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  1. Wow......just wow! Yep we save 11 million but then what? Continue with our weak defense that would be even weaker with Grady gone? Yeah okay.🤦🏾‍♂️👌🏾
  2. Think of it like this. There are multiple teams looking for a qb Matt Ryan is better than a good have of the league Qbs. Matt Ryan was never the problem. It was the strategy the coaches put in place. We have never had a good defense and our online has been questionable since Matt Ryan has been our Qb. Remember he was the league MVP. He still can play at a high level. He also have a coach that took Tannehill and made him a Good QB. So I will take my chances with Matt Ryan.
  3. We should let the staff do there thing. What do we have to lose?
  4. Do you remember everyone calling for KS head after year 1? Lets see what he does in year 2.
  5. Here's another option. Try actually listening to someone thats protesting instead of ignoring the reality. Its not important because its not you I understand. How hard is it to look at it from there prospective. People are on there phone, buying food, using the bathroom but when someone kneels for equality its disrespect. Many vets said that is what they fight for and still people ignore that and say disrespect. Dig deeper find out why you won't take the time out to listen to the other side.
  6. Oh thats right whites dont kill whites.Got it.
  7. Yes really sad when a protest gets more attention then a person dying a senseless death. Not all cops are bad and not all deaths at the hand of officers are justified. Just call a spade a spade and you may find sympathy. There are things more important than football.
  8. The funny thing is no one wants to talk about why the players are protesting. Can we address the elephant in the room? There's a problem when a mass killer (terrorist) can be arrested alive and a POC has to be afraid for there life at a traffic stop. People know its wrong and wont even acknowledge it. This doesn't sound like freedom to me. Just saying. If someone is protesting try to understand why instead of trying to make up reasons they shouldn't protest.
  9. Phi scored 28 points per game. We only gave up 15. Say what you want defense did its job. 1 more TD by offense and we wouldn't even be discussing this. Do you agree?
  10. But we were in scoring range. We scored 10 points PHI had a high scoring offense. Plus our defense allows RBs to catch passes then make the tackle. Our offense failed us with only 10 points. 15 points is not a reflection of many big plays.
  11. They only scored 15 points. We lost that game it wasn't the defense......lol
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