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  1. Don't resist even if you feel you are innocent.
  2. How did they know it was a toy? Kids can get hold of guns in their house. Just obey the officer.
  3. When a law enforcement officer says you are under arrest, put your hands behind your back and be handcuffed. You can do it the easy way or the hard way. If you attack a law enforcement officer they will not get in a fist fight, they have a right to defend themselves and can legally shoot you.
  4. Jake Matthews played through his season with a serious injury and had poor stats. Clowney did not play at all. So who is the tough guy you want on your team?
  5. Like
  6. In 2008 he played very well for a rookie.
  7. Influential? Well Pioli and TD have influenced lots of posters!
  8. "If I didn't call a timeout, they would have!" This and more great tips on NFL coaching!!!
  9. Monoxide, Thank you for your work to monitor the boards and send the posters with the only desire is to start trouble and encourage angry responses to the netherlands. Most posters welcome different views but not personal attacks. Falcons fans are a varied bunch with many opinions and all such posters should be welcome. Thanks again, mono! TP
  10. Wow! A tsunami of Matt Ryan haters! Evacuate now!!!
  11. One point. Matt Ryan is the best QB the Falcons have ever had. The NFL is a team sport and Matt Ryan has never been the weak link on this team. No matter what anyone says or what agenda they have.
  12. Please excuse while I go on a bit of a rant. It is a fallacy that a QB can make everyone around him a better player. Does the WR's suddenly run 4 3's instead of 4 5's? Do running backs now at 250 lbs. run 4.4's? A team wins because of the team! good O and good D plus great coaching is what wins. Yes, a QB handles the ball on every offensive snap but he needs the rest of the team to win. Carry on.
  13. My fellow Falcons fans, what we have done in past years is no longer relevant. Believe me I have seen every one of them. The only thing that matters to me is this year and I hope some of you feel the same. I am optimistic.
  14. A pet is your best chance to choose a relative.
  15. I understand what you are saying but don't ever let me be in charge. All of the abusers will be in serious trouble. Why should you have mercy on someone who harms anyone or any creature for their satisfaction or in fury?