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  1. Will we sign Laurinitis?

  2. I like Spoon but he is only valuable if he plays so anyone that consistently plays can take his place. We need to upgrade our defense as a whole not worry about one player that hasn't played in a couple of years. We are going to look back and say Quinn does know what he is doing.
  3. For every player that didn't like the falcons there's players that state its a classy organization. What was Spoon complaint again. He sure didn't give back the money that he didn't earn the last couple of years. Falcons have to do what is best for the team.
  4. Some people complaining about some of these moves like we had a good defense. I remember a lot of people claiming we don't have talent. We can't really do that much worse defensively. We need change and change can be good.
  5. Yes he is an impact player when he is on the field. But how often is that?
  6. It may be a blessing in disguise. We would have probably given him what he wanted with the old staff. He hardly ever played so not that big of a deal. Time to move on.
  7. I say yes to smith he knows the system and would be an upgrade over what we have. I Spoon is always injured how big of a loss is it?
  8. Uh I don't know maybe look for some helpful information on why Quinn may feel it is worth it to sign him. Not complaining about everything that Quinn or the front office does. I say give them a chance before we send in the firing squad. A positive thought is a 100x more powerful than a negative thought. I believe he may have seen something that the last coaching staff didn't see. (positive thought) Im just saying give them a chance before we start being negative.
  9. Please stop the complaining. Let Dan Quinn do what he does best. He may put them in a position to succeed.
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