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  1. Maybe because the Vikes were 15-1 and The Falcons had an easier schedule.But with some bad calls in the game you guys got lucky and won , only to get blown out in the Super Bowl. Bucs the only Super Bowl winner from the NFC South. The Saints will be next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Just as lucky as the Falcons were and they were trashed by Denver.Now it's the Colts turn.
  3. More sour grapes from Falcon fans with only one back to back winning seasons in history.Panthers.Saints and Bucs have all didit more than once. One lucky Super Bowl where they were blown out.
  4. Sounds like sour grapes from Falcon fans.Everyone acts like the Falcons are winners year after year,yet this is the 1st time with back to back winning seasons.Even the Saints did this before the Falcons.The Falcons had one lucky chance when they went to the SUPER BOWL. No way should they have beat the Vikings they were not the better team just lucky . The Viking kicker missed his only field goal attempt all year. Then the Falcons were buried by the Broncos they never stood a chance in that game.So quit your crying about the better team which is the Saints. I would root for any NFC South team t
  5. You should always root for your own division. It makes the NFC South look good.
  6. Would you like to see??????? Stafford to CJ FOR 10 Touchdowns???? Ryan to Roddy for 15 Touchdowns???? A scoreless tie and no injuries??? A totallly dominant DL ??? The Burner to rush for a 1000 yards in one game???? Grady to sack Ryan 19 times???? Or hit the bar in Buckhead and meet the best looking woman in the world and take her home???
  7. So don't get your hopes up to high.This team has always been a bottom feeder, like them catfish at the bottom of Caloosahatchee river.
  8. I had something they call grits at the waffle house. Thats how your team will be a pile of whatever you call that sh@t you eat,
  9. Sure you have a great coach. Who over coached a bunch of overated players. With that tough schedule GOOD LUCK because you'll need it. I like the Falcons but they are gonna get buried this up coming season.
  10. Means win now for the Falcons, with a very tough schedule next year.Alas if the they fail to have back to back winning seasons again ( as usual ) They should have a easy scedule in his 2nd year and then he might get a shot at the playoffs again although he'll be 35. No way he catches 96 passes for over a 1000 yards next year.
  11. The 13 th year in the NFL, your time is running out. He only missed 2 games in his carreer. That won't last that's a lot of aches and pains. A team that is stilll rebuilding just made a bad move. Buy his jersey tomorrow because he'll soon be a memory............
  12. This shows you why Scott was his boss . I don't care how good the guy is, he's old and doesn't have much time left. To give up a 2nd round pick is stone robbery by the Chiefs. I'll bet he doesn't play the whole season. I think this is the 1st time T.D. has been fooled. That 2nd round pick will hurt the Falcons for a couple of years. The average age of the team just jumped by 3 years..
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