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  1. The only NFL game I watch Now is the Falcons. Bye week, I did not watch a game. If the Falcons start kneeling and protesting the flag, I am done forever more. The only way these super wealthy players can get their paychecks is because Americans died to make that possible. Players, donate your time and money to help the problem, Don't ruin the game because you are in uniform and on TV.
  2. If we get players in FA like last year and have a comparable draft, we are there. However, I will wait to see.
  3. Everyone on this board has a right to be wrong! And they should not be denied that right.
  4. As far as "wait and see fans" we are full up and no more applications will be accepted. All positions are filled.
  5. I admit I was incorrect but that year Chris Miller did throw a td pass to Michael Haynes. I am well served at Falcons games but I do not drive. Go Falcons!
  6. I was at the game and if my memory serves me correctly? Miller to Haynes for a TD was the first play in the Georgia Dome.
  7. To be honest, Chancellor will play. He's tough.
  8. I'm sorry. I did a speed reading on this d-line thread and you will have to talk to the Broncos for an assessment of our D-line play.
  9. I believe Ali responded when his detractors said "You really haven't beaten any one yet!" Ali said "I can only whoop the ones who get in the ring with me!"
  10. No one should give you respect. You have to earn it!
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