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  1. Great read! I take my time. I try to get you viewpoint on the Falcons and I always click your link!
  2. In this life there are no guarantees but I'm feeling good!
  3. I remember as a boy smelling my first brand new baseball glove! Intoxicating! The same with my first new NFL football! I am feeling this right now!
  4. Wow! Is it hot in August and September in Atlanta? I guess some fans are willing to practice bleeding as a hobby. Open it up in October until it gets cold in late November and December.
  5. Years ago a Falcons player lived near me and he hated the term "potential". He said that means you are not good now but you should be!
  6. Wait until they get a load of us!
  7. I pushed a 900 lb motorcycle 3 miles from home. I just got a beer and more gas. Maybe I deserve a competition trophy and a dozen roses!
  8. The SUV was in reverse.
  9. Free going for 10, 15 or 20 yd runs makes the passing game more lethal!
  10. Now, Dan Quinn has final say on the roster and is a good communicator with Dimitroff so the team is getting stronger. Good times ahead.
  11. It is night and day the difference between Mike Smith and Dan Quinn. That said I do appreciate what Smitty did for the Falcons. But the had hit his ceiling with us. I wish him success if he does not play us.
  12. I'm all in! I'm driving the full bus and pulling the bandwagon. Two more seats back there!
  13. I can't live in the past. Over is over!
  14. To h*ll with the NFL! Let's kick some 2017/2018 azz!
  15. No one can deny that Free and Coleman run hard with violence and a purpose. We need both for a terrifying offense!