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  1. John Wall anyone?

  2. lol @ you sending me a message on your page.

    But i got Dibs on spring break, no doubt im getting layed.!!!!

    while GB is crackin those books, lol

  3. Yeah some dude tryed to fight me via Pm. there are some weird *** falcon fans out there

    we can share number three, ill have her for like 3/4 of the year and thanksgiving and you can have her for the rest

  4. Dayyum GB you geting the girls on the falcons MB too. That girl told you to clean your inbox, lmao i wonder for what.

    But you know Numba3 is mine so back off

  5. yess Go LfL.

    Dibs on number 3!

  6. Give it up to GB, Best Sig on AFMB.

  7. your averaging 40 post day.


  8. Bibby sucks. TJ Ford is better

    Yours truly,Maine

  9. Happy Birthday man. ;)

  10. yo they seriously should ptu coment updates cause i just saw you coment, thanks a bunch man that was killin me.

    yeah but granger got injured too, and artest i lockin it up on D as usuall

  11. Yoo thanks shaud i owe you . seriously its been weeks since i could read peoples comments. thanks a bunch dawg.

    ps. Sorry to hear bout T mac.