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  1. Feleipe Franks, QB, Arkansas ( Will he stick? ) Javian Hawkins. RB, Louisville ( Is he too small? ) Marcus Murphy, S, Mississippi State ( Was a Rb, converted to safety. ) Eli Howard, DL, Texas Tech https://texastech.com/sports/football/roster/eli-howard/9731
  2. Thanks for the lovely comebacks. fan=fanatic This means I just don't have any fascination with other teams; fascination, NO; respect, YES. Sometimes respect is limited to an era, like the RAMs in Saint Louis or the Raiders only in Oakland and L.A. and then Oakland again. ( Gruden = booo )
  3. I am a fan of the franchise. I was good with the previous coach and general manager; I am good with the new coach and general manager. I would be fine with Pitts the tight end or either of the quarterbacks at pick 4. However, I would not think that either of the remaining first round QBs ( Fields or Lance ) would OR should be happy waiting behind Matt Ryan. Here is where I can say something outlandish: Matt Ryan in his remaining time should get to the SUPER BOWL again AND should be better than ... the one they call the G.O.A.T. Ryan CAN take the Falcons to the SUPER BO
  4. ooooops, I often say I can keep up with things, though I live abroad, through the inner webs. My excuse for not knowing that the Blank ownership didn't start until 2002 is I live in Japan. However, the SMITH ownership prior to Blank was not the father (Rankin) but the sons which was worse, so the trip to the SUPER BOWL or having DAN Reeves was some kind of blind luck.
  5. There is now Arthur SMITH; there was Mike SMITH. So far two SMITH Head coaches in the Blank era. I am old enough to remember the very beginning which means the Rankin SMITH era. Coaches named Smith = Good; owners named Smith = Booo, Booo, BAD. There have been 2 trips to the SUPER BOWL. Lost both, but both were under the Arthur Blank ownership. And both head coaches for those games had the given name of DAN (Some fans would rather give credit to Shanahan more than DAN Quinn). Back to Coach MIKE SMITH. Maybe I am the only one cares to remember, but someone asked him if he
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/11/nflpa-wants-to-spread-pandemic-financial-losses-over-10-years/
  7. You might not want to believe it, but the pandemic would have been a factor. In fact reduced attendance for games means losing money, and the union and the league have agreed to spread loses over a few years.
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/seahawks-fire-brian-schottenheimer-following-seattles-wild-card-loss-to-the-rams/ if I say he might be good for the Falcons, don't think that I mean for the head man; I mean for OC
  9. https://www.nfl.com/news/dan-quinn-agrees-on-deal-to-become-cowboys-defensive-coordinator There is a chance he could be the head man in a couple after serving as DC, just a chance.
  10. So, we are moving on from Dimitroff and Mike Smith and Dan Quinn. They were successful until the weren't. Do we remember any where along the way when any of the 3 said "Ooo, we could do so much better if only we had better scouting of the teams in our Division?" How about Belichick? Losing season presser, and he said "If only we could scout better within our Division?" What? Never said that? A good coach is a good coach. A good GM is a good GM? I don't know, maybe luck has a lot to do with it. Living abroad, I can still keep up with things via online sources like the
  11. I like ALL the candidates for both GM and Coach mentioned on the FALCONs web site, but ... ( this may be a big butt ) ... I absolutely do NOT want anyone for either position who has experience with any team in the same division (TB or Carolina or NewAleans). I like Coach Morris very much but fear his losing the last 3 games on the schedule gives him LESS than a 50/50 chance.
  12. I too agree. The remaining question is: Can ya get him in the 2nd or 3rd, or do ya have to spend the FIRST?
  13. I'm old; m'experience was about 35 years ago with 10 year olds.
  14. Rather than say Quinn must go. Set up what kind of miracle would keep him from going. Like win all of the rest of the games of the season. Possible? Impossible? Just get to the playoffs. Possible? Impossible? ( Playoffs in the pandemic year? ) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% He gets to stay for the rest of this season, but then if he is automatically gone after the season, who is next? I cannot think of ANYONE who could bring instant success.
  15. Bruce @ TOMMY'S Tampa team had more problems as a coach in the 1st week than DAN QUINN did. Of course, I'm no expert.
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