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  1. Wait a minute Keith Smith ..Put some respect on the Full Back!
  2. I know a lot of people don’t like Simms but for what it’s worth he had him ranked #3 RB in the class.
  3. Hawkins will make this teams 53
  4. Kid got baptized in fire last season ..can’t wait to watch him ball out Year 2
  5. Done for day to many seasoned vet know it all’s with a million post virgins
  6. Funny how you guys act like this dude is a killer rapist 😆 nothing wrong with being a tough guy on defense..multiple reports with no name cowards behind them typical internet
  7. Idk Falcon filter gotta go we need some Dogs on D I’m tired of having a soft defense
  8. Hate to think it but we might have to move up to 2 to get him now.
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