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  1. That's exactly what I was thinking, where is he projected to go?
  2. Personally I'd be just as happy w/ Oher as I would w/ anyone on the defensive side. With Weiner retiring, we need an insurance policy for Baker. And even if Baker stays healthy, we could use the upgrade at RT and the depth.
  3. Is there any player out there who could legitimatly fall to 24 that you'd be happy with on the offensive side of the ball. Obviously, defense needs to be the focus, but we can't completely ignore the offense. I know there are a few wanting Pettigrew, and I'd be ok w/ that pick, but what if someone like Michael Oher fell to us. Would you want a good OT if one falls vs OLB, SS, or Corner?
  4. It does worry me, but I think as greedy as owners and players are, they understand that a work stopage, or teams going under are the worst case for all parties. Hopefully they'll get something done b/4 they go uncapped.
  5. Rumor has it that his head is already in Flowery Branch, but the rest of him is just getting off the plane.
  6. Considering he'll be a Panty, it does indirectly effect us.
  7. I would love it if the first 3 picks happen like that, but I doubt any of them will be available at those spots. I doubt we go CB late. We've got enough young average corners, unless TD and co don't see one of our existing corners in our near future.
  8. I'll admit, I was disappointed to see KB, Milloy, Grady and Foxworth go. I was hoping they'd stay on for leadership and depth, w/ the exception of Foxworth. He's the one I believe we'll miss the most. But what did guys like KB, Milloy and Grady really have to play for? They'll all be replaced by guys who are faster and hungier to prove themselves. Sure they'll lack experience, but that's what we pay coaches for. I can't see how we won't be better w/ rookies, or guys like Stephen Nicholas who can't wait to show their stuff and prove themselves worthy.
  9. It has to do with keeping teams from dumping cap hits into the capless year. That's why they got rid of June 1st cuts this year.
  10. Exactly, Lewis has been handcuffed from day one. The Chris Henry situation is proof of that. Lewis stated that he wasn't welcome back, a week later he's back. In our situation we focused on offense last year b/c of the players in the draft. They loved Ryan and needed to build around him and protect him. I'm guessing TD also knew that this year would be a deeper draft for defensive players. We won't fill all the holes, but we'll focus on the defense the next two years assuming no major losses on the offensive side.
  11. I gave up on Mort years ago. That guys is wrong more than he's right.
  12. I'd be cool w/ giving him a 2 year deal if...and only if he's willing to back up Lofton.
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