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  1. I think this season will push even those most adament Bust fans on the Bust bandwagon!
  2. About having a 35 year old Moose and a Tommy John shoulder in the fold!
  3. At least I'm bringing back the summer's current threads rather than having the front page cluttered with last year's news!
  4. As I said earlier with Garcia maybe 8 or 9...with Favre it could get worse!
  5. Anyone and everyone from the NFC South except the mighty Falcons themselves!
  6. I do not create them and this was not intended to have Norwood dragged into it as you well know...as far as Bust getting more attention than Norwood I agree with you, but it is for all the wrong reason that are non-football related...
  7. We all know you guys want to forget 07'...as well as we do, I know!
  8. True, sounds like we might have a natural may fertility pill coming.
  9. Usually the poor never can handle money...another case in point!
  10. As far as ways to go...that would be near the bottom of my list!
  11. Not much substance in Moore's article...he must of had a deadline and he turned this junk in!
  12. Yeah, and Carrie Underwood...I was trying avoid the reality that, that is!
  13. When the Cowgirls lose I'm happy...I mean who likes Romo anyways?
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