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  1. Who’s man is this..please just stop with the BS post bro save face
  2. Nothing wrong with fans being pumped in offseason about healthy starters and gained experience...but when it goes south guys like you post nonsense..I agree Quinn’s overstayed his welcome but no need to rattle the cages..All you ever post about is players vs players hate and I told you so garbage makes it a joke to even come to forums with guys like u
  3. What a clown post, get over yourself armchair GM.....
  4. Dont post often because it’s always civil war punk status...dude that created thread is a Coleman fan boyy just hating bottom line
  5. Was he high?... yeah on life young kid ballin in the NFL a ATL Falcon!!! U must never have chiefed a day in your life if you can’t tell the difference Pal.
  6. Norwood 2.0 next man up
  7. Hoping Sean Bunting falls to 4th round
  8. I’m cool with it stack that Oline baby!
  9. Silly little guys like you what’s wrong with this place
  10. What R U 12? What a clown
  11. I can dig it Bunting can ball like his game
  12. Silly fans R A joke dude lays it all on the line and these couch potatoes act like clowns,put some respect on Freeman’s name.
  13. Let’s go Vic!! Stop all the hate and back a brother
  14. Make this happen TD
  15. Exactly what came to mind