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  1. If Jevon Kinlaw can make it past the Jags at #9, I think that there would be a good chance that he could fall all the way down to the Falcons pick at #16. Most draft sites that I read have Simmons going way before #15, if I'm interpreting the above table correctly. The Consensus Mock Draft composed of 340 mock drafts has Simmons being selected at #4 by the Jets.
  2. DraftSite probably now has the most extensive free scouting reports. still does a good job in ranking all of the draft prospects.
  3. Option #2: Stay put and hope Kinlaw drops to #16.
  4. Throckmorton is probably back-up for all the OL positions as he has started at OT, OG, and C in college. Most of his college starts were at OT.
  5. In Sporting News draft, Winfield was selected at pick #36 and Delpit at pick #43, before Atlanta's selection in round 2. Dugger (pick #60) and Chinn (pick #69) were mocked later.
  6. 16. Atlanta Falcons (7-9) Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina The Falcons addressed the edge in free agency by signing Dante Fowler Jr. so here they work to better flank Fowler and Grady Jarrett from the inside. Kinlaw (6-5, 324 pounds) knows how to use his size and arms to complement his strength and power at the point of attack. 47. Atlanta Falcons Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU The Falcons need to get some fresh legs to supplement Todd Gurley in passing situations to give them again what they once had with Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Edwards-Helaire (5-7, 207 pounds) is a dynamic, versatile receiver out of the backfield and in the slot, making him a major asset for an NFL passing game. He also is extremely quick when getting the ball in the open field. 78. Atlanta Falcons Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State Dan Quinn needs a skilled zone cornerback to add to his defense Dantzler (6-2, 188 pounds) has nice size and uses his hands and hips to be disruptive against receivers downfield. 119. Atlanta Falcons: Jordyn Brooks, LB, Texas Tech 143. Atlanta Falcons (from Ravens) (compensatory): Calvin Throckmorton, OT, Oregon 228. Atlanta Falcons (from Buccaneers through Eagles): Daniel Thomas, S, Auburn
  7. One specific incidence that I recall about using consensus mock draft data previously happened in the 2016 draft. That year, Derron Lee, LB from Ohio State was the overwhelming choice of the mock drafts, as evidenced by a high % in the Consensus Mock Draft, to be Atlanta's selection at #17. However, Atlanta actually selected Keanu Neal at #17 and passed on Derron Lee, who was then selected by the Jets at pick #20. Most mock drafts that I looked at that year, had Keanu Neal going in the second-round, and some did mock him going to Atlanta in the second-round. BTW most mock drafts in 2016 also had Deon Jones going in the third-round, although Atlanta traded-back a couple of picks and drafted Jones in the second-round in 2016. This seems to happen to some extent each year that Dimi has been GM. Therefore, a general observation is that Atlanta does have a tendency to draft a given player earlier than many of the mockers and draft gurus have that particular player being selected.
  8. Admittedly, I'm not quite sure if I understand your comment. However, if your comment pertains to possibly including data re Delpit or Winfield being mocked in the 1st-round for the Falcons, I can't do that from this particular website. This website only shows a particular team's top three highest number for the first-round mock draft selection from the 340 mock drafts in its database. In the Falcons case, its top three are Chaisson at 37% (ie 37% of the 340 included mock drafts have Chaisson as the Falcons mocked selection at pick #16), Henderson at 18%, and Kinlaw at 13%. However the remaining 32% of the Falcons first-round mock selections are to unspecified players, other than the 3 aforementioned. Delpit or Winfield may be part of the 32% of the unspecified players, but I can't tell you to what extent.
  9. Yep that is exactly how this Consensus Mock is working. It is the specific player with the highest number of mocks for a particular team and who has not been previously been included in the Consensus Mock. I tested team data for the Jags, and found that Derrick Brown was at 29%, Isaiah Simmons was at 15%, and Javon Kinlaw was at 12%. Since Simmons was already included at pick#4 and Brown at pick #7 in the Consensus Draft, they were excluded from being ineligible for the Jags pick at #9. I edited the OP once again to reflect this.
  10. That would be very nice. Also it appears that the Bucs at #14, would probably want to get an OT as mocked to help protect Brady. They have still not re-signed their UFA starting Right Tackle from last season, Demar Dotson.
  11. Thanks that very well could be the explanation for the discrepancy. In Denver's team data, it only shows the top three picks (Ruggs, Lamb, and Jeudy) but everyone else after that is lumped into "Other".
  12. There appears to be an error with the Bronco's pick at #15 in the Consensus draft, as Denver's indicated consensus selection and % seemed strange. When I click on Team and then Denver, it shows a difference. Kristian Fulton is not the top pick at all, but rather, Ruggs at 37%, Lamb at 10%, and Jeudy at 8%. I've spot tested other individual teams, such as Atlanta, and the team data does match-up with the Consensus Draft Pick and %. I edited the OP to reflect that possible error.
  13. The following is a consensus mock draft for Round 1, based upon 340 mock drafts. The player being mocked to each team in the Consensus Mock is the one receiving the highest number of mock draft picks for that particular team and who has not previously been included in the Mock. The corresponding % is what % of the mock drafts have that specific player being mocked to that particular team. This consensus mock draft is updated on a daily basis. The following data is compiled as of Monday, April 6: 1. Bengals: Joe Burrows, QB = 96% 2. Redskins: Chase Young, Edge = 89% 3. Lions: Jeffrey Okudah, CB = 71% 4. Giants: Isaiah Simmons, LB = 24% 5. Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa, QB = 69% 6. Chargers: Justin Herbert, QB = 64% 7. Panthers: Derrick Brown, DT = 43% 8. Cardinals: Tie between Jedrick Wills, OT and Tristan Wirfs, OT = 23% each 9. Jaguars: Javon Kinlaw, DT = 12% (the Jag team data shows Brown at 29%, Simmons at 15%, and Kinlaw at 12%. Since Brown and Simmons have already been mocked, they could not be included again) 10. Browns: Melchi Becton, OT = 24% 11. Jets: CeeDee Lamb, WR = 17% 12. Raiders: Jerry Jeudy, WR = 35% 13. Niners: Henry Ruggs, WR = 21% 14. Bucs: Andrew Thomas, OT = 20% 15. Broncos: Kristian Fulton, CB = 5% (the team data shows Ruggs at 37%, Lamp at 10%, and Jeudy at 8%. Since these players have already been mocked, they could not be included again) 16. Falcons: K'Lavon Chaisson, Edge = 37% (CJ Henderson, CB = 18%, Javon Kinlaw, DT = 13%, nonspecified Others= 32%) 17. Cowboys: CJ Henderson, CB = 19% 18. Dolphins: Josh Jones, OT = 18% 19. Raiders: Kenneth Murray, LB = 20% 20. Jaguars: Trevon Diggs, CB = 8% 21. Eagles: Justin Jefferson, WR = 31% 22. Vikings: Tee Higgins, WR = 10% 23. Broncos: Jordan Love, QB = 18% 24. Saints: Patrick Queen, LB = 16% 25. Vikings: Jeff Gladney, CB = 7% 26. Dolphins: D'Andre Swift, RB = 22% 27. Eagles: Yetur Gross-Matos, Edge = 26% 28. Vikings: Zack Baun, OLB = 10% 29. Titans: Terrell Lewis, OLB = 7% 30. Packers: Denzel Mimbs, WR = 14% 31. Niners: Xavier McKinney, S = 13% 32. Chiefs: AJ Terrell, CB = 9%
  14. Draftsite's (not Drafttek) mock draft of April 3 is all Defense for the Falcons, but strangely no CB, as follows:. 1. K'Lavon Chaisson Edge 2. Terrell Lewis DE 3. Zack Baun OLB 4a Leki Fotu DT 4b Antoine Brooks SS 7. Tyler Clark DT
  15. Chad Reuter's 4-round mock draft has Atlanta trading-up to pick #11 by giving-up our 3-round pick. His mock as follows: 1. Isaiah Simmons LB 2. Marlon Davidson DT 3. Traded 4a Khalid Kareem Edge 4b Lynn Bowden WR