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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/seahawks-fire-brian-schottenheimer-following-seattles-wild-card-loss-to-the-rams/ if I say he might be good for the Falcons, don't think that I mean for the head man; I mean for OC
  2. https://www.nfl.com/news/dan-quinn-agrees-on-deal-to-become-cowboys-defensive-coordinator There is a chance he could be the head man in a couple after serving as DC, just a chance.
  3. So, we are moving on from Dimitroff and Mike Smith and Dan Quinn. They were successful until the weren't. Do we remember any where along the way when any of the 3 said "Ooo, we could do so much better if only we had better scouting of the teams in our Division?" How about Belichick? Losing season presser, and he said "If only we could scout better within our Division?" What? Never said that? A good coach is a good coach. A good GM is a good GM? I don't know, maybe luck has a lot to do with it. Living abroad, I can still keep up with things via online sources like the
  4. I like ALL the candidates for both GM and Coach mentioned on the FALCONs web site, but ... ( this may be a big butt ) ... I absolutely do NOT want anyone for either position who has experience with any team in the same division (TB or Carolina or NewAleans). I like Coach Morris very much but fear his losing the last 3 games on the schedule gives him LESS than a 50/50 chance.
  5. I too agree. The remaining question is: Can ya get him in the 2nd or 3rd, or do ya have to spend the FIRST?
  6. I'm old; m'experience was about 35 years ago with 10 year olds.
  7. Rather than say Quinn must go. Set up what kind of miracle would keep him from going. Like win all of the rest of the games of the season. Possible? Impossible? Just get to the playoffs. Possible? Impossible? ( Playoffs in the pandemic year? ) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% He gets to stay for the rest of this season, but then if he is automatically gone after the season, who is next? I cannot think of ANYONE who could bring instant success.
  8. Bruce @ TOMMY'S Tampa team had more problems as a coach in the 1st week than DAN QUINN did. Of course, I'm no expert.
  9. I like the 2 delay answers, but no one should choose one or the other because the league will make all decisions last minute. The entire sports world is cancelled until further notice. I live in Japan. The Japanese organising committee for the upcoming Olympics is like the NFL in as much as they want to wait until the last minute (the flame is in the country), but honestly the games are likely to be pushed to early autumn or the spring the following year. The NFL season cannot be pushed without also being abbreviated down to 6 or 8 or 10 games while the new agreement with the player
  10. But did ya click on the link and notice the guy's size. There are some TE prospects that are too short.
  11. I think I want the Falcons to go for a free agent vet to replace Hooper (and I do hate to see him go). But for a back-up tight end, could this WR be converted to a tight end ? ... https://www.nfl.com/prospects/chase-claypool?id=3219434c-4178-1009-34a1-bfb9899e5d84
  12. I don't mean just some fans; I see AJC writers on FAZE Boogie, and it is 2 losing seasons mean the FALCONs must be at the lowest point in franchise history. Hold yer heads up, TRUE FANS. I am against pushing QUINN out. Do ya know of any hire that would instantly make the BIRDS fly high? New blood seems like a good idea just because ya think it could not be worse. Someone replaces Quinn, and you get another losing season for 2020. New blood in front office, maybe; new blood in the assistant coach ranks, maybe. Blank is likely to show confidence in Quinn. Did you hear it f
  13. the whole list is here --- http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2017-undrafted-free-agent-signings-all-32-nfl-teams-adding-players-following-draft/
  14. I don't care about mocks OR big name talent available in the draft. I care more about needs. Falcons have to replace FB Patrick DiMarco and LB Sean Witherspoon (sp?). Many times I see people projected as late rounders or UDFA who have played both positions in college. Can someone play both positions in the pros, for the FALCONs? if ya care to respond, just go GOOD idea OR BAD idea like my grandsons. [treat me nice, flamers; I don't type here often]
  15. Had him in mind already before the combine. I was thinking 4th round, so was the combine performance good enough to push him into the 3rd?
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