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  1. So is isaiah crowell gonna blow up this year or what? UGA has had some ******* ******** *** running backs since Knowshon Moreno left. Ealey had talent but could never stay healthy or never stay out of trouble and Caleb King could even maintain a 2.5 GPA or whatever you need to pass as a 5 year senior. Thats pretty sad... The rock has basically been handed to crowell for the Boise State kick off... If Crowell can even be a fraction of Lattimore was as a freshman UGA is solid at the RB postion.
  2. Larry Birds role is decreasing, its about ******* time. And if he leaves then Pritchard is stepping up as a replacement one could only assume.
  3. lol **** now my feelings are hurt. And camp could have gone better if camp counselor Osama hadn't died
  4. **** this forum is still all about the politics. :wacko:
  5. Dont sleep on my pacers next year
  6. So live it up now. We'll be picking 32 next year, anyway.
  7. For real. We just got one the best Wr to come out of the draft in a while, obviously you're going to have to up a lot. Our defense will get better, we started a rookie LB and safety (Moore in second year but it was his first full year). But to call out our GM and front office is ridiculous, when we win a superbowl soon, I'll love to hear what these haters have to say.
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