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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_BTLCDrMgY&feature=related
  2. matty come down here to tha nervous hospital ta git me and we're a goin down to see his momma. That boys a gettin a mite big. Last time I seen 'im reckon he werent no biggern a squirrel. I tole im that mexican feller they spent all that money and picks on ourta work harder. He aint been much help to Matty but that boys got a heart big as the world. He says to give im time an he'll get better. Says that mexican feller cut his hand a mite fierce playin ball but I aint never heared a such a thing less one o them fellers forgot their pocket knife. Well I gotta git off here its time to go.
  3. Them fellers what was cryin bout that dog feller aint got much to say now I reckon. them fellers that was a wantin that Joe Flaccer is might quiet now too mmmmhhmmmm.
  4. Bama?? Please. Lets wait til they play a team with an actual passing game okay?
  5. We are back and going to the NC game! Who can stop us? Who I say!!!!
  6. Its not up to him where the chick gets the estimates done.
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