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  1. Davis Mills since we need to draft Ryan’s successor so bad.
  2. Who’s taking on JJ contract? What do you think we can get for +30 WR making $23M over the next 2 yrs in a cap flat year? With Ridley at least you can get ROI 1st round pick. Pro Bowl caliber still under his rookie contract with a reasonable 5th year option. For me this is not who I like more, it about who can I get the most for. The reality is with Foye, Calvin, Grady, Jake and Hayden are all free agency in the next year or two. We are going to lose multiple players. Might as well prepare to soften the blow with high end replacements.
  3. Thoughts, if we draft Pitts with the number 4. Can we trade Ridley for a first to a WR needy team who will most likely miss out on Chase or Smith Detroit, Green Bay. Vikings got a first for Diggs and I personally believe Ridley is just as good if not better. Reason why I think trading Ridley make sense. 1. He is up for a contract extension in 2 years and in our current cap situation we will never be able to resign him. 2. We will never be able to resign him, Hurst and Oluokun.
  4. Tarzan and Jane comment is less about him being soft and more him looking good on paper on in workouts, but it not translating on the field. The Falcons have a track record of drafting players with the physical abilities yet it not translating. Desmond Trufant Vic Beasley Jalen Collins Duke Riley Tak McKinley Ra’Shede Hageman
  5. Now that we have signed Davis I say Creed Humphrey if he is available or Kellen Mond. Humphrey starter from day one Mond sit for 2-3 years heir apparent!
  6. With zero sacks? Meh sorry Beasley burned me, look like Tarzan play like Jane.
  7. The following prospects are all expected to go rounds 3rd - 6th. Kylin Hill 4th Round Jermar Jefferson 5th Round Davis Mills 4th Round Trill Williams 3rd Round Alaric Jackson 4th Round
  8. Add sign Phillip Lindsay to the dream and you can take me now lord!!! Lindsay/Hill 2021***
  9. All in with Pitts who undoubtedly will be best player available. We must come to the conclusion our retool will be a multiple year process. Fill holes with solid picks in the draft and sign solid stop gaps until next years offseason. Would love to see something like this. Draft 1. Kyle Pitts 2. Creed Humphrey 3. Davis Mills (sit 2 years) 4. Kylin Hill Sign all defensive players in FA (secondary), lots options should lower price. Options: Trufant Desmond King Malik Hooker Maybe trade some positional capital for picks or other players. Ridley for Daron Payne to sure up front 4.
  10. Food for thought? Trade Ridley for Da’Ron Payne
  11. 1st Kyle Pitts 2nd Javonte Williams Play to the strengths of the team with a unpredictable dynamic offense and slowly shape the defense to the vision of Pees. Be the GS Warriors of football, put up a bunch of points.
  12. If you look at the off-season as a whole, this might have been his best job! 6 solid starter in the next 2 years! Fowler Hurst Gurley Terrell Davidson Hennessy
  13. It all depends on the compensation, I would trade to 32 if it involved 3 first rounds or a Jones trade in reverse.
  14. Not a convert but a viable option at FS, Vinnie Sunseri. Not the household name many people would look for but as all the tools you want.
  15. Rahim Moore, Why is it a great idea from Denver's perspective... Denver is stacked at the safety position having signed Ward. Moore is a FA that they would not be able to resign. Might as well get something for him. Why is it a great idea from Atlanta's perspective.... Moore was racked as the #8 overall safety prior to going down with his injury. ROI return on investment experienced young safety for a 4th or 5th in a contract year jackpot. Fill a huge position of need.
  16. Outside of Hardy which will give most OT no matter where we draft them problems, Holmes did not play bad in the second half of the season at LT.
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