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  1. when I was coming here a few years back,this was my go to forum because tatf was a bunch of homers..then this place got be nothing but insults and bickering and not the logical discussions I came here for,so I thought id check in to see what was going on and it seems to have gotten back to good banter
  2. I get that he underachied and that this a business,bit he did come to work and busted his butt to contribute to this team.the man just lost his job,and I'm sure there's a lot of folks on this board that don't exactly excel in their profession...can't he get a little respect for getting where alot have wanted to,but wasn't talented enough...stay humble and realize he has a family and wish him the best instead of worrying about the cap...seriously!!!! some class please
  3. dang...missed out this year and was looking forward to another rc ff league...oh luck to all and may the best team win
  4. congrats shred,its been fun
  5. everyone was saying jordy wasnt gonna play much so i sat him and he has 33 right now...screw the frickin pundits,im going with what got me there from now have a good chance now shred so good luck and may the best team win
  6. and their all falcons...bryant might get you 9-12...rodgers 7-8 never know,if saints jump on us quickly,i dont see turner getting more than 12-14...its between you and me,so good luck,but not to be interesting to see what the teams that are locked in and have a bye do...that could hurt
  7. congrats on your season...playoffs start after this week i think(its my 3rd yr playing ff)...good luck to ya...hopefully a falcon fan will win it this year
  8. division not conference...we would be tied for the conference...see you in the playoffs chef