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  1. Food for thought? Trade Ridley for Da’Ron Payne
  2. 1st Kyle Pitts 2nd Javonte Williams Play to the strengths of the team with a unpredictable dynamic offense and slowly shape the defense to the vision of Pees. Be the GS Warriors of football, put up a bunch of points.
  3. If you look at the off-season as a whole, this might have been his best job! 6 solid starter in the next 2 years! Fowler Hurst Gurley Terrell Davidson Hennessy
  4. It all depends on the compensation, I would trade to 32 if it involved 3 first rounds or a Jones trade in reverse.
  5. Not a convert but a viable option at FS, Vinnie Sunseri. Not the household name many people would look for but as all the tools you want.
  6. Rahim Moore, Why is it a great idea from Denver's perspective... Denver is stacked at the safety position having signed Ward. Moore is a FA that they would not be able to resign. Might as well get something for him. Why is it a great idea from Atlanta's perspective.... Moore was racked as the #8 overall safety prior to going down with his injury. ROI return on investment experienced young safety for a 4th or 5th in a contract year jackpot. Fill a huge position of need.
  7. Outside of Hardy which will give most OT no matter where we draft them problems, Holmes did not play bad in the second half of the season at LT.
  8. All of these players started for the Seahawks 8 or more games and was drafted in the 3rd round or later, my point is the oline seem to be okay.
  9. Top 10 in his position good? He only played 8 games last year? Didn't they have the best record last year? Looks like they did okay with his backup to me?
  10. I personally don't care what round they were drafted in, if you can find me a pro bowl caliber pass rusher in later rounder I am all for it. But truth be told I can find more OT in later rounds that will be successful than you can find pass rushers. Moses, James, Richardson, Thomas, Hurst & Bitonio can all start next year at RT and will be there when we are picking in the 2nd round.
  11. This is such a copy cat league, but remember that was Seahawks first and only championship, I would much rather look at teams like the Steelers, Giants and Patriots. Steelers and Giants always draft defense, Patriots even thou they are an offensive team rarely draft olinemen in the first, they draft in 2-4 and develop. Look at the Brown for the past 5 years they probably had the best oline in the league, but they are now just becoming relevant because of decisions they are making on defense.
  12. Sir maybe you should look deeper in the number, the Raven in the post season lead all teams in sacks and ints so much to the post that they double the 2nd best team in both categories. Remember that they won ever game on the road I think the first team in the modern day era ever to win the SB to do this. Let's look at the games: Colts held to 9 pts on the road Denver put up 35 but won in OT with a int Pats held to 12 pts on the road 49ers put up 30 but obviously won the game with a defensive play in the endzone holding Crabtree. At the end of the day it was their defense why Oher and McKinnie
  13. But the Seahawks won the because of their defense make no mistake about it, we draft Baker in the first, Blalock and Konz in the second what is the difference? We did sign Carimi who also was a first rounder, hey we have more talent now than either of those other teams did. Using your thought process we should be straight right? It does matter where they were drafted are any of those players you mentioned are in the top 5 or even 10 in their respected position? The answer is no! Ravens - a year removed from the Super Bowl both MiKinnie and Oher are both available maybe we should sign one of th
  14. Let's play a game of name that? Who was the franchise LT for the Giants in 07-08? Who was the franchise LT for the Steelers in 08-09? Who was the franchise LT for the Saints in 09-10? Who was the franchise LT for the Packers in 10-11? Who was the franchise LT for the Giants in 11-12? Who was the franchise LT for the Ravens in 12-13? Who was the franchise LT for the Seahawks in 13-14? Now ask yourself the question where did their defense finish? All of these teams finished in 10 raking for defense most in the top 5. See the correlation?
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