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  1. Cap hits Gonzo-5.25 Moore-3.9 Baker-3 Jackson-2? Reynolds-900k We started with 20 million in cap space, I just don't under stand the math. Should be around 7 million in cap space. It was written by bedwetter.
  2. I remember may park, is it still there? Haven't been home in a while. You must have went to Laney?
  3. 1st CB Jamar Taylor 2nd NT John Jenkins 3rd ILB Jon Bostic 4th DE William Gholston
  4. It is a one year deal, the second year is for salary cap purposes. only a 5.25 salary cap hit this year.
  5. Well Bushrod got 5 years 35 mill, so not that bad for a LT.
  6. William Moore - DB - Falcons The Atlanta Journal-Constitution expects free agent SS William Moore to get five years and $25-30 million on his next contract. We'd say those numbers are a bit conservative, but they're close. Tennessee signed Michael Griffin to a five-year, $35 million contract with $15 million guaranteed last offseason as he was entering his age-27 season, and Moore is arguably a better player as he enters his age-28 campaign. Atlanta does not intend to use the franchise tage before Monday's deadline.
  7. I'm sorry who is are starting LT next year? And we don't need a LT!
  8. If he is drafted outside of the top 10 and turns out to be a pro bowl LT he is a steal.
  9. And great showings at shrine and senior bowl, benched 31 reps and the fastest 10 yard shuttle. What else would he need to do!
  10. This move is probably only good for the first year, two years later we will be looking to cut Grimes. Made a good idea is to either draft or sign a stop gap until our drafted option developes. Chris Gamble anyone.
  11. One of willy biggest fan, had great debates with other board members about in him junior and senior year. That being said, if we do decide he is too pricey sign George Wilson (2 year) deal and draft Jonathan Cyprien or Phillip Thomas in the 3rd. We will be ok......
  12. I am so sorry that you feel this way, but you have lost a lot of creditability with this statement.
  13. Landry??? That's your answer? The guy can't cover and has no ball skills, not to mention Landry is already on record says he is going to the highest bidder. Thanks but no thanks. I too believe that Moore will sign a contract similar to Decoud, why because there is no market for him. Remember Abe and Grime tried the same thing last to test the market or holdout year how did that workout for them.
  14. I've come to realize that many people who come here to complain about losing are probably not fan as they are attention grabbers. Great season better than what I expected at the beginning and heres to 2013. The truth remains the team that puts us out are always in the super bowl which means we are loosing to the best team in the NFC every year. One day maybe next we will be that best team in the NFC.
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