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  1. It seems like every year one of the top FA's are linked to the Falcons and we end up not even interviewing them. From the top of my head I remember Haynesworth and Mario Williams were linked to us before FA and we didn't even try to interview them once FA started.
  2. Kinda off topic but is Saints Report always down when something big happens? I swear it seems like every time I wanna see their reactions to something that crappy site is down.
  3. Happy about the Soliai signing. Can't wait to see the 3-4 defence
  4. Don't live in Toronto, but I'm definitely going to the game! I got to see them last year in Detroit and now this year in Toronto will be awesome.
  5. I like SJax but I don't want to get my hopes up.There were so many rumors last year about Mario Williams coming here and it turned out we weren't even interested.
  6. He is one of my favorite players in the draft, but I hope we draft him with our 2nd round pick. Lavonte David is about the same size as Brown and he had a very good year. I don't think his size is a real concern.
  7. I would love to draft Arthur Brown in the 2nd or 3rd round. He might be a little undersized for an OLB but I think his speed makes up for it. He is good in coverage and a very good tackler.
  8. Yeah I agree, I don't think Ryan would've been the same in the SuperBowl with the injury. He probably would've been limited to short routes.
  9. Its not ludicrous because he said in terms of points allowed its very close, which it is. No need to get so butthurt about someone's opinion.
  10. Atlanta's opponents Denver 2nd (held below avg) New Orleans 3rd (held below avg once) Washington 4th (held below avg) Giants 6th (shutout) Seattle 9th (above avg) san fran's opponents New England 1st (at avg) New Orleans 3rd (held below avg) Green Bay 5th (above avg both times) Giants 6th (at avg, blown out) Seattle 9th (held below avg once, curb stomped 2nd game) Looks its even when comparing the offensive teams we've played.
  11. I know you're a niner fan so I expect you to have a lot of confidence in your team. The media and seahawks fans were saying how they were a nightmare matchup for the falcons, so by you saying that about the niners doesn't really prove anything.
  12. I didn't get them this morning, but I got tickets to the game vs. the Lions. It was the first time I got to see the Falcons live. Best Christmas present by far for me.
  13. Whats the point of posting this here? Nobody cares about Graham here.
  14. ok now list the hundreds of predictions that you got wrong
  15. This article is from 2008 I'm not sure if its been posted here before, but I found it funny. http://nextround.net...nd-of-matty-ice
  16. Why isn't this guy banned yet? If you post one tiny negative thing about the saints your banned forever. He really needs to be banned.
  17. If you actually watched the game you would've seen reshad jones on the first snap. But thanks for trying kid.
  18. Ok, but the other guy did. so you're wrong too. Oh and can you show me the link that proves that he didn't start?
  19. Actually you are incorrect. Tandy never mentioned that they were first string players, she said they were starters. Since both of those players started the game then technically they are "starters."
  20. I just saw this on foxsports.com, he has an interesting comparison for our Falcons. My link
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