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  1. Yeah, we noticed on the board 3,4 games in....was a thread on available fbs. I found a lil red headed ball of energy w great hands. Quinn was willing to bring in talent at other slots...idk what he saw in Coleman...Seahawks favor?
  2. Matt threw TDs to what 11 last year and 5 this year? Play calling and depth across the board.
  3. 2 post seasons in a row....work the process. but id work the trenches a lil harder
  4. shh, need to keep watching their cuts
  5. Hindsight 20/20...at the moment DQ was thinking stop them and go for a fieldgoal. Aggressive....like 4th and 1 was aggressive. Would we rather start killing clock in 2nd quarter again??
  6. 66 percent of the time, they win 3 if they won first 2 well 68 percent now
  7. yep, the stat was he and trufant both thrown at 8 times....only 1 catch on alford. 4 on trufant
  8. Sausage balls, homemade guac, cheesy spinach rolls, brownies Coconut rum w splash pinapple
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