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  1. I like the 2 delay answers, but no one should choose one or the other because the league will make all decisions last minute. The entire sports world is cancelled until further notice. I live in Japan. The Japanese organising committee for the upcoming Olympics is like the NFL in as much as they want to wait until the last minute (the flame is in the country), but honestly the games are likely to be pushed to early autumn or the spring the following year. The NFL season cannot be pushed without also being abbreviated down to 6 or 8 or 10 games while the new agreement with the players says it should be 17. Rock and a hard place? The draft on time is the first step. It will be the quietest draft in 30 or 40 years. Cannot make much money on a TV show so quiet. The hooting and cheering used to make that show, don't we think?
  2. But did ya click on the link and notice the guy's size. There are some TE prospects that are too short.
  3. I think I want the Falcons to go for a free agent vet to replace Hooper (and I do hate to see him go). But for a back-up tight end, could this WR be converted to a tight end ? ... https://www.nfl.com/prospects/chase-claypool?id=3219434c-4178-1009-34a1-bfb9899e5d84
  4. I don't mean just some fans; I see AJC writers on FAZE Boogie, and it is 2 losing seasons mean the FALCONs must be at the lowest point in franchise history. Hold yer heads up, TRUE FANS. I am against pushing QUINN out. Do ya know of any hire that would instantly make the BIRDS fly high? New blood seems like a good idea just because ya think it could not be worse. Someone replaces Quinn, and you get another losing season for 2020. New blood in front office, maybe; new blood in the assistant coach ranks, maybe. Blank is likely to show confidence in Quinn. Did you hear it first here? Did ya soil yer jammies as I typed it?
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