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  1. Hate to say this, but I don’t believe ish I read about this anymore. While I HOPE this is true...wake me when it happens
  2. I guess that brotherhood ish only goes as far as the money does...
  3. The fact that an administrator posted this has me perplexed...I haven’t been this confused since I first read the hive sop dap thread wtf
  4. freaking hilarious
  5. You must have meant: Tier 1 - Saints Tier 2 - Saints Tier 3 - Saints
  6. You sir are hilarious...thanks for the laugh. Happy Friday!!!
  7. Afraid? Okay, I see you’re not capable of getting on my level to understand what I said instead of trying to start an Internet squabble so have a nice day young Jedi...lmao
  8. Mannnn I was just about to ask someone to delete this thread just for the same reason lol
  9. Not always a mainstream herd mentality, some legitely just worry about the wrong tweet causing an unnecessary headache thus causing a distraction to him or this team then possibly affecting his or this team’s play on the field. It has happened too many times to too many well intended players to deny it. It’s okay to have personality and definitely (luv) that passion too, but within reason i.e. be a professional. I’ve seen nothing so far to suggest there’s anything to worry too much about with Takk he’s young I get it, but like I said it’s happened before and some of us would hate to see that happen to Takk. His future is wayyy too bright.
  10. Not a fan of all the tweeting, but we went thru that with Roddy so I guess I’m used to it as long as he stays beasting on the field like he has I’ll live with it.
  11. ...and the downward spiral continues. What a dam shame.
  12. Our defense is gonna be so lit this year ooo-wee
  13. Cowturd is a flame-throwing ish starter. He just says whatever is necessary to draw attention to his show. He and Skip Bayless should get married.
  14. Look here’s another view I’d like to share: I too do like the fact that players are trying to bring attention to the serious injustices that face minorities in this country. With me being a minority there is no way I couldn’t. At the same time, I like many other people, just want to escape the world’s ills sometimes. Some people do it with video games, some with exercise, unfortunately some do it with drugs, and like myself some do it with watching football/sports. While I would like the world to be perfect and do enjoy seeing people trying to make it that way...sometimes I don’t want to think about it and just want my escape. I do have that right. Football does this for me and this whole national anthem thing being shove down our throats will eventually take that away. I’m tired of it. Nowhere near as tired as seeing unarmed individuals getting snuffed by police officers mind you, but man can’t I have a few moments of entertainment without that agenda absorbing my life? Who are you all to make me decide that at kickoff? Can’t I deal with that or help out with that when I decide to? It’s not about when you can protest or whether you should or shouldn’t stand - it’s about me choosing to escape thru football when I want to without that escape being interrupted with the world’s ills when you want to me to be. I think the players should think about that too. You all have the money, why not start your own satellite radio station or even a TV station dedicated to those issues? I would definitely support that all day. It doesn’t HAVE to be when you’re GIVEN a platform. You have the resources to MAKE your own platform, but I feel you won’t because maybe that’s too much work and it’s just easier to do it when you’re on somebody else’s platform. Wouldn’t want you to inconvenience your baller life with these issues that are so important to you now would we?