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  1. BOY STOP!!! Weatherspoon is a good player (when he is not hurt). We need to focus on getting a TRUE DE.
  2. Hey we're gonna get a new TE and a couple of LBs that no one know about guys. Remember TD is the 2 time GM of the year. You're in good hands--that's allstate stand! :/
  3. I understand your argument. I think we have a situation where we have to decide between a offensive player and defensive player that would be the biggest immediate impact on the team. Although it's hard to predict how players will respond on the Nfl level, I think we have to look at history and decide the most likely position that top prospects excel in early in their Nfl careers.
  4. I think the Iceman is absolutely right about Odell being more valuable last season. I don't think it was even close.
  5. That's interesting because ppl don't know what they've drafted until after the season has started. In my mind it's important that you draft the best player available in every round. There are more superstars drafted in later rounds than the TOP 10.
  6. Here's a hypothetical question for everyone. If Megatron and Suh were available in this draft, would you really be upset with either pick at number 8? Why or why not?
  7. KOG, I actually like both players and I won't be upset with getting any of the top 4 prospects. I love Beasley's measurables but I value Ray's hand usage more. I think he is more savvy. I'm still picking Gregory out the bunch as my number one though.
  8. Whether a guy wins inside or outside it's considered a win. The main thing I see in these videos is a consistent push from Ray. He doesn't stop! It's ridiculous to call him lame because you like the combine numbers from Beasley more. They are both special players with different approaches on getting to the quarterback. Beasley had a great bench press but Shane looks stronger on film.
  9. I started off as a 49ers fan, and then Joe Montana retired and then I became the Atlanta Falcons fan. HOMER NATION! LOL
  10. Helu is fine. I'm just more of a dual rb attack guy because I think runners benefit from it.
  11. I think you underestimate our young talent, Freeman is capable of getting 1000 yards in this system. A signing like Pierre Thomas and resigning Smith would do the trick sir.
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