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  1. Shanahan product of the scheme can’t believe some of you can’t clearly see that after what we’ve been through
  2. A.J. the Truth I’m high on this Kid and can’t wait to see him lineup week 1!
  3. Terrell a baller man I’m excited for this DB core.
  4. Rolling the dice for a 7th ain’t bad..this game all about scheme fits
  5. Crying about a guy that nobody else drafted smh
  6. Same dude that created this thread I promise would be crying if we had made the trade after all...jump ship already
  7. I’m all in like the kid!! Rise Up
  8. No matter the pick these boards cry..to bad
  9. I thought he played well ok he got beat on a few plays but he didn’t back down and was in the pocket of LSU best..Has the physical tools to be a CB1...
  10. A local 5 star prospect that feels a need and was a stud at Clemson and this board still complains..
  11. Have to go Vapor bro 50 bucks worth the stitching no doubt..print always felt like a kids jersey R women’s ..not bad but might as well go top shelf..Why no Gradient Vapors? Very disappointing please make this happen
  12. Hate to say it but the Ryan/Julio window is closing..trade up for a stud impact this year player and go all in.
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