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  1. I have been angry for a year! Law enforcement family members and military vets. Did not watch a single game because of this disrespect. One more chance and if I see a single NFL player kneel I am out. If the Falcons win 3 Super Bowls in a row I will not watch it. I have been a lifetime Falcons fan and a total homer but I will not take this!
  2. This is all I have to add to this controversy. If I see one Falcon player kneel during the national anthem with the flag, the Falcons are dead to me! I have been with this team from the beginning but I can't deal with this. Any player who kneels should be fined $50k with half going to community effort to communicate with law enforcement and half going to the families who lost their law loved ones.
  3. Please forgive me but I have no idea how losing Julio and Sanu could e a positive thing.
  4. The only NFL game I watch Now is the Falcons. Bye week, I did not watch a game. If the Falcons start kneeling and protesting the flag, I am done forever more. The only way these super wealthy players can get their paychecks is because Americans died to make that possible. Players, donate your time and money to help the problem, Don't ruin the game because you are in uniform and on TV.
  5. How in the h*ll could anyone complain about 3-1 at this point? Go figure.
  6. Well, to the op. If your SUV breaks down don't call a tow truck. Just hook a chain to it and pull it down to the dealership! Show me something!
  7. He is a very good player and I understand Neal will call the defensive signals.
  8. We could also be the second undefeated team to lose the Super Bowl. (Giants/Patriots). Loved it!
  9. Oh yeah, I'm old but I'm not going anywhere until we get a Lombardi. The funeral home will take three days to take the smile off my face. True!
  10. I love the Falcons and don't have a second team. This board and all of you posters is all I've got!
  11. To my view Poe is to collapse the pocket and by doing so he gives sack opportunities to others. If he gets a sack, great and off tackle runs are snuffed. Playing his role well.
  12. I want to cry 96 tears! Cry, cry cry ! Just like a divorce, over means over!
  13. Sanu is a player! Catches and blocks for everyone. Totally unselfish.
  14. The only game I will watch is the Falcons and I will not turn that on until 5 minutes after kick off. I used to love watching Monday Night Football and our division rivals. No more and after all of these years going from out of state going to games, no more. Too many vets in my family. If you want to make a difference don't spoil the game. Put some of your millions and make a statement with your time.
  15. If these kneeling and sitting protesters have the strength of there convictions they would say "I am protesting the unfairness of the United States and I will not accept another dime from these racists"!
  16. There are some radio stations who play the National Anthem at times and I pull off the road and place my hand over my heart. I am on the road 9 hours a day and it is not an problem.
  17. Voice of experience here. Don't stop drinking because technically you can not have a hangover until you stop. You may feel under the weather at times but shake it off and you will be fine. Keep drinking!
  18. " Uh, I was told there would be no math and puzzles!"
  19. We will beat the Lions and we can't lose with who ever between the Saints and Panthers. We take care of our business and it will shake out in our favor.
  20. Tandy, You have my utmost respect as a lifelong Falcons fan! I salute you!
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