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  1. Always wanted Mayowa on the team. Went to middle school and high school with the guy out in Inglewood. Works hard and plays hard. I remember him making the Seahawks final roster as an undrafted free agent the year they went on to win the Superbowl.
  2. Adrian Clayborn Team wise im going with the Pats. I dont trust Goff at all in this game. He looked shaky the last month of the season and even in the NFC championship game. Also I'm an LA native but the Rams fans are getting real annoying and too bandwagoney (if thats not a word I dont care, it's meant for these specific type of fans)
  3. Nov 19th Monday Night Football in Mexico City - Rams Chiefs. You'll get an early answer then.
  4. HARDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. haha the New England Saints
  6. Can someone explain to me why the draft order changes a bit each round. How the heck do the Titans go from the 2nd pick in the first round to the 1st pick in the second round? Same with our 2nd round pick.
  7. Haha I called it!
  8. Thus begins the war of and
  10. TRADE UP NOW!!!!!!!
  11. Come on Jets! White or Dupree. Help us out!!!
  12. Yeah now Goodell can hear fans all over the world boo him
  13. My god the draft was brutal about 6-7 years ago
  14. Yes Yes It's finally time for the annual boo the crap out of Goodell event. Why else would thousands of people show up?
  15. Schefter just said we're gonna be looking to move up