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  1. when I was coming here a few years back,this was my go to forum because tatf was a bunch of homers..then this place got be nothing but insults and bickering and not the logical discussions I came here for,so I thought id check in to see what was going on and it seems to have gotten back to good banter
  2. Mike Smith = disciplined aggressive without mistake football. Quinn...balls to the wall,trust instinct not training...our team isn't there yet
  3. Peyton is missing him about now...they just traded for Vernon Davis,and BTW...he's been our most productive TE this season...no Tony, but closest thing we have to it right about now... Just sayin...don't hate on Matt's new clutch guy when 11 has 3 guys on him
  4. Pressures as good as sacks.,makes the QB antsy which turns into neg plays...WE WON...geez people...live positively
  5. He's always wrong,so he's trying to use this love to reverse his curse...thing is he might be right this time.,sucks to be himjhimj..lol
  6. Pretty spot on...6 wins would be what is expected by most...think we can squeeze out 7 or maybe 8 if we can win a couple of close ones..Bryant is money
  7. Hope Ryan didn't get hurt,and that's why no Sean in this game
  8. This just in...the Vick care meter has broken...lol
  9. He's still abig part...seems to me last season he started doing what Tony did in our offense as a tight in...shorter routes and boxing out defenders for the most part...maybe Levine can step it up
  10. Why is this on rival central?...anything but football would sem more appropriate.. Smh
  11. Put Russel and matt in Cleveland and matt beats him out hands down...not even close...matt has learned systems,not had one built around him
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