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  1. I’d rather have a younger hungry guy that wants to be here.
  2. Cherry bro very nice!....
  3. BBQ n working out..that’s good times right there brotha ! Agree with 1B dudes been a stud producing in system now he takes his game into his own hands
  4. Calvin looks like he bulked up..Stra8UpMonsta!
  5. Can’t be mad at that make a lil fantasy cash running 1 of your boys always nice!
  6. Can’t do it man..dude has talent but no Loyalty and no respect for the game.
  7. FO really stepping up to the plate making moves with what little cap space we have I’m pumped for draft let’s keep it rolling
  8. Not gonna lie I can dig it!! Would be very happy with this outcome..good work appreciate the insight
  9. We have to go corner in draft to counter..hate to say it but we gonna have to bang with these punks for the division
  10. Then Brooking bites on PA on 3rd n 16! Still hurts
  11. Don’t know how are what the price would be but I want Swift in the ATL let’s get a stud in that backfield!
  12. Respect N Love Free...