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  1. Some people act like he gave up 300 yards and a TD. Secondary was solid.
  2. People seem to think if someone catches a pass then the cb sucked. We shut down there passing game. That's all that matters.
  3. Can someone post the article?
  4. Yep and he will be worth it.
  5. DQ will turn Takk into a BEAST!
  6. “I’m young and I feel like I got a motor that’s probably the best in the class right now,” McKinley said. “I’m hungry. I’ve got a lot to improve on, technique-wise. But once I improve on my technique, with my motor and my hunger of the game, I feel I’ll be unstoppable.” Quinn will take this kid to the next level. He knows he can get better. Dont under estimate this kids drive. He is a football player first!
  7. I also believe you will be wrong about Takk. He is a ''DOG'' he might not have the bend. But he has a relentless motor and speed. He will complement Vic well. You just do see it yet. All I'm trying to say is to judge a player before he has played a snap is useless.
  8. Im not trying to convince you on Takk, just saying lets see what he can do before you call it a bad pick. Did you see the Keanu Neal pick as a good pick? How about Deion Jones? Neal had a second or third round grade. But was listed as a top rookie last year. We started 4 rookies on defense alone last year and made a run all the way to the super bowl. I think I will trust Quinn on this one. We moved up to pick him and we dont do that unless we really like a player. DQ alone has his on studs when moving up. Takk will be a beast for us for years to come.
  9. Remember this every team has a different draft board. Except maybe the first 5 players. Just because ESPN or NFL network says a player gets a 7th round grade does not mean a team sees it the same.
  10. Pull up your mocks from last year. How well did your picks do? You have not scouted any players but you assume you know who we should pick. The difference in this staff and the mike smith staff is Quinn knows exactly what he wants. He gets players that fit exactly what he wants to do. He is not trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Would you rather have a guy who can bend around an edge and take plays off or a guy that plays hard all game and physically beats down the opponent. Dan Quinn like the following: Toughness, competitiveness, loves football, team player, team leaders, fire and passion. Pure football players. You are picking names based off a highlight tape. Lamp sounds like Peter Konz to me. Plus our guard from last year might be what we need. He almost won the job last year as a rookie. Love the picks and I trust TD and DQ!
  11. Some of you still don't get it. Quinn likes specific players. Not just any player. If they dont show toughness and competitiveness then they don't fit. Its useless to grade a draft the first year. Most of our picks were considered bad last year too. Quinn has earned the right to pick who ever he think is a fit for the team.
  12. You guys do know we had a top 10 oline last year. Not sure if Matthews complaints warranted.
  13. Wow I am all in for this guy. I honestly believe he will be our starting FB.