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  1. MOBILE, Ala. -- Given the rapid ascension enjoyed by Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson at the Senior Bowl a year ago, one can't blame scouts for spending a lot of their time evaluating offensive linemen this week.

    Notre Dame's Zack Martin entered the week as NFLDraftScout.com's top-rated offensive lineman participating in the Senior Bowl but with a terrific performance Tuesday afternoon by Virginia's Morgan Moses could result in a significant jump up the board.

    Alternately lining up at left and right tackle for the South team, the 6-foot-6, 325 pound behemoth showcased the length, quickness and balance to handle speed rushers like Auburn's Dee Ford (6-foot-2, 243 pounds) and Arkansas' Chris Smith (6-foot-1, 266 pounds), as well as powerful defenders like his former teammate, 6-foot-6, 298-pound defensive end Brent Urban.

    Individual pass-rush drills favor the defensive players but other than one exception in which Ford beat Moses with a quick jab-step inside and explosive burst to his right, Moses handled left tackle duties well. When moved back to the right side, Moses also performed admirably, burying Urban with an emphatic pancake block that drew gasps from scouts in the stands.

    Best of all, Moses' strong play continued into the scrimmages run by the Jacksonville Jaguars' coaching staff. One particular three-play sequence against the defenders in the South team's red jerseys showcased Morgan's pro-readiness:

    On "first down" Moses handled a speed rush from Ford to give his quarterback enough time to complete a quick swing pass to the right.

    The next play was a run to the right for solid gain. Moses did not supply a block at the point of attack on the play, instead releasing to run approximately 20 yards downfield to force adjustments from a linebacker and safety. The quickness off the ball, fluidity and straight-line speed Moses used to part the defense was every bit as impressive as the pancake block he'd delivered on Urban during the earlier one-on-one drill.

    Appropriately enough, it was Urban who lined up opposite Moses on the next play. Attacking Moses with a strong bull rush that had beaten several other South team blockers throughout the day, Urban instead was stopped in his tracks due to a strong anchor and good core flexibility from the left tackle.

    While Moses was the South's best blocker Tuesday, several other offensive and defensive linemen left impressions.


  2. That still took a 2nd rounder and there was no one as desirable as Clowney in that draft. It is about the player not the draft slot.

    So why he not projected to go number one? Why is everyone thinking Clowney is the first and the last of all the great pass rushers.

    Dorsey had the same hype, Graham, Morgan, JPP, Jordan all were the next great thing. Next year it will be someone else!!! Look I like Clowney just like the next guy but chances are he's not going to be the guy we think he will.

  3. I didn't backtrack. I clarified. A concept that goes over your head, apparently. Let me try again.

    -My original point was not to compare any two prospects.

    -I didn't name any quarterback that Murray was inferior to.

    -You said that Murray was a first round QB. I disagreed.

    -I stated that even before his injury, he was not considered a Thursday prospect.

    -Just because Murray wasn't considered a first round pick, doesn't mean that he's automatically going to have a worse career than any guy that goes ahead of him.

    -You brought up two names, both of which I said were better than Murray.

    -That statement was also made regardless of Murray's injury status.

    -Could he have a better career than Bortles? It's possible. I just don't see it and a lot of people that know a lot more about this game than you or I agree.

    So please tell me, how did I backtrack?

    Just because someone was not projected in October to be a 1st rounder does mean 6 months later they would not have been. My point is it only until recently that both Carr and Bortles were projected to go 1st round, the reason why I know because I had a debate two month ago with another poster that Carr would be. Yes it is true the Murray was never projected on these mock sites to be a first rounder but would you not agree that if he had not gotten injured he would have because he was always projected to go ahead of both guys.

    You made the comment that Murray was never consider a 1st rounder I disagree. I think the difference between you and I is, I don't only look at what the experts say and formulate my own opinion.

  4. I've seen you tell more people on this board that they don't know anything about football than I can count. At what point do you have to stop and think that maybe it's you?

    Aside from the fact that I never said anything about Carr or Bortles being better until you brought them up, it can be argued that just because a guy is taken in the first round doesn't mean that he's better than the guy at the same position that was drafted later on. Is Chris Redman better than Tom Brady because he was drafted higher? No. I didn't say any one guy was better than the other. I simply said that Murray even before his injury was not considered a first round prospect. He was a day 2 guy and was never going to hear his name called on Thursday. It just so happens that Carr and Bortles are both, in fact, better than Murray.

    Now you back track, you mentioned that Murray was never going to be considered for the first round. I begged to differ, if Murray or Mettenberger would not have gotten injured I think they both would have gone ahead of Carr or Bortles 1st round because they are better QBs.

    Great then you should also know the number of times I'm wrong!

  5. Traffic does not equate to credibility. If that were the case then ESPN should be taken seriously. As for the Rams, due to clauses in Long's contract that should help their cap situation by about $4 million next season and cutting Bradford would up that to $14 million in cap relief which would allow a decent signing or two and help them afford the rookie contracts. Since they're sitting on #2 they can get whichever top QB the Texans don't draft as a replacement for Capt. Checkdown.

    Not traffic, referencing. How many times have you seen or chimed in on posted about walter's mocks on this board compared to espn?

  6. Considering Arians offense I could see the Cardinals looking very closely at Mettenberger and Garoppolo. Mettenberger has more than enough arm to fling it down field for that high flying offense but I'd go with Garoppolo over him since he's better rounded as a player even if he'd need a year or two to develop. As for the QB class, there is a huge drop off between the top four and the rest of the class.

    So there is a huge drop off with Murray and Mettenberger, are you serious? The only reason why they are not 1st rounders is because of the injuries, which why I said there will be 6 QBs at the end of the day who should have been 1st rounders.

  7. So correct me if I am wrong but there are only about 7 teams that may be in the market for a QB in the first couple of rounds. As I mention before there are about 6 QBs that when we look back a couple of years from now would have received a 1st round grade. The 6 QBs I think will be pretty sought after are the obvious (Bridgewater, Bortles, Carr, Manziel, Murray & Mettenberger) I also think small school prospects Fales, Garoppolo and Brent Smith will get some consideration in round 2-3.

    Vikings, Cardinals, Jags, Titans, Texans, Browns, and Raiders are in the market for a QB in the first 2 rounds.

    Only the Cardinals are not drafting inside of the top 11, which I can't see the Cardinals paying a kings ransom to get a QB. Being as thou they are ready have Palmer on the roster I can see them grabbing a QB in the 2nd Murray or Mettenberger and grooming them for a year or two.

    Who else will pay a king's ransom in order to select a player in the first 5 picks? I personally don't see it. There is no one WR, pass rusher or Oline that a team must have in the first five picks. If there is no demand then the price must follow. Put yourself in the pace of the other 32 team's GM and ask yourself if it is worth it.

  8. That's more a damnation of your point than anything considering his track record. As for the Rams LT situation, Jake Long's injury is far from career ending so it's very doubtful they draft another LT. Clauses in his contract also make him cheaper going forward because he wound up on IR so he becomes a relatively cheap but very good LT for them, but it's not enough to make it worth cutting him or moving him to RT. My expectation is that they'll make a push in free agency to get someone like Anthony Collins, who is a capable stop gap at LT, until Long is fully healthy as opposed to getting a rookie in the top 16.

    Regardless of what people think of his track record we all reference his site. Notice with the billions of mock draft sites his is the only one anyone on here post (creditability)!

    Not sure if you notice but the Rams have no money to make splash hence why they want to move down in the draft because know they will not be players in the FA market. Right now they are projected to have $123 committed to players in 2014. A direct result of the last two years of signings.

  9. This QB class reminds me of 2011's. People are pumping it up to be deep but it's more like thin ice than anything. The edge rush talent also leaves a good deal to be desired. LT, DT, WR, and OG are all very deep though.

    The difference in 2011 is Luck and RG3 were the class, we still don't know who the best QB in this class. There maybe up to 6 QBs at the end of the day we could say that deserved to be in the first round.

  10. It won't be so cheap this year. Last year everybody was trying to trade down, but there will be more trade up interest this year.

    Doubt it this draft is deeper in certain position than last year. QB, LT, WR and pass rushers! No need to trade up when there will. Be something available no matter where you pick.

  11. Houston - Bridgewater best QB

    St. Louis - Matthews best Ot

    Jacksonville - Bortles Florida native and fit position of need

    Cleveland - Manziel need franchise QB

    Oakland - ???? Wild card (if smart best QB)

    Not sure if I agree with Tampa trading up for DE, they are probably going to cut Penn this offseason saving about $7 million thus creating a need foe OT.


    Do you think Walter reads our message board? Walt stop biting my style son!!!!

  12. It's weird because he has us trading up but still having our second and third and taking Su'a-Filo and Odell Beckham.

    I've mentioned it in previous post it will not be that expensive for us to move up four spots. See dion Jordan trade last year. Maybe a 4th or/and 5th. Rams don't want to move too far down they still need to grab their guy.

    I also predicted this very trade, Les Snead being one of our former FO guys.

  13. The Tampa Tribune wonders if the presence of new Bucs DC Leslie Frazier could help lure impending free agent RE Jared Allen to Tampa Bay.

    This is pure speculation, obviously, but it makes sense. Tampa Bay has been near the bottom in team sacks the past few seasons and badly needs some pass rush help. Allen will turn 32 in April and has been playing in Frazier's defense for the past six seasons. He had a down year -- by his standards -- in 2013 but still racked up 11.5 sacks. DT Gerald McCoy led the Bucs with nine sacks this past season. Tampa Bay only has about $10 million in current 2014 cap space.

    Ironically this posted today another reason why I don't see Tampa trading up to grab Clowney's.

  14. He blew out his knee on a scramble on the sideline. How is that Long's fault? I also watched more than enough Rams games to realize Bradford was the problem, not the O-line. I forget which game it was but he had plenty of time in the pocket, climbed up it for three to four steps, but wound up going to his checkdown since he is Capt. Checkdown and I came away from that play thinking there's no way they can stick with him beyond that year on top of the rest of his body of work in the NFL.They need a new QB far, far, far, far more than a new OT.

    Two points

    1. They play in division where they have 6 games against (49ers, Cardinals and Seahawks) protections should be on the top of the list every year!

    2. Saffold who is a FA does not want to play RT, this was known when they signed Long last year. Chances are they are going to lose him to free agency this off-season. Long who will be 29 at the start of the season coming off a t major injury and will not be available at the beginning of the season. Draft an OT let him play a year or two at RT and move him to LT. Which is what the Eagles, Jags and Chiefs did this year.

    Next time Long sees the field for significant snaps he will be 30 years old making $10 million. Does that answer your question?

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