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  1. There's reason he is a commentator instead of a front office employee. He's not good at it.
  2. The last one that I recall being put on was 2004 or so. It doesn't feel that long ago, but I really enjoyed meeting everyone there. I still have my tshirt from the event back before I lost my old screen name during a board migration.
  3. What are the prospects of a message board get together occurring again in the future? I used to love planning a trip to Atlanta and meeting some of the members of the boards. Coming from Indiana, it's always nice to put faces with names when I don't get to come regularly.
  4. It's payday and I'm in for $23.23; we love you Coach Smith!!
  5. Finally, if he is anything like me, he loves his food nearly as much as he loves his Falcons...not really, but at least he likes it a lot.
  6. If you like the club scene, go to fourth street live. There is also quite a bit of good food and entertainment in that area. It's near my engineering firm.
  7. The 'Ville is my neck of the woods. You have business up here? We drove down from here to the game this past weekend and we had a blast.
  8. Money is tight right now with my wife having been in the hospital for a over a week and then coming down to Atlanta this past weekend; however, I would like to make a contribution on Friday after I receive my paycheck. Will you still be accepting donations by then Rev?
  9. I don't know anyone at the AJC like that but I talk to Daniel Cox somewhat regularly. Maybe he would like the story.