jonathan Babineaux

    TE Chase Coffman

    OT Ryan Schraeder

    OT Jeremy Trueblood

    OT Sean Locklear

    OLB Omar Gaither

    TE Adam Nissley

    TE Andrew Szczerba

    CB Saeed Les

    Players resigned/restructured (Annual contract approximately $9 Million/Cap Hits $4.5M

    DT Corey Peters (Annual contract approximately $3.5 Million)

    CB Robert McClain (Annual contract approximately $2.5 Million)

    OC/OG Joe Hawley (Annual contract approximately $1.5 Million)

    WR Drew Davis (Annual contract approximately $1.5 Million)

    Players Signed (Annual contract approximately $9.5M Cap hit $6M)

    RG Shawn Lauvao Signed a four-year, $17 million contract. The deal contains $8.25 million guaranteed, including a $7 million signing bonus. The annual $1 million roster bonuses in years two through four are contingent on Lauvao playing 80 percent of the Falcons' offensive snaps in the prior season. Another $9 million is available through incentives based on playing time and Pro Bowl berths. 2014: $1.25 million, 2015: $2 million (+ $1 million '14 play-time roster bonus), 2016: $2.25 million (+ $1 million '15 play-time roster bonus + $1 million in per-game roster bonuses), 2017: $2.25 million (+ $1 million '16 play-time roster bonus + $1 million in per-game roster bonuses), 2018: Free Agent


    DT Linval Joseph Signed a three-year, $13.5 million contract. The deal contains $6.5 million guaranteed, including a $5.25 million signing bonus. 2014: $1.25 million, 2015: $2.6 million (+ $500,000 roster bonus), 2016: $3.4 million (+ $500,000 roster bonus), 2017: Free Agent


    Projected Cap spaces after cuts and re-signings approximately $8.5-10M.

    Compensatory Picks**


    2014 Draft

    1st Round DE Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

    Height: 6-7 | Weight: 274 | Projected 40 Time: 4.56




    2nd Round DE/OLB Trent Murphy, Stanford

    Height: 6-6 | Weight: 261 | Projected 40 Time: 4.86




    3rd Round OT Ja’Wuan James, Tennessee

    Height: 6- | Weight: 318 | Projected 40 Time: 5.34



    4th Round CB Jaylen Watkins, Florida

    Height: 6-0 | Weight: 180 | Projected 40 Time: 4.48




    5th Round*** FB J.C. Copeland, LSU

    Height: 6-1 | Weight: 270 | Projected 40 Time: 4.84




    5th Round** OG Jon Halapio, Florida

    Height: 6-3 | Weight: 321 | Projected 40 Time: 5.28



    6th OT Austin Wentworth, Fresno State

    Height: 6-6 | Weight: 306 | Projected 40 Time: 5.02


    http://goashlandeagl...eder jamie gkw2

    7th Round Round WR Dri Archer, Kent State

    Height: 5-8 | Weight: 178 | Projected 40 Time: 4.37




    7th Round** CB Brandon Dixon, Northwest Missouri State

    Height: 6-0 | Weight: 198 | Projected 40 Time: 4.46



    7th Round** DT Derrick Hopkins, Virginia Tech

    Height: 6-0 | Weight: 312 | Projected 40 Time: 5.12




    7th Round** TE/FB Harold “Gator” Hoskins, Marshall

    Height: 6-2 | Weight: 244 | Projected 40 Time: 4.67





    LB Kyle Tudor, East Carolina

    Height: 6-2 | Weight: 242 | Projected 40 Time: 4.62




    CB Deven Drane, Cincinnati

    Height: 6-3 | Weight: 235 | Projected 40 Time: 4.59




    LB Keith Smith, San Jose State

    Height: 6-0 | Weight: 230 | Projected 40 Time: 4.74




    CB Travis Carrie, Ohio

    Height: 6-0 | Weight: 212 | Projected 40 Time: 4.40





    Quarterbacks: (2) Matt Ryan, Dominique Davis

    Analysis: Nothing to see here folks move along.

    Running Backs: (3) Stephen Jackson, Jacquizz Rodgers, Antone Smith

    This lineup is pretty much set in stone, although I do expect Rodgers going into the final year of his rookie deal to gain more snaps.

    Fullbacks: (2) J.C. Copeland, Patrick DiMarco

    I may be a little high on FB but there is something to be said when you are in short yardage situations and everyone in the stadium knows you are going to run the ball and can’t do anything to stop you. Enter Copeland a 270 lbs bodyguard for any running back we have on the field.

    Wide Receivers: (6) Julio Jones, Roddy White, Harry Douglas, Dri Acher (KR/PR), Drew Davis, Darius Johnson

    No real surprises here, same usual suspects with the addition of Archer a highly productive small school prospect. He should finally relief Rogers of his return duties and give the Falcons an added dimension in the special teams department. This is an area that the Falcons struggled with since Weems departure. Archer’s addition on special team would do wonders as I suspect will give the Falcons short field on the occasional return.

    Tight Ends: (2) Levine Toilolo, Harold “Gator” Hoskins

    As I have stated before there is no one in the draft or in free agency that will replace Tony Gonzalez. That being said I can see the Falcons going to more two tight end sets that will not only exploit matchups, but also open up the running game using the TE as an extra blocker. Hoskins He coupled with Jones should provide matchup problems for most defense and provide Ryans a real home run threat on check down situations.

    Offensive Line: (9) Lamar Holmes (LT), Justin Blalock (LG), Peter Konz (OC), Shawn Lauvao (RG), Ja’Wuan James (RT), Sam Baker (LT), Joe Hawley (OC), Austin Wentworth (RT/LG), Jon Halapio (RG),

    On my last mock a great deal of comment was point towards my lack of attack to the offensive line. Although I still believe this is a bad draft to draft for Olinemen here is my best attempt at addressing this area. The one great thing that TD did when signing Baker is only guaranteeing his contract for two years. That being said Holmes I believe (hope) will overtake the starting (LT) position in camp. In his first year Holmes early on has had some growing pains but as of late has really settled in the position. If Holmes could just cut down on the error (ie the false starts), I really think he has the opportunity to be a very productive starter. The selection of Halapio, who is a bully to say the least adds quality depth to the right side of the oline. I do think Halapio will give Lauvao some very health competition for the starting spot and could eventually take take over starting duties some time in year 2-3, which should give the Falcons the physicality they have been missing since the days of Harvey Dahl. The selection of Ja’Wuan James (day one starting RT) and Austin Wentworth (Justin Blalock’s heir) also should have quality depth and future starters with in the next 2-3 years.

    Defense: (25)

    Defensive Tackles:(5) Corey Peters, Linval Joseph, Derrick Hopkins, Travian Robertson, Adam Replogle

    Linval a very intriguing player to say the least, very stout against the run while providing and occasional pass rush here and there. If the Falcons can pull off the trifecta of drafting both Clowney and Murphy and sign a quality DT like Joseph, one can only suspect the Falcons’ defense could evenly overtake the offense as the backbone of the team. I truly believe the Falcons will be well on their way to have a top 10 defense. I also mocked the Falcons to draft Derrick Hopkins a very underrated DT from Va Tech. Hopkins is very stout at the point of attack and also is a very disruptive, high-motored pass rusher and very stout against the run.

    Defensive Ends: (5) Jadeveon Clowney, Trent Murphy, Jonathan Massaquoi, Malliciah Goodman, Stansly Maponga

    Their is a high possibility that the Falcons will land a top 3 pick, if this is the case Clowney is a no brainer. Yes he has dogged with visions of the draft, but let’s be honest in you where guarantee a top 5 pick with nothing to prove wouldn’t you. Clowney’s biggest problem is that he seen Lattimore another prospect should have gone top 10 fall to the 5th round because of injuries. The Clowney pick is a no brainier for me because is I expect the Falcons to lose both Osi and Biermann in 2015 to free agency. In the 2nd round the Falcons are able to strike gold again, Trent Murphy is a very underrated pass rusher. Murphy paired with Clowney finally gives Falcons fans the bookend pass rusher they have been longing for since 2006 sort pairing of Kerney and Abe. Massaquoi, Goodman and Maponga would provide great depth and spot starting should Clowney or Murphy need to miss any games.

    Linebackers: (5) Sean Weatherspoon (SLB), Paul Worrilow (MLB/SLB), Joplo Bartu (WLB), Akeem Dent (MLB),

    As I stated before with the additions of Bartu and Worrilow the Falcons actually have some flexibility at the linebacker position. However, this is the one area I was a little concerned after this mock. I wanted to add the signing of a veteran LB like a Dansby but realized that it is something highly unlikely for the Falcons to add three additional FA in the off-sesaon.

    Cornerbacks: (5) Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, Robert McClain, Jaylen Watkins, Brandon Dixon

    I love the pick of Watkins who is a very underrated corner, because he plays in a very deep secondary at Florida often time being overlooked. If he played for any other team he might have had an opportunity to go in the first two rounds. With the addition of Watkins adds quality depth and a potential future starter and should soften the blow of losing Samuels and Franks.

    Safeties: (4) William Moore, Thomas DeCoud, Zeke Motta, Kemal Ishmael

    Piggybacking on what I mention about the cornerback position, the Falcons now have solid depth at all of the secondary positions. The young safeties will only get better as they gain experience.

    Special Teams: (3)

    Kicker: (1) Matt Bryant

    Bryant has obviously earned another year.

    Punter: (1) Matt Bosher

    Bosher is only getting better, it stand to reason that he will become on of the better punters in this league.

    Long Snapper: (1) Josh Harris

    No reason to think Harris will not be retained.

    Practice Squad: (8) Deven Drane (CB), Kyle Tudor (LB), Travis Carrie (CB), Ryan Schraeder (OT), Sean Renfree (QB), Terren Jones (OT)

  4. You ignore the fact that Donald can gain weight, how many guys come to the NFL and don't?

    Plus it was never said that we will play a full time 34. Everyone listed in this mock has played a least a little in both looks.

    I'm not ignoring that I'm asking the question if you would want to drafted a guy in the top 35 who you will have to asked to play at a weight he never have? Let's me ask the question with other players on the board, Daquan Jones, Taylor Hart and etc why we draft this player to play this position in the second round. If you draft Donald to play a 4-3 DT I'm on board with and possible in the second round.

    You can going the search party find another player that is this short and this light playing in the 3-4 DE.

  5. Mike Daniels is having a nice year in GB at almost that exact size.

    He was the only guy I could find that remotely fit the bill, so that 1 out of 100+.

    Looks like I even have to take this one away he is playing at 302.

    In training camp, Daniels dominated the Packers' one-on-one pass-rushing drill. Since the pads came on, he's been a different player. Health, for one, is why Daniels is excelling. Recovering from January 2012 shoulder surgery, Daniels missed most of his first off-season as a rookie. Shedding the "bad weight," adding good weight and transferring it all to strength, explosion has been a process.

    Daniels says he fluctuated between 285 and 294 pounds last season. He's 302 now.

    Read more from Journal Sentinel: http://www.jsonline.com/sports/packers/packers-defensive-end-mike-daniels-never-satisfied-b99131988z1-229977771.html#ixzz2lSMsuqEC

    Follow us: @NewsHub on Twitter


  6. 1. We run a 3-4 or Leo look more often than a traditional 4-3.

    2. Robertson isn't always the NT - Jerry usually is. Robertson just happened to be the NT on the play I posted because I didn't need to go very deep into the game to find is lined up in a 3-4. I watched the Bics game from the beginning. This snap was literally from the second series a game, so it just happened to be the first one to pop up.

    3. JJ Watt is only 290. Cameron Jordan is only 286. Calais Campbell, 282. Sheldon Richardson, 294. Cory Redding, 290. I could keep going, but I'm on my phone and typing isn't exactly easy.

    So this goes to my point if we don't run it with the only true run stopping DT in Robertson why would you think were are going to either draft one high or sign one to a lucrative contract and then convert to a 3-4?

    Every player you listed is well over 6 feet, you can't be short and light to play the position.

    Campbell is 300 and Redding is 318, Watts we all know plays all over the field DE/OLB. So the only player you listed Cameron Jordan who is in his first year in a 3-4 is well over the height of 6 feet and I promise you will not be 286 this time next year.

    Another one bites the dust, Jordan plays around 290-295 just posted by ESPN hours ago.

    Jordan has been bouncing around like that since back when he played a similar role at Cal. And in the NFL, he’s already played under three defensive coordinators in each of his three seasons (Gregg Williams, Steve Spagnuolo and Rob Ryan) -- in the process, bouncing from nearly 310 pounds to 285 pounds to his current weight of 290 or 295.


    I could keep going too but hey what's the point.

  7. Can you see now that we're clearly moving to a more multiple front and that Nolan needs better 2-gap defenders? Watch some Pitt games, too. Aaron Donald gets 2-gap responsibilities quite often and handles them EXTREMELY well. He'd be a GREAT 3-4 DE/LEO 3-tech/nickel DT for what we want to do.

    Again show me where we run this more than 20% of the time, you showed three defense plays all in the same set of downs. How many times would you say we run this multifaceted front a game? This is very easy to show and prove, I will also use your handy dandy slide show to prove my case. In this 3 man front Robertson was our NT each play correct? Is it safe to say that Robertson plays NT every time we go to this three man fronts? So if we track how may times he plays it will show how often we run these three man front right?

    Lets look at snap counts how many snap count would you say Robertson has for the year? 42 snaps out of 700 potential snap counts =6% of the amount of defensive snaps. Which makes me ask the question does that sound like we really run a multifaceted front or this is more of a blitz package? Here I will do you one better, because you referenced this Bucs, looks like we ran a 3 man front 18 plays during this game which almost half the time we ran it for the entire year. Even with the 18 plays it still only accounted for 26% of the defense plays for this game alone. Again dude we are not drafting a guys in the second round for defensive scheme we only run 6% of the time, its just doesn't make sense.

    Let me reference my source of snap counts just so you know "men lie women lie, but numbers don't lie". Great job on the illustration part thou seems like you put a lot of effort in it!


    On a side note how successful were you in finding another team who has a 3 man defensive front with a DE at 285 or 6 feet?

  8. Do you even watch film, dude? Pitt runs a hybrid scheme very similar to Nolan's less complicated stuff. He literally does exactly what I just laid out as what his role would be in our defense, for Pitt. He mans up as a 4 tech, controls two gaps and plays stout when Pitt plays 3 down linemen sets. He's INSANELY disruptive as a 3 tech gap shooter when they go to a 4 down lineman look. He's capable of everything I just told you he'd do for us.

    Also, any of the three DTs that have contracts coming up (Babe, Jerry, Peters) rotate enough that they've all played end (4-tech) in our "3DT" sets (poor man's 3-4 since we don't have a true NT) so whichever one (or two) we re-sign (hopefully Peters) would be perfectly capable of filling the other 3/4 tech spot.

    Okay Coach, Nolan's defense "amoeba" is more of a blitz package. We have not drafted personnel to run we may run it 2-3 series in a game it is not something we are switching too. Please reference a game that you think we ran that as a primary package or more than 20% of the time.

    Same thing goes for Pitt, when do they run a hybrid defense that you think the falcons run where Donald is a DE. If he played a 3-4 DE in the NFL he would get washed out against the run he is too small. There is no one other than yourself who thinks Donald can play a 3-4 DE. I challenge you to find one person in the NFL starter or on the bench of his stature who plays a 3-4 DE. There is a reason for that, it is not effective!! Are you a going to tell me you are smarter than all the HC, DC and GM who makes personnel decision on players and the position they play?

    Please coach stop with these make believe Madden moves, they don't work in real life.

  9. Donald would be a DE in our 3-man fronts, like Babs, and then a DT in nickel situations.

    So we think short, light and no history/experience in the position is the way to go for a seconder top 34 pick? Boy you guys are really starting to reach with this this 3-4 dream? So you made a reference in another thread about knowing schemes,

    is there another DE in a 3 man front with this measurable? Does that make any kind of sense for a team that is already struggling on defense to make a move so risky? I like Donald but he is in no way shape or form a 3-4 DE, he might be better suit as a 4-3 DE because of his size alone?

  10. Hurst in the 4th? Will not make it out of the 2nd?

    Donald in the the 2nd? A little high could get in the 3rd?

    Where are you referencing your player projection?

    What happen to McClain, we would only have 4 cb not worried about injuries?

    We sign two NT but signs a undersized DT not sure the strategy?

  11. I think Raven will have a hard keeping Jones, they have a tough decision in free agency this year (Oher, Jones, Monroe, Pitta & Ihedigbo) all being free agents at the end o the year. The Ravens are expected to have about 12 million in cap space which I expect them to to resign Monroe, if not what was the point in trading for him. I like to think Ihedigbo and Pitta are same because of the contract they will demand. It will be a toss up between Jones and Oher which I expect Jones to be the odd man out because of the depth behind him in McPhee. That being said there is also the wild card of what Ozzie think he can do in the draft and Kelechi Oseleme. Either way I can see the Falcons to pay close attention to both player which we can either.

  12. Yeah, I was replying to you but referring to head busta.

    When have you know me to discuss a topic I don't have knowledge on? Be honest with yourself!

    Whether it be prospects current players or teams, even if it differs from most opinion of this board. I can run down two topics you and I had in the past week that I can say I told you so, but I don't. I will ask you again please don't act like I don't have a clue?

  13. I'm not even going to acknowledge the first part of this post because you know damn well what I meant. Ryan to FS? Cut the shit with the semantic straw man argument.

    He plays 4 technique (3-4 DE) for us when we go into our LEO sets and plays extremely well there.

    Coach Kayoh, a NT and putting players in positions they have never played in their entire career is not the answer.

  14. Not as much as you think. Spoon and Bartu have the skillset to be a 3-4 RILB. Dent would be better as a 3-4 ILB. Worrilow can play any LB position. Osi & Biermann are used to standing up at this point. Babs and Jerry are out the door and Peters is a better fit as a 3-4 DE anyway. All we need is a dedicated NT, another 3-4 DE type (but that's due to free agency more than anything), and a really good rush LB.

    It's easy to put player on paper in position we think they can play. But to think they will be better in those position is another, why you at it why don't you put Ryan at the FS spot. In the last 6 drafts, we have not drafted one player that anyone will confuse with a 3-4 player. Again I have to think that was intentional.

    Why do you think Peters is better suited for a 3-4 de, he's never played the position even in college?

  15. Only Carolina runs a 4-3. Seattle is a 4-3 LEO scheme, which is basically a 3-4 philosophy with one of the OLBs being a "LEO" who can put his hand in the ground, making it look kinda like a 4-3. Kansas City is the purest of pure of the 3-4 defenses and even their nickel formations are based on the 3-man front philosophy. The best defenses have 2-gap defensive linemen and dedicated pass rushers...it's that simple. We have neither.

    Seahawks, Bengals, Bills, Rams and panthers (teams that lead the league in sacks and have the best front seven) run 4-3.

  16. Wow it amazes me reading some of the comments. A lot you guys have already stole a great deal of my thunder. All I can say is welcome aboard.

    It was just last month after I realized that we would have a real chance to draft him. All I can say us please make room on this wagon as I predict we will have a lot more people board this train.

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