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  1. As a Falcons fan since 1982, I can tell you that the football gods are 100% that cruel... But I agree that our offense will be ridiculous this year. Can't wait.
  2. Hey Gang, Has anyone sat in section 201 in MBS? I am thinking about transferring to that section, but would love some feedback if anyone has any. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
  3. This X, I like to think that a person, any person, including Sark, has the ability to learn and adapt after their first time doing something. This was Sark's first year being an OC in the NFL. There are huge number of things that he had to learn this year, and I bet he is spending his off-season adapting and refining his system to hopefully work in the NFL. If it's the same after next year, then maybe we look at moving away from him, but do we really want another new system for Matt and the offense again this year?
  4. In my humble opinion this article is just about perfect...
  5. Maybe...but that defense is missing ALOT of pieces...
  6. We would be a game up with a Head to Head win against them...effectively 2 games. I want the Seahawks to lose so they don't have a chance at the NFC West title. If they pull ahead of the Rams then things in the wildcard get really messy with the Rams...