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  1. Don't think he will drop that far he is slated as the next CB to come off the board. With NE having two picks in the 2nd round can't see it.
  2. No sir your exact words were "I'll gladly take that wager if he participates in his pro day as expected. And we can add this to the list of things you were wrong about according to Carradine." http://boards.atlant...20#entry7577870 He participated, ran like you said now we will see if he is a top 50 pick!!!!!!
  3. Dude first of all, do I know you? You follow every discussion I'm on ride other dudes laps with the dumbest comments and this to the list. So we had one fail pick in the first round and one successful one look at the track record!!!!! Matt Ryan Sam Baker Sean Weatherspoon Julio Jones Versus Chevis Jackson Harry Douglas Chris Owens Mike Johnson Corey Peters Akeem Dent
  4. Compare our 1st pick and games started with our 3rd pick and games started.
  5. My only question would be is this the year to trade up or next with Clowney? Milner is great but in one if the deepest drafts from CB I can remember is there really any reason to trade up for this position.
  6. You also have to look at proven commodity you know what you get with Rubin. Beside the extra pick would allow us to draft other areas lb, cb & ol.
  7. Why? Can't see them getting more than a 3rd for either. Most teams would trade 2 (3rd) round picks for a second. The value is there for both teams.
  8. This was the one team I was afraid of drafting Taylor, in my mock! A couple people are sleeping on him saying I was reaching for him in 1st. They are going to learn today!!!
  9. I would do a second but only for both! Kill two birds with one stone!
  10. Add Brandon Pettigrew to the list. Lions will not be able to re-sign under current cap situation.
  11. Would much rather wait until next year to trade up for Clowney!
  12. Trying to find a sucker to bet me Carradine is not going in the top 50 of this year's draft!!!!!!!

    1. Kayoh


      use moar exclamation points next time

  13. Baker's deal is really a 3 year 14.5 contract with 4 million being option. 3/12/2013: Signed a six-year, $41.1 million contract. The deal contains $18.25 million guaranteed, including a $10 million signing bonus and each of Baker's first two base salaries. Another $3.9 million is available through escalators. 2013: $1 million, 2014: $3.25 million (+ $4 million option bonus), 2015: $4.5 million, 2016: $5.25 million, 2017: $6.5 million, 2018: $6.6 million, 2019: Free Agent http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/sam-baker/
  14. Cornerback is a more pressing need, not to mention both MLB who are rated in the first round have "off the field issues" if you will.
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