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  1. Wilds ability and willingness to play ST at a high level will be the only determining factor as to whether or not he beats out Ward for a roster spot.
  2. It's difficult to win an argument with a smart person and impossible to win one with an idiot so I'll just give up if it's impossible.
  3. Yeah sorry I didn't read through 9 pages to weed out what has been discussed already. I'll be sure to do that never. Also it's as original and has as much thought behind it as the only way to create sacks is draft marginal or sign over priced players.
  4. Except for maybe we have guys that can cover the short to intermediate routes ran by TEs and RBs thus allowing rushers to actually get to the QB. Can't look at just sack #s when truly evaluating how players are playing.
  5. B+ Levitre has to be counted as part of the draft and while he isn't a game changer, he's a reliable lineman that is probably going to have a better career than any other lineman that was drafted in the 6th round today. Neal and Jones I see as automatic improvements immediately and drastically improve team defensive speed. Hooper probably could be the starter day 1 but will likely take a backseat to that title for a year but will be an asset in the red zone immediately. Overall, I like it.
  6. Once we committed to Keanu Neal, which I'm 100% behind, there was no DE that was going to better than what we already had the roster going into next year.
  7. I saw one that had us taking Ogbah and Vannet. I'd be pretty happy with that. I wouldn't have been mad at Ogbah at 17, 50 is awesome.
  8. Some people can't see the forrest for the trees. Good players help the team everywhere and in every facet. If you draft an offensive lineman who improves your running game and let's your offense maintain possession longer than everyone on the defense benefits. Neal is better than anything we have at safety day one, he'll improve the team.
  9. One bad game isn't a tell all on a player. However I really cooled on him when I watched him lineup against Ronnie Stanley. Stanley owned him.
  10. How could you possibly know that? If we had taken Myles Jack no one would have said we reached, but it would've been obviously. It was only a reach by the standard of certain mock drafts by people, who generally, don't know what they're talking about.
  11. I'm just so scared of Myles Jacks knee injury. That said, if board falls that way, we better be all over Keanu.
  12. I'll be a happy boy if Neal is a bird tonight. If we move down its even sweeter.
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