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  1. Harvey Dahl would've gotten a personal foul on that play if he had been here....I miss having that down and dirty guy on the line
  2. Alot went wrong in that game...game's in the books, time to move on and take care of business at the dome against the Rams
  3. I see a case of the Maddenitis up in here!
  4. High ankle sprains are no joke...if it takes some time off and missing a game, so be it...it's a long season and I want a healthy team in December and January....time for Harry and Drew to step up.
  5. they weren't open...what's missing in that shot is that there's a safety over top of Gonzalez..he's out of the frame there. Douglas wouldn't have made the catch and shaken that tackle
  6. As a team we took a big step this year with MR and Smitty winning their first playoff game. The team knows what it takes, knows what it feels like now to win that first playoff game and continue a season...that's a big step. The FO will put the pieces in place to continue that expectation and propel us forward. We can be hurt by the loss, lord knows I am. But as a fan for a LONG time who has seen this franchise be a laughing stock...I see the silver lining and that's a winning tradition that's been started. We're going in the right direction and being a consistent franchise is important...at least we have something to look forward to every year. Imagine being a Chiefs fan...or a Bills fan....or a Browns fan....or a Jaguars fan...those FO's are terrible and those organizations are in the shitter with no future....we have a future...we KNOW we are contenders...we are going to get their guys...have faith.
  7. he would've gotten hurt at some point. Dent isn't bad but he isn't good. Not athletic enough to cover the middle of the field and not strong enough to plug gaps...
  8. Hard to be a contributer with triple-a wide receivers in RW and JJ and then you have a HoF TE lining up in the slot and on the line. I expect more spread formations and movement with receivers, our TEs can't stretch the field like Gonzo so it's not likely they are going to be as deep a threat.
  9. Our greatest needs are DE and MLB...TE in the middle to late rounds, absolutely.
  10. are you kidding? MR doesn't play defense and putting up 24 points against the league's number 1 defense is sufficient.
  11. There were alot of little things in that game that cost us. The biggest was that timeout in the 3rd quarter. We controlled Kaepernick...Dent couldn't cover the gap and make a play on Gore in those option plays.
  12. The Saints were a joke before they won the super bowl. I don't care about dazzling numbers...I care about consistent winning and that's what we are. We are going to break through..it's going to happen and it's going to happen soon under this regime. I believe in the staff and their ability to find the right puzzle pieces.
  13. Moving away from Mike Smith would be a bad choice. If you look at winning organizations - and I say that winning ORGANIZATIONS, they are consistent. Under Mike Smith, we've achieved a level of consistency that no other Falcons team has. We're getting there - he can only work with so much. It's obvious that we started building offense and we are young enough to begin working on the defense without being too overbalanced.
  14. you da man and I am glad we drafted you
  15. Turner ran like he did his first season here. He did a little dancing at times, but when he was squared and hit the hole, he was successful like he used to be. Koetter obviously put these guys in the right position because he and Rodgers were both successful. We'll need them this Sunday.
  16. That was pretty funny....both teams were going at eachother the entire game and I would expect no less from their DBs. Tough group of guys. I really hope Roddy doesn't let it get to him too much. He has a history of getting riled up by the defense and I don't want him costing us 15.
  17. I'll admit that Roddy and Julio will have their work cut out for them, but after watching how Seattle played yesterday, I like the match-up of Gonzo against their Linebackers and their safeties. Washington receivers lack the ability to stretch the field the way our receivers can so I expect an open middle of the field. We can attack them with alot more diversity than Washington could. I expect Gonzo to have a big game.
  18. who cares? besides, those chicks I saw him hooked up with in college were hotter
  19. Unfortunately Brees is getting what he bargained for with the player's union which signed the CBA which gave teams the ability to franchise his dumb *** for 3 straight seasons
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