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  1. It's not all Ryan. I loved it when he was drafted. The OC and defense played their part. It would be nice to have a more mobile qb. He wilts in the pocket, at least he did this game.
  2. Errant passes all game. Quinn obviously doesn't have this team prepared. The idiotic playcalling (esp in the rz), no fire, just stands there like he's on thorazine. Who knows, maybe they'll shake off the rust and come out like a house on fire. Ya......
  3. Trade Kyle shanahan for Blake bortles. Let Ryan back him up or trade him for a new Gatorade cooler. Won't get a yeti for him.
  4. I know right. Guys been married for three weeks now all of a sudden he's Dr Phil.
  5. I wanna know how in the **** you posted two pics in one post?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_BTLCDrMgY&feature=related
  7. I don't know how much love you'll get for that on a football message board but I see your point. Some poor(literally)kid struggles to eat and make good grades yet gets passed over for an illiterate athlete who will be "tutored" through college. I'm not sure how the federal government should be in charge of that. Although it may well take that to bully the NCAA into a reform. Although sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. What if the federal government decides how much money you will make just the same as they decided that the athlete didn't deserve a scholarship? A bunch of nerdy kids picked at random won't make good Saturday viewing you know?
  8. And you think these supposed liberal judges are going to make that a priority? They wont do anything. They've been liberal forever and what have they done?
  9. Why? What about this country needs to be changed so drastically?
  10. Come on Julian. I anxiously await how we should all be jubilant that this doosh was reelected. I am by no means saying Romney would have been better. This is a mindless thread for such a discussion. After all would anyone expect any less of a reaction from morons who go to these political events anyways?
  11. Why would it matter to me? Why would I take joy or dismay from a presidential election?
  12. I would post pics of all the gay black guys supporting Obama but what would be the point. I did have to chuckle when before Obama made his speech the black folks were looking around like WTF when REO Speedwagon was playing.
  13. Could we try a flea flicker now and then? Please?
  14. I'm trying to follow your logic here. Are you saying the Bulldogs played like crap but the Gators were more crap or what?
  15. I love how people can see the ESPN bias against the Falcons but get all riled up when I mention the ESPN lovefest with the SEC.
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