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  1. Not a fan of the red on black or the white on read. The rest are cool though. No draft hat yet?
  2. No weekly adjustments. A rookie knew EXACTLY what we were doing. Him picking on Trufant earlier said it all.
  3. Trade up for Clowney and lose the chance to upgrade more positions?..We have a lot of holes to fill, not just DE. It all starts in protecting the QB, the highest paid player on your **** team.
  4. I love the pick, especially in losing a good blocking TE in Tony G. Mathews will help with the run and pass blocking. I guess folks here forgot we couldnt run the ball either. You can't hold leads when you can't run the rock, remember?
  5. People think one rookie would drastically improve our defense? Matt Ryan got murdered last year, how fast did you guys forget that?
  6. I don't mind the teams we face this year but the schedule setup is a mess. Only 1 home game from week 4-11. Yikes!
  7. What is this guy doing? First you're leaving a rookie on an island with a Pro Bowl WR without any help and now you put a safety on him in the redzone? Poor coaching at it's finest!
  8. People still blaming Ryans fumble on him?
  9. Seen a pic on IG of McClain and Decoud with Grimes playing GTA yesterday.. and they both off their **** today. Hmmmmm
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