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    Falcon918 reacted to RetroRoq in This offense....   
    The Jaguars and the Jets drafted for their need.  The Jets really created their own need as they decided to go in another direction.  The 49ers mortgaged their future.  These teams werent foolish, they just saw opportunity to improve their individual situation by utilizing different strategies.  The Falcons had no say in whether they were foolish or not.
    The Falcons chose the best remaining player available based on the way he absolutely dominated the competition that was setup to play against him.  Some would say the competition in the SEC is the best competition available.  Since the top 2 defensive players chosen were db in the SEC and were the only defensive players selected in the top 10, then I would say he faced a level of competition in his SEC career is in line  with what he will face in the NFL.
    PS: 3 corners were selected from the SEC in the first round in 2021, 2 in 2020... perhaps most of the corners he played against wont be drafted, but a lot of them have been and will.
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    Falcon918 reacted to Rings in Thank You All   
    Just wanted to take a second and say thank you to everyone!  Outside of a couple people trying to start arguments multiple times, everyone got along for the most part and even if people didn’t like the picks I felt we did so in a way that wasn’t disrespectful to each other and it made it a much better place for everyone.  You guys made our roles as MODs easy this weekend and I really enjoyed the draft overall thanks to you.  Whether you helped diffuse tension at times or simply bit your tongue on certain comments, thank you.  I appreciate you all, enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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    Falcon918 reacted to wuskillzz in Drew Dalman good pick?   
    For what its worth, the people on NFL network are saying he is second round talent, so it sound like good value.
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    Falcon918 reacted to Pacific_Falcon in The Ringer Mock Draft   
    Pitts is at the bottom of my list at that spot but I could see 2TE sets with him and Hurst creating probs for defenses. People will want to vomit at Chase but sustaining that dual outside threat for the foreseeable future wouldnt be a bad thing. Whatever happens, I trust TF more than TD with that pick. I could see TD reaching for a DE there, hard. 🤢
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    Falcon918 reacted to JCITOW in Pick you wont complain about,,,,   
    I reserve my right to complain and will not limit that right even by one potential HOF player. It’s my precious right as a fanatic.😎
    Seriously, I will not complain about the picks because they are the professionals. I will give the GM and coach the benefit of my doubt. Afterall, their jobs are on the line-not mine. But I may second guess their picks if I see the players they pick not working out.
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    Falcon918 reacted to JDaveG in Pick you wont complain about,,,,   
    I doubt I'll complain about whoever they pick.  They know more about scouting and building a football team than I ever will.
    If anything, I'll complain years down the road when we have consistent draft failures year after year and the team building philosophy reveals itself to be folly, but I hope that never happens.
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    Falcon918 reacted to WhenFalconsWin in Schultz: Falcons have painted themselves into costly corner again with Matt Ryan (The Athletic)   
    Real talk: Ice is still a dayum good QB and the Falcons needed to get under the cap.  Smith and company can run light years around Quinn and Koetter let's not panic on Ice at the moment and see what the new regime does in this draft.
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    Falcon918 reacted to The Architect in Over the cap has updated cap space following Allen and Bailey cuts   
    A Fowler trade is more likely as it frees up 9 million in cap space. We'd be clowns to trade Grady.
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    Falcon918 reacted to JCITOW in Over the cap has updated cap space following Allen and Bailey cuts   
    I thought the objective is to get under the cap in a smart and intelligent way—not just get under the cap. In my view, trading Grady just because the numbers work out would NOT be a wise move to get under the cap. 
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    Falcon918 reacted to Draftnut57 in Draftnut57.s Last 2021 Mock Draft   
    This is a mock that I have spent a lot of time on.. It will be my last one this year since I like it so well..  This mock will give us everything we need except the OL needs.. And since I got everything else taken care of in this mock other than the OL.. I'd love to get the two OL that we need in FAcy.. That way we know what we are getting .. And this draft takes care of all our other needs.. IMO. I don't want to take a chance in Drafting OL, it takes a year or two for them to develope,  And I would like to see us go deep into  the playoffs.
        This is a realistic Mock,, I don't do unrealistic Mocks.. I made sure that these players where ranked below all these picks.. at least one below our picks but most of these picks were from 1 to 10 picks below where we will pick in each round..  The first pick we will trade down from 4 to 8 and start drafting at pick 8 and take our first pick a TE,, then we trade back up to 15 and take our second player a DE. After the first two picks , All the others are ranked below their pick.. I don't do unreallistic mocks. Sure , the players run up and down the boards until the draft. .WE can't help that so here is the players I would love to get on our team that is as of Now ranked below every pick I made.     
    8. TE  Kyle Pitts, Fla.  6-6, 240.  
    15. DE Kwity Paye ,  Michigan, 6-4, 272,......... Use picks for trading down to 8 to go back up to 15.
    36. DT Christian Barmore,  Ala., 6-5, 310...... Build that wall. 
    68. CB Asante Samuel Jr. , Fla. St. , 5-10, 184
    100. FS Richard Lecounte III , 5-11, 190
    132. SS Caden Sterns, 6'- 210, Texas 
    164, DT Bobby Brown, 6'-4, 315, Texas A&M
    217, DE Michael Clemons, 6-5, 270, Texas A&M
    223, WR Trevon Grimes, 6-4, 217, Fla.
    As I've said, Get all Vet proven OL in FAcy,, WE don't need rookie OL  if we are going to make a run this year.. Just My Opinion.  I've pegged these players that I would love to get to make this team the best team ever assembled in Atlanta Ga.   Yours Truly ,, Draftnut57
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    Falcon918 got a reaction from Herr Doktor in Sounds Like TF Has A Handle On Things   
    Think of it like this. There are multiple teams looking for a qb Matt Ryan is better than a good have of the league Qbs. Matt Ryan was never the problem. It was the strategy the coaches put in place. We have never had a good defense and our online has been questionable since Matt Ryan has been our Qb. Remember he was the league MVP. He still can play at a high level. He also have a coach that took Tannehill and made him a Good QB. So I will take my chances with Matt Ryan. 
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    Falcon918 reacted to RING OF HONOR in Sounds Like TF Has A Handle On Things   
    Yeah ....I think we move Ryan.....
    Right behind the center....
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    Falcon918 reacted to NorthGaBoy in Sounds Like TF Has A Handle On Things   
    It is pointless trying to explain this.  You cannot reason with the dump Ryan fans.
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    Falcon918 reacted to Macknsweetjones in Sounds Like TF Has A Handle On Things   
    I expect to get some decent role players in FA this season and good depth support in the draft after we get a qb. 2022 should be the turning point year…Move Matt Ryan for picks in the draft and maybe Julio too then it’s really time to stack this team
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    Falcon918 reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Sounds Like TF Has A Handle On Things   
    We aren't getting squat if we move matt and julio because we wouldn't be able to manipulate their contracts. We would eat the 63+ mil that would cost and that would be it. We would have zero wiggle room
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    Falcon918 reacted to ROMERO in A New Regime: Full story on how Arthur Smith & Terry Fontenot were hired   
    This video got me hyped. I cant wait to see how this plays out. 
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