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  1. I'm done with this place. Thanks for the update fellas. I'll see you all on the other side.
  2. Well I can see this board is all about corporate advertising and ******** spam now. See ya'll 'round.
  3. **** these corporate Publix ads. As of tomorrow I'm signing up at the other place and will post there from now on. This is complete ********.
  5. Obviously thumbs down from me. If it's a maintenance issue, OK I'm the *******. But something tells me this is a "new look". If so, it was nice knowin you fellas. I aint' puttin up with this amateur b.s. I'm outta here if this is the way it's gonna be. Go Falcons 2010. See you down the line fellas.....
  6. It looks like ****. **** this place if they don't remove this crap I'm outta here. It's an assault on intelligence and the eyes.
  7. Are the admins @ af.com trying to tell us we don't know how to read the most important topics according to the post counts?? This is so ******* stupid. Take it away or seriously I'm never coming back to post here. It's so heinous I can't even breathe.
  8. OMG it makes me want to quit posting here forever and never come back. MODS you gotta be kidding me. This looks AWFUL!!!
  10. lol Let's play caption this photo.... The place where freedom and liberty go to die.
  11. It's not a cutoff point, but the southern end of Highpoint from 78, like Ethan and I are saying, has a lot of apartments, transients, (drugs - probable gang members), etc... You want to probably shoot for the Brookwood High School district as opposed to the South Gwinnett district, that's why said to invest on the northern side of 78.
  13. I'm glad to hear your son's group's positive twist on the rap genre.
  14. I don't need a ton of words to say this. Kolb won't be able to keep up with Rogers imo. Kolb has 1 NFL victory he can take credit for against the Chiefs last year. I have no idea why the Eagles let McNabb go in an uncapped year?? Kolb stares down his receivers and takes sacks. The Eagles have like 1 playmaking WR that's not a possession guy and the AP defensive player of 2009 is probably gonna be draped all over him. They have no running game except for YKW who is likely to do something completely stupid to **** everything up. The Packers are on fire coming out of the gate!! I see this going down just like Kolb's first start at home last year when the Saints beat the crap out them 48-22. Packers -3: it's my favorite so far.
  15. Hmm, I like the Panthers in that one, but I'm staying away. Their D seems pretty darn good. I agree with dmite here. Carolina's D might actually be better than they were last year. I had them circled for failure after jettisoning Peppers as well as their starters @ DT for a youth movement on the DL. However, I've watched them in the preseason and I hate to say it but I think they've made more progress on the DL than the Falcons have in that respect. Eli Manning has 5 TDs, 5 INTs, and 12 sacks in 4 games against the Panthers over his career. I'm not even counting the fumbles as a result of pressure. All indications are his OL isn't getting any better than they were at the height of the Super Bowl win. BAL and NYJ put the clamps on Eli for the most part in the preseason so if CAR can be what I think they can be on defense, I think the Panthers can keep this one pretty close by getting some turnovers and leaning on the run game that netted almost 250yds rushing in the 41-9 beat down they put on the Giants last year in their last game at the original Meadowlands. Now having said that, I think the Giants are healthier on defense to start the season, and former Panther Deon Grant is playing for the G-Men; a slight possibility he knows some of Carolina's defensive tendencies perhaps?? The Giants will be looking to redeem themselves from the embarrassment of their last game at the Meadowlands but the problem with this team is they always seem to come out on fire and wear down by the end of the game. The Giants' strength in the passing game plays right into the defensive strength of the Panthers. Last year the Giants beat the crap out of bad teams and had a few wins over good teams by 7 points or less. I'll take that trend and go with +7 for Carolina here because I don't think they're as bad as the public perceives.
  16. Gambling, I can't really say. I keep track of my spread picks on Yahoo and last season I was around 59% for the entire NFL. I was doing alot better starting out until November came along and then all logic seemed to just go out the window. At one point I was probably close to 70% but it all came crashing down midway through the season. lol Seems as I have much to learn about the impacts of the regular season on good playoff teams that should cover easy spreads.
  17. Scorp I am curious to hear why you like MIA in this matchup.
  18. This game is a tough call for sure. If my stats are right, Manning has only lost 1 TIME to the Texans; the Colts' Super Bowl winning 2006 season in Wk 16 by a last second FG. That game also marks 1 of 2 times the Texans have won the turnover battle in the matchup over the past 5 years (10 meetings). So I think that's what you have to look at right there. The team that wins the turnover battle will win this game in Week 1. Manning is no slouch. He had a 3 INT game vs DEN last year in which the Colts remained victorious and the worst game before that was the 6 INT outing in San Diego in 2007 where the Colts lost by 2 points on a botched FG by Vinatieri in the final seconds. That says a lot about Manning's capabilities. Obviously he had a pick 6 at the end of the Super Bowl last year that marked the Saints' big win. Bottom line is, it's not very often he turns the ball over more than once a game. Schaub is no slouch either. His short career as a starter is also pretty consistent with 1 INT or less in the majority of his starts. I think the turnover prone player for Houston has been Steve Slaton. He is no longer the starting running back, however Foster has already fumbled in the preseason as the starter in limited action. I think the Texans need to keep the ball out of Steve Slaton's hands to win this game. Of recent news to note is the Colts' offensive line situation. Manning was sacked and fumbled against Green Bay in Week 3 of the preseason this year. He also tossed up an INT in the same game. As much as I want to say the Colts "are done", I expect their offensive line issues to once again iron out for the beginning of the regular season. Jeff Saturday is back on the practice field and Charlie Johnson's status is positive, though not definite. If Ugoh is forced to start at LT then perhaps the Texans gain some leverage, but that's probably not gonna come to light until an hour before kickoff. The Texans have nobody in the secondary that scares me. That leads me to believe that Manning has the potential of exploiting the inferior Houston secondary with his full complement of receivers, including Dallas Clark; even if the Colts get down early like they did last year when Manning rallied from a 20-7 halftime deficit in Houston. The Texans will be without Cushing, and despite their DL's impressive performance against a worn out Dallas OL in the preseason, I feel confident the Colts' OL issues will somehow disappear once the bullets start flying. BOTTOM LINE: I think you can pool the Texans @ +2 into a 6-7 point teaser, but only a crazy person would lay money on the point spread for a matchup that is simply too close to call imo. The value on the Colts at less than a field goal is unprecedented in this particular matchup, but certainly gives credence to the improvement in Houston over the past 5 years. I think the Colts' preseason appearance vs. GB on national TV has influenced the line a good bit here. Not saying they'll definitely win, but the Colts definitely have the "value" on the spread. That's what scares me.
  19. I'm surprised to learn the Falcons are actually favored in PIT. Like I said, I've made a conscious effort not to look at the lines until after this weekend. I was really hoping the Falcons would get the points on the road. From what I hear though, Batch may even be the PIT QB so it's understandable why the Falcons are favored. It's a tough call cause the Falcons' best weapon is the run and that obviously plays into the Steelers' defensive strength. Without seeing Dunta R. in action for the preseason it's a TOTAL gamble as to how well he will hold up. My best bet on the Falcons is NO ACTION but if I had to pick a winner I would say the Falcons have a great chance of beating the Steelers' dog-**** pass protection and likely lame *** running game. Matt Ryan was not very sharp in the preseason but as I posted before I think that is all by design in order to limit his exposure to hungry defensive lineman looking to make an example of QBs in the preseason. It's all on Matt Ryan's shoulders in PIT. CAN HE DO IT??? You have to have faith that he will.
  20. Tennessee's biggest margin of victory over Oakland for the past 9 matchups since 1997 is exactly 7 points. And that was in Nashville. You're betting against a 1-8 hypothetical record of laying at least -6.5 on TEN fyi. TEN was a -7 favorite in 2007 and only won by 4. Raiders were the worst defense against the run in 2007 as well, an exploit you know Jeff Fisher will employ to try and win w/ Chris Johnson. No I don't think Oakland will win on the road to open the season either, but it's hard to say the Titans win decisively by a TD with so many field goal kickers who can kick 50 yarders in this one. The Raiders are a lot different with Louis Murphy, Jason Campbell, and Darren McFadden than they were with Daunte Culpepper, Jerry Porter, and Justin Fargas. Not to mention the defensive overhaul @ LB w Wimbley and McClain, plus Houston and Seymour on the DL. Good Luck. Personally if I had to make a call on this matchup I would've gone with the Titans on the ML instead of laying the points. It's a VERY TOUGH WEEK 1 out there so my advice is to hang on to the rest of your $40 man.
  21. I haven't done full analysis yet of the odds for Week 1, but one matchup I am liking a lot as of Week 3 of the preseason is the OVER 43 for DET@CHI for Week 1.
  22. My money says the Saints are going to beat the Vikings.
  23. Really? Top 10 in 3rd Down %, 4th Down %, and Sacks-not-allowed last year DESPITE the injuries to Ryan and Turner, and you're gonna harp on Blaylock and the OL of all people? Me thinks if we had a couple more playmakers/depth on offense who weren't tied up due to injuries (Douglas, Norwood), that the Falcons could've overcome even more adversity than they did last year @ 9-7. OL isn't my worry with Boudreau at the helm. Why is it the Falcons keep inviting guys like Bergeron, who's been coming to camp for the past several years, when you know **** well he has NO SHOT at really making the team?? What's the freakin point? Somebody isn't doing their job if you keep inviting the same dudes back every year. How is it Sean Peyton finds guys like Pierre Thomas or this year's guy Chris Ivory (injured) that he seems to plug in. Guy is doing his homework! Hey I love Snelling. He's the best thing to happen to the Falcons in the Petrino year. But for ****'s sake that was a few years ago. Where's the homework McKay?? TD?? LET'S GO!!!
  24. Great post. Overall I see the Falcons' weaknesses at DT, depth at WR, pass catching RBs, and depth in the DB. I think we have a decent roster but the defense won't be any better from last year barring a STELLAR SURPRISE from the unknown Dunta Robinson. I don't expect much. The Saints just cut the DT they drafted, Al Woods. Honestly how can Corey Peters be that much better coming from Kentucky? I hope to eat crow on what I see right now. Yeah OK, 10 wins is doable but there's no question the Saints are poised to take the division again. Ryan needs more pass catching backs to beat the over aggressive Saints D. Norwood is a twig. I'm counting on him being injured by the time we play N.O in Wk 3. And what is the point with all these bunch formations??? Mularkey clearly needs better receivers cause the bunch formations are rolling the dice on execution.
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