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  1. Didn't know about this new CBA rule whereby cuts before week 10 no longer impact the compensatory formula. This is probably true, because OvertheCap still projects Atlanta receiving a 5th-round comp pick for Beasley. In addition, OTC projects that Atlanta will also receive a 5th-round comp pick for Campbell, a 6th-round pick for Schweitzer, and a 7th-rounder for Clayborn. Losing Hooper got cancelled-out by signing Fowler. https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/
  2. How did you find that out from this thread? I've always pictured him in my mind as an old, white fart.
  3. Yep Charles Wright does look like an older version of Bill Clinton. In my younger days (many years ago) people said that I looked a lot like Glen Campbell. In my older days, strangers have come up to me and asked if I was Dan Reeves.
  4. The following pic was taken last year. https://www.imageupload.net/search/images/?
  5. Thanks ya_ boi_ i for creating this topic thread. It's always good to know more about the people behind the Poster monikers. I recall a few of these types of threads over the years, and have always enjoyed them. I am a retired college teacher and have lived in Georgia all of my life, except for a brief 1-year excursion into Tenn. I've been a fan of the Falcons since the team's inception in 1966. I'm also a big fan of the Georgia Bulldogs, my alma mater. My top two priorities in life are God and family. I've been married to the same woman for 48 years, and have 2 daughters and 2 grand
  6. Praying that your wife will have a very successful surgery, that she will have a full recovery, and that God's blessings, comfort, and peace will envelop both of you.
  7. Thomas Dimitroff: Kendall Sheffield has makings of a No. 1 cornerback Josh Alper ProFootball Talk on NBC SportsApril 20, 2020, 11:10 AM EDT In Monday’s edition of Football Morning in America, Peter King reported that the worst-kept secret in this year’s draft is that the Falcons want to trade up in order to take one of the top cornerbacks in this year’s class. There’s been plenty of other chatter about the Falcons’ desire to move up, which supports the idea that the team hasn’t been doing much to disguise their intentions about picking higher than No.
  8. 1. Javon Kinlaw 2. CJ Henderson 3. K'Lavon Chaisson 4. Antoine Winfield 5. Jeff Gladney 6. Curtis Weaver 7. Terrell Lewis 8. Zack Baun 9. Matt Hennessy 10 Nick Harris 11 Isaiah Simmons 12 Justin Madubuike 13 Jonathan Greenard 14 Jeffrey Okudah 15 Kenny Willekes 16 Logan Wilson 17 Davion Taylor 18 Kendle Vildor 19 Jaylon Johnson 20 Kenneth Murray 1st: CB, DE, LB, DT, S, OG 2nd: CB, DE 3rd: CB
  9. I would love to have Simmons too, but I think that it would cost the Falcons not only our 1st round pick, but also our second and third round picks. If Simmons makes it past the Giants at #4, then Carolina would be salivating to take him at #7. Therefore, the Falcons would have to move-up to #6 in a trade with the Chargers. To move-up from #16 to #6 will cost 600 net points according to the trade value chart. Therefore, the Falcons would also have to give-up its second-round pick worth 430 points and its third-round pick worth 200 points to induce the Chargers, who are in desperate need of a
  10. Thanks, I didn't think Ashtyn Davis would have been ranked that high by some. I thought McKinney, Delpit, Winfield, Duggar, and Chinn would all be ranked higher than Davis by most.
  11. Several reasons for the WR/Returner pick. Atlanta currently has no Punt Returner on its roster. Neither Barner nor Hardy were re-signed. Aiyuk was one of the best Kick-off and Punt Returners in college football last season. He is also a very good and productive WR, who could easily become the Falcons #3 WR. Also this draft class is very deep in WR, so a team should be able to get good value on a WR even into the third and fourth rounds. But, I also like the RBs in this draft too. My favorite value RB pick is Edwards-Helaire, but I do like Akers too.
  12. I've already admitted that Aiyuk in the third-round is becoming more improbable based on recent mock drafts. However, I'm still seeing current mock drafts where Ashtyn Davis is not selected until the 4th-round, for example, Drafttek and Sporting News latest 7-round mock drafts. I'm not sure how you can say that Davis is the #1 safety on a "number of boards", since none of us are privy to a team's actual draft board. Now if you are talking about a particular draftsite's board, could you link me to one that has Davis as the #1 rated Safety?
  13. As an alternative, I was thinking of Matt Hennessy or Nick Harris in the 4th, would be a good ideal pick for that particular round. However if S Ashtyn Davis is still available at the Falcons 4th-round pick, you would have to go with him over the aforementioned Offensive Linemen.
  14. You could also say the same thing about my mock's first two picks too. Every selection in this mock is an ideal pick, with everything falling into place for the Falcons at each pick. Therefore, it's possible that each pick that I have will be gone before the Falcons select. However, it's possible that each mocked selection might still be there when the Falcons pick, but not overly probable.
  15. Every time I have watched Edwards-Helaire play, I have been thoroughly impressed with his game. He is definitely a difference maker. Somewhat reminds me of a combination of Maurice Jones-Drew and Darron Sproles.
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