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  1. Personnel remember the guy inherit these players, give him a season or two to get his guys in!
  2. Added Dunta to the list. Even thou he made a helvua stop and turnover, too many time he is putting himself out of games. Not worth the 10 million he is due next year.
  3. Turnover put our defense in a compromising position, turnover prevented us from putting points on the board!!!!!
  4. Richard Seymour anyone? Td connection check Georgia connection check No reason to think he won't sign at a reasonable price for another chance to play for a SB!
  5. Breaking news.....Last night the Saints' bus was egged for a second time, this time the person of interest were Saint fans who attended the game.
  6. You rather go with a udfa's oppose to a guy who guaranteed for 600 yds and 5 tds, not to mention the redzone option he offers?
  7. Anyone who can put up 800 with Rex Grossman as their QB is worth a shot! I wouldn't be surprise if TD is on the phone now trying to sign him.
  8. This is awesome, almost unbelieveable.........A Falcon fan in Indiana
  9. Am I the only one who is missing the picture? In the past 4 years we have a vastly improved draft, trades and Free Agent signs. In 3 of the 4 years we have made the playoffs and all 4 years we have had a winning record. Almost every year this organization makes sensible movings that one would think get us ever so close to winning the big game. Yet every day I read Debbie doubters throw shots at the current administration as if the have been responsible for the past 40 years lack of success. All I know is they have done more in four years to move this team in the right direction than anyone has in the past 40. If that is not something to get excited about you don't have to be a Falcons' fan there are plenty of room on the band wagon for Giants, Patriots, Steelers, Packers and who ever else is the flavor of the year. When was the last time players wanted to come here without being paid a boatload of money? Samuels restructed his contract to come here, Robinson only condsider us prior to signing and now Hope, who I'm sure had other offers to consider before chosing us. Look at the big picture we just added 3 previous Pro Bowlers this offseason to our team without giving up much. how many teams can say that?
  10. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8283ad81/article/arian-foster-not-mark-sanchez-to-jets-in-2009-draft-redo
  11. Considering that it was a "WEAK" draft class only one team came out with a great draft grade Green Bay which the players they selected would not necessarily translate to the same success in our system.
  12. Well considering that those same players where on the team in 07 I don't think that is the argument you want to make! It would almost seem like TD took a team that was a 4 win team and made them into a 11 win team. Oh wait that really happen!
  13. Bingo who cares how many good players it is perceived that you have if it is not translating to wins!
  14. I am keeping an eye on FS Markelle Martin and ILB James-Michael Johnson in the 5th.
  15. Loving the trade for AS!

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