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  1. Well what do you think about Roddy White? He only had 3 tds in his first two year. It took him until his third year until he really start producing but being that you have a man crush on JA98 you wouldn't have notice that. Thank god that Coach Smith who know JA98 stats obvious thinks otherwise!
  2. I would hope we will elected a President for the issues at hand not what he wore twenty-thirty years ago! I don't care if we wore a halloween costume can he get this country going back in the right direction, I think so!!!!!!!
  3. Don't you guys know that he should have had 12 sacks in the first game! Heck he was a first round pick. For here on out the new standard is first round picks should put up Pro Bowl numbers their rookie year no excuses! I think! :blink:
  4. It doesn't matter to me what they think, we got away with hwy robbery! The guys has 3x the tackles and pd as the guy they are trying to pump up. I t is nice to be able to return a int for a touch down but how many times is that going to happen. Give me a player that will shut down a wr and I will take that over any one return touch down! Let's put this in perspcetive, chances are they will not replace his production with that 7th or 6th round pick.
  5. Besides OSU please tell me which one of those teams are contenders. We play Florida every year, LSU every other year, Tenn. Let's just say please let the PAC 10 play half there games against SEC teams and see how you guys are rank after the season. If I am not mistaken 3 of our teams have a share on the nation championship 4 out of the pass 5 year. With 3 different teams.
  6. It just goes to show how much bs the ranking system is. How many preseason teams blow a team out and still loses their ranking in the first week. We should be use to it by now but...... Let's just keep in mind that USC plays OSU in a couple of weeks. Holla at us in Dec!!!!!!!!
  7. How many of them played for a coach who did not have a clue as to what he was doing? Do not be mistaken this maybe J. Anderson 2nd year but it is truly his rookie season (now that he is playing for an actual coach).
  8. Do you mean "always hurt" WIlliams? He's not a Cadillac he's a KIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Maybe I am wrong but the guy only has 3 sacks to his career right? Why do we want him?
  10. Doesn't the guy only have 3 sack credit going into his 6th year why bring him in?
  11. I just heard that the titans was going to release Barry Booker DT from VT I know but the guys was a beast there.
  12. Well he was projected to be the best DE that year. The first off the boards. We are ok he only has 8 more tackles and 6 more sack for his career than Anderson! I am looking at the stats he only had 2 tackles. Thanks for rooting for the home team guys!
  13. I totally agree! What kills me is that we as Falcon Fans are prepared to eat our own young. Before last year White was on the chopping block this year it is Anderson. New flash people it takes time to develop into a Pro Bowl caliber player. It took Kerney 3 years before he became a double digit sack artist. Let just give the kid a chance and the support he needs!
  14. I was actually thinking a little more like a young Colts team. Everyone may laugh at this but look at the setup. We have a mild mannered player coach in Mike Smith who is defensive minded (Tony Dungy). We both run a defense that is a cover 2. A studious quarterback Matt Ryan who is often criticized (Peyton Manning until winning the sb). Two fast and strong/complimenting wr White & Robinson (Harris and Wayne). Yes I know the first observation is the stats, but look at for many of these players earlier on in their career. Not so unbelievable that our players can't reach the same heights as these players. Please let the hating begin!!!!!
  15. That right fire TD! Seriously. I don't think I have ever heard anyone use blew it with a fifth round selection before. It amazes me how we have so many "fans" criticize everything we do! This is not Philly or NY. News flash everyone draft in this years will be a Pro Bowler or a Hall of Famer even in the fifth round.
  16. Week 5 10/07 Lewis had 5 unassisted tackles and 1 int. Tied Jackson for the most tackles by DT and 1 upped him with the int. Best DT on the field for both teams. You can shut up now!
  17. Yeah we missed an opportunity to draft our franchise kicker!!!!!!!
  18. My thoughts exactly. TD better not mess up on another 5th round pick or he will be fired! And if all picks aren't starters by year two then out he goes. are you guys seriously having this conversation. The guy drafts possibly three first year starters and possible five by year two and we are complaining about a 5th round pick. Are you guys friends or foes?
  19. Grady is to fill a hole for one year I am sure we will draft a DT in next years draft. We are building thru the draft and supplementing thru FA. That was TD MO since he got here. We got five players that will most likely be starters within the next two years not bad for a first draft. (Ryan, Baker, Lofton, Jackson & Decloud). You don't build a dynasty but buy over priced FAs.
  20. Dude you have alot of questions but no suggestion. Who do you suppose we should have gone after?
  21. Suggs still haven't reported to camp, something to keep an eye out for next off season!!!!!!!! Head Busta from Augusta aka Vince
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