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  1. Sounds like it...In addition to all the AFC East and the 4th place schedule. Could be able to do some things with that schedule if we get the ship righted this offseason.
  2. I could be wrong on some of the details, but when MBS was built the Falcons had to acquire the land that two churches (Friendship Baptist and Mt. Vernon Baptist) were built on. They each were paid between $10 and $20 million to relocate, but there was a running joke that the Falcons would never win again because God didn't want those churches demolished to build a stadium. Current evidence points that the "joke" was pretty spot on.
  3. As a Falcons fan since 1982, I can tell you that the football gods are 100% that cruel... But I agree that our offense will be ridiculous this year. Can't wait.
  4. This X 100...plus, I like to think that a person, any person, including Sark, has the ability to learn and adapt after their first time doing something. This was Sark's first year being an OC in the NFL. There are huge number of things that he had to learn this year, and I bet he is spending his off-season adapting and refining his system to hopefully work in the NFL. If it's the same after next year, then maybe we look at moving away from him, but do we really want another new system for Matt and the offense again this year?
  5. In my humble opinion this article is just about perfect...
  6. We would be a game up with a Head to Head win against them...effectively 2 games. I want the Seahawks to lose so they don't have a chance at the NFC West title. If they pull ahead of the Rams then things in the wildcard get really messy with the Rams...
  7. This coming from the fans who roll into Atlanta on "HOTARD" Charter Buses. Ho-Tard...say it aloud...it's fun. And then think of Saints fans...Pretty perfect if you ask me.
  8. This is GREAT news...thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!
  9. I think it's been a really long time since I posted here, but it's good to be back among my Falcon Family... I think that Bill Belichick is among the greatest coaches to ever coach in the NFL... I think that Tom Brady may be the greatest quarterback to ever play the game... I think that given two weeks, Belichick can put together a plan that can beat anybody... I think the Patriots have to be respected for putting together a string of success that is unparalleled in NFL History... BUT... I think the Falcons are a better team... I think the Falcons have better talent and depth... I think the Falcons have more team speed...ALOT more team speed... I think the Falcons' offense presents a world of problems for the Patriots defense... I think the Falcons defense has grown into a unit that will be opportunistic enough to stop the Patriots more than anyone believes... I think the brotherhood among the team will help overcome the majority of obstacles they will face on a Sunday... I think running the Panthers, Saints, Seahawks and Packers gauntlet will give the team confidence that they can win... I think the Patriots will face adversity that they haven't faced all year... I think that after 51 years, the Lombardi Trophy will finally come to live in Atlanta... I think the next dynasty starts on Sunday... RISE UP
  10. I expect to see a pair in my seats next year at the new stadium.
  11. DLed can rarely post an article on his blog or on the AJC Feeds that doesn't contain a grammatical or spelling error. To me, it should be expected that a beat writer for a "major" newspaper should be able to post articles that look and sound professional, not that look and sound like a 17 year old blogger trying to "break into the business". Also, he lost me completely last year when he posted an article blaming the downfall of the Falcons on closing practice to the media. He actually spent time figuring out the record of the team since practices were closed. If he really thinks that media losing access caused the poor records, then he really needs to be doing something else.
  12. 2 More Issues with the PSL Program... 1. PSLs will virtually destroy the ability to upgrade or downgrade season ticket location. Let's say you choose your seat and pay your PSL, only to find that you don't like your seats (for whatever reason). You would have to sell your PSL, buy another PSL and pay for your new seat. So, in essence, you are buying a product for 30 years without experiencing the product...much like buying a car without seeing it in person or driving it. 2. Once you pay the PSL, you are at the mercy of the Falcons in terms of the price of your seat. If your seat is $100 per game (after the PSL payment), there is no guarantee that the club won't exponentially raise your ticket cost. The PSL does not guarantee any type of set ticket cost. You "own" the seat, but you have zero control over the yearly cost of that seat. Don't like the price increase? You have to TRY and sell your PSL...if you can't you lose that money. Sounds fun!
  13. Wow...wouldn't be surprised if Dimitroff left on his own accord. Unless he got a big pay bump.
  14. This is unbelievable...like, literally unbelievable. The Falcons were very up front about the idea of PSL's and that they would be included in this stadium, but they also said that they would be reasonable. This is anything but reasonable. Our fan base is already "fickle", but now the team is going to obliterate what STHs are left. We better hope the blackout rule is gone by 2017, or else we may never be able to watch this team.
  15. I can't vouch for the accuracy, but I was told the following things at the end of the season regarding PSL's by a Falcons Ticket Representative (probably rumors they are hearing)... 1. The PSL for each seat will be equal to the cost of the season ticket. So, if your seat costs $800 a season, the PSL will also cost $800. 2. There will be financing options (mentioned in the article) 3. Before you can change your seat from season to season (upgrade), you will have to find someone to buy your PSL, and then you will have to purchase a new PSL for the given seat. This seemed a little odd to me, and I certainly could have misunderstood, but wanted to pass along the information. Anyway, take these for what they are worth...
  16. I renewed last month. While last season wasn't necessarily fun, I still believe in this franchise and think we will turn it around. I'm very much looking forward to the games next year...
  17. Falcons vs. Dolphins Predictions 1. Brent Grimes, facing his former team for the first time, has a difficult time covering Julio Jones. Although the former Falcons DB deflects one ball, Jones is able to pull down 11 catches for 148 yards and 2 touchdowns. Near the end of the game, a defeated Grimes pulls himself from the game citing an "injury." Grimes' teammates, led by LB Dannell Ellerbe, are visibly upset and confront him. Unfortunately, the situation turns nasty when Grimes' wife and agent Miko roars out of the stands and verbally assaults Ellerbe, saying "You don't know Brent...my Boo is all man and you Bi*&^es better not talk bad about him." She then picks up Brent, places him gently in her Baby Bjorn baby carrier, and takes him home. After a warm bottle of milk and a nap, Brent feels much better. 2. The Falcons kick a field goal with seven seconds left to defeat the Dolphins 31-28. As the Falcons charter arrives in Atlanta, it is discovered that Tyson Clabo and Richie Incognito have snuck onto the plane in the cargo hold. It is also discovered that Lamar Holmes and Sam Baker missed the flight. No one ever truly knows what happened, but questions are not asked. Strangely, Matt Ryan, Steven Jackson, Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling all seem happy. 3. Following the game, Mayor Kaseem Reed announces that Friendship Baptist Church and Mount Vernon Baptist Church have voted to accept the city's financial terms and will sell the land their land to the city so that the Falcons new stadium may be built on the South Site. When questioned about where the extra eight million dollars was found to purchase the churches, Reed nonchalantly says that private investors were used. Three days later, it is discovered that Reed actually found the money in between the cushions of Arthur Blank's sofa. Around the League 1. Jaguars owner Shahid Khan, concerned about his team's lousy offensive start and declining ticket sales, demands that General Manager David Caldwell sign QB Tim Tebow. Caldwell objects, but ultimately loses the battle and signs the embattled quarterback. Jaguars fans are ecstatic, and immediately buy out the entire line of Tebow Jeans Shorts from the Jaguars store. Their optimism is quickly doused when Tebow goes 4-21 for 76 yards and throws five interceptions, one of which is returned for a touchdown. After the game, the Jaguars release Tebow, saying in an official statement that "we recognize that our roster is devoid of talent, both physical and mental, but, did you see Tebow's throwing motion? I mean...who throws like that? Plus...that dude cries...alot! Like, more than a baby cries...seriously." 2. Lightning delays continue when the Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans game is delayed 64 minutes due to lightning in the area. When questioned about why the game was delayed when the Saints play in a dome, NFL Officials remind fans that the power didn't stay on during the Super Bowl when it was a nice night...why in the world would it stay on during a lightning storm? 3. After a staggering amount of leg and knee injuries during the preseason and first two weeks of the season, the NFL changes the tackling rules in an effort to protect players. Already concerned about concussions, the league decrees that players may now only tackle between the nipples and the belly button, and may not tackle, in the words of the NFL, in "an overly rough, physical or mean-spirited way," and that "no part of the shoulder pads or helmets may come into contact with an opposing player." In addition, the league says that no quarterback may be "touched, thought about, spoken to, looked at or otherwise motioned toward" during the entire game. Despite these rules changes, Cleveland QB Brian Hoyer, starting in place of injured Brandon Weeden, is still sacked 6 times. 4. Ray Lewis is welcomed back to M&T Stadium for induction into the Ravens Ring of Honor. At halftime, Lewis gives an empassioned speech thanking the fans for their support of his 17 year career, all spent with the Ravens. The ceremony is marred; however, when Lewis, out of shape since retiring, begins an impromptu Squirrel Dance following his speech. He immediately cramps up and falls off the podium, breaking his hip and leg. The ceremony is further marred when Lewis, not wanting to appear injured, attempts the Squirrel Dance again despite not being able to get off the ground. Brett Favre, watching at home in Mississippi, sees Lewis spasming on the ground and thinks to himself..."Man, it really is sad that some guys just don't know when to quit." 5. New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan announces that rookie DB Dee Milliner, who was benched in the week two game against the Patriots, will not start against the Bills. Ryan attributes the demotion to Milliner's frequent mental lapses and decision making during games and practices. To add insult to injury, the United States Patent and Trademark Office announces that Milliner's request to patent "Milliner Island" has been rejected because, in their words, "The only island the Jets could leave that guy on by himself is Gilligan's Island."
  18. Thank you guys! I plan on having next weeks predictions up on Thursday! See you at the game today! RISEUP!
  19. Thanks for the nice comments guys...I enjoy writing and have fun putting these together. I did one last week and hope to do one every week of the season. We will see if the material is there...
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