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  1. Yeah, we noticed on the board 3,4 games in....was a thread on available fbs. I found a lil red headed ball of energy w great hands. Quinn was willing to bring in talent at other slots...idk what he saw in Coleman...Seahawks favor?
  2. Matt threw TDs to what 11 last year and 5 this year? Play calling and depth across the board.
  3. 2 post seasons in a row....work the process. but id work the trenches a lil harder
  4. shh, need to keep watching their cuts
  5. Hindsight 20/20...at the moment DQ was thinking stop them and go for a fieldgoal. Aggressive....like 4th and 1 was aggressive. Would we rather start killing clock in 2nd quarter again??
  6. 66 percent of the time, they win 3 if they won first 2 well 68 percent now
  7. yep, the stat was he and trufant both thrown at 8 times....only 1 catch on alford. 4 on trufant
  8. Sausage balls, homemade guac, cheesy spinach rolls, brownies Coconut rum w splash pinapple
  9. Yeah, itd be nice but dont see it happening in a week of prep. At this point, id rather we just fair catch most and go for punt blocks....harder to get penalized.
  10. wait, Tevin under contract...Rbs produce early. But after trenches the best dual threat fullback please.
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