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  1. Man, it's been forever since I've seen your name. I hardly ever post anymore but lurk regularly. I hope you and yours are well. I'm not sure if you were part of the crew that did the message board get togethers back in the day, but I sure miss those.
  2. There's reason he is a commentator instead of a front office employee. He's not good at it.
  3. The last one that I recall being put on was 2004 or so. It doesn't feel that long ago, but I really enjoyed meeting everyone there. I still have my tshirt from the event back before I lost my old screen name during a board migration.
  4. What are the prospects of a message board get together occurring again in the future? I used to love planning a trip to Atlanta and meeting some of the members of the boards. Coming from Indiana, it's always nice to put faces with names when I don't get to come regularly.
  5. I am more than stoked that it looks like someone has purchased tickets for himself, my husband and me to come to the Bills game in week 4. I hope I get to see some of you folks before the game or at the game. As I get more details about the tickets, I'll see who may be around the area in which we will be sitting.
  6. I'll try to eBay any tickets to whatever game it matches end up being at.
  7. I know we used to have a message board get together in the past. I haven't seen anything about it this year, but I admit that my work schedule has limited my access to the boards. Could any of you give me an idea if this event still happens, and if it does, when will it occur this year?
  8. I'm more worried about his leg from that play. He was out the rest of the game after that play, too.
  9. I had some great Chinese buffet for supper. It was so good.
  10. I'm typically a 9 heading into a season, but I'm about a 9.5. I can't wait to see what Julio can do, and how Nolan will have this defense ballin'.
  11. Let's just say I know the man pretty well and he is a good guy with a good heart. He and I had a few drinks together once but we had a designated driver. Hopefully he has learned his lesson; he's a smart guy so I hope he uses this as a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block.
  12. As a gay man, even I find this funny. Bwahahaha!!
  13. You like to interject miscellaneous things into threads. Since you are not gay, you cannot interject how you are mistreated for being gay. I was just being silly with you. BTW, that must be some good crap if you are that stoned.
  14. You're just jealous you can't gripe about people being mean to gays.
  15. First, I do not see how an ecclesiastical lineage going directly back to Christ has any significance on whether a church is truly a church--or the church for that matter. If someone, who came across the Lord via personal study, was saved and felt the need to start a church, why is it pertinent for a bishop to appoint him as a see? Second, if we cannot distinguish between what is truly a church and who is truly a christian, how then are we to know what interpretation of sin is correct? There are biblical scholars who are concluding that the mentions of homosexuality in the new testament as sin are not what we consider homosexual relationships in current times; instead, it indicate the homosexual sin which is discussed is ritualistic sex and other behavior that is not based in a loving, monogamous relationship. Could KOG and JDaveG (or anyone else for that matter) give their perspectives?
  16. Some people started reading not knowing what it was and they'll continue reading it forever just because...*loop back to your post*
  17. I have to disagree with you under the premise of Matthew 18:20 which states: For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
  18. First of all, it's not a sexual "preference" for most. Nor am I asking you to coddle me. I am asking you not to use a derogatory term. I'm not asking more than a black guy asking you not to say the n word or a latino asking you not to call him a wet back, et cetera. I just don't think it's appropriate for a term to be thrown around so cavalierly.
  19. I will have to get into my back story a little more to answer this. I am actually bisexual (I'm harassed by gays and straight people alike); however, I declare myself as a gay man because it's easier for people to understand since I am with a man at this time. I can recall my first crush when I was three years old--she was beautiful. Shortly thereafter, I developed my second crush which was on a boy. I did not realize at the time that this was a social faux pas. However, eventually, I realized my conservative family would not appreciate my attraction toward men, so I a decided to date exclusively females--even though I prefer males slightly more. This is not the case for many gays, though. My partner popped out of the womb gay and has never had any sort of attraction toward the opposite sex. When did he choose to be gay? He didn't. When did you all choose to become straight? Many of you didn't.
  20. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18827137/ns/health-aids/t/banned-life-gay-men-still-cant-donate-blood/
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