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  1. A trade up for Michael Carter or Gainwell would make this night complete.
  2. Sermons perfect in Kyles system. Brought the best out of Coleman and Freeman.
  3. With Round 1 of the 2021 NFL draft only nine days away, let's look ahead with a new three-round mock draft ... with a twist. This time, ESPN NFL draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay made their predictions based on what they would do with each pick, not what they think each team will do. They're playing general manager for all 32 teams and using their personal rankings to guide them. The rules for the draft: Three full rounds, 105 total picks and all about whom Kiper and McShay would take at each pick. Kiper and McShay alternated each pick, with Kiper starting at
  4. Rare mistake by NFL leads to Patriots getting awarded an extra pick in the 2021 draft This doesn't happen very often By John Breech 1 hr ago2 min read
  5. Cardinals starting to remind me of the Eagles "Dream Team" 😂
  6. Michael Carter would look really good in Red and Black. Also Demetric Felton from UCLA is going to be a nice weapon in the right system. Converted from RB to WR at the senior bowl, and looked really good on his touchdown.
  7. If we don't go QB early, I'd love to see us pick up Kellen Mond to sit behind Ryan for a year or 2.
  8. Didn't see one posted. Glad there's some football on. Some interesting players to look at.
  9. 1. Can we please make the Gradient uniforms our primary home uniform?They looked good in action and I got tired of the all black combo after consecutive weeks of the team wearing them. 2. Why the heck dont we have an all red jersey to wear with the white pants, or atleast try wearing the gradient jersey with the white pants? 3. Did the red pants dissappear?
  10. Bucs this week, Packers next week.
  11. Random note. Out of all the potential Super Bowl matchups remaining only one would be a repeat (GBvKC). Everything else would be completely new.
  12. Sadly we'd have to wait until the conference championships for that matchup, but its the matchup I want.
  13. Always wanted Mayowa on the team. Went to middle school and high school with the guy out in Inglewood. Works hard and plays hard. I remember him making the Seahawks final roster as an undrafted free agent the year they went on to win the Superbowl.
  14. Adrian Clayborn Team wise im going with the Pats. I dont trust Goff at all in this game. He looked shaky the last month of the season and even in the NFC championship game. Also I'm an LA native but the Rams fans are getting real annoying and too bandwagoney (if thats not a word I dont care, it's meant for these specific type of fans)
  15. Nov 19th Monday Night Football in Mexico City - Rams Chiefs. You'll get an early answer then.
  16. Anyone with Insider access that can post what they say about us? http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2018/insider/story/_/id/23329288/round-2-mock-draft-best-picks-every-team-2018-nfl-draft
  17. John Denney - DL - Dolphins Dolphins re-signed LS John Denney. Miami cut C Mike Pouncey on Thursday, but they retained their snapper of snaps which are longer than normal snaps. Denney has been snapping such snaps since 2005. Source: Armando Salguero on Twitter Mar 15 - 12:42 PM When rotoworld gets bored
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