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  1. RBs aren't the key to FF anymore especially in a league where you can start 2 QBs its just like real Football QBs are king. if I can get a little luck with MJD holding out i'll be all set. Frank Gore looks like the western version of michael turner so I might luck out with hunter too but who knows its all darts this time of the year i guess.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. thats the whole reason i drafted Fleener I was so pissed because right when i wanted to take a TE Pettigrew, Rudolph, and Olsen all went right before my pick. insanity.
  3. What do you guys think? Its a 12 team league PPR league with a Q/W/R/T/ and W/R/T flex positions I picked 4th overall. I landed: QB - Tom Brady Q/W/R/T - Matt Ryan WR - Brandon Marshall WR - Dez Bryant WR - Torrey Smith RB - Ahamad Bradshaw RB - Steven Ridley TE - Jermaine Gresham W/R/T Nate Washington Bench: QB Russell Wilson WR Santana Moss WR Jon Baldwin RB Kendall Hunter RB Mark Ingram RB Rashard Jennings TE Coby Fleener oh yeah my kicker is Matt Praeter and defense is titans defense but i'm going to cut them for the bills defense since they play the jets week 1 and i'm going to PnP with my defenses weekly since broncos and falcons and vikings defense is in the pool also :-)
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