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  1. Probably pulled it doing that wacky dance after sacking Cam
  2. Kamara is gonna keep a lot of people on the defensive staff up at night all week.
  3. I missed that, if true I can live with that bro cause that’s what it really was
  4. I agree with all that EXCEPT that with so much attention paid to Ham cause he’s a so called star in this league, he knows his comments on it will make a better case for Kazee to get suspended. That was unnecessary on Sham’s part. He’s going to principal with his patrol belt on trying to make it worse for us with that bull imo. Pam Newton knows what his doing crying like that about it
  5. Dude just plays rough so easy there Hondo. Ryan has taken shots like that over the years and he NEVER cried a river like Ham did today. Ryan doesn’t get enough credit imo for the shots he has taken over the years w/o whining like that showboat did today. He just gets up and keeps trying...
  6. It was a bad shot, but I don’t think it was cheap imo just Ham Newton going Aaron Rodgers/Paula Pierce/Hollywood on it is all. What reason would Kazee cheap shot him? We had the lead, we were rolling, he hadn’t been in the league long enough to have that type of animosity against him. To call it a cheap shot someone would have to have a reason other than being a prick to do that. We haven’t had enuff evidence of that cause dude played like one game so far to claim that unlike Burfect and Suh imo
  7. It isn’t cool for anyone, even one of my beloved Birds to do something that hurts another player, BUT I just can’t stand to see a jackwad like Ham who has been disrespecting the game with his antics his whole NFL life say that. As much as I hate the Aints, I got more respect for a player like Brees to say that than him. Brees at least respects his opponents. I know my argument is kinda flawed but I’m not blinded by nuttin but maybe a victory and some cognac...lmao so don’t take what I’m saying too seriously plz
  8. I feel that, but I just don’t think Kazee meant it to be dirty. He just gotta learn to pull up, BUT Cam show boating clown self got no biz calling that rook dirty. He just crying like he always do. ALWAYS! Ham Newton has always been trying to rub ish in so I ain’t trying to hear him cry a river sorry. Kazee was wrong I’ll say that all day, but Ham been doing wrong for a too long time to be the one calling anyone out.
  9. No doubt Kazee guilty as charged, BUT Cam’s Holllywood *** the last one that should be talking...his whole career built on being a cheap shot, no class, showing up, baby hand slapping, Superman wanna be, ugly suit wearing show boating fraud, running off the field when he lose sore losing *** yet posing for a fake camera front running phoney. Hit em AGAIN!!
  10. Maybe this is Tev’s chance to take back the starting role that was supposed to be his years ago. He got hurt, they started Free, Free balled out and now the tables might just be turning. As long as it benefits the team I’m good either way. Let’s get it Teco!!
  11. I guess that means it’s nearing time for Quinn to finally announce the truth that this guy is out for the season too now. At least that’s the usual pattern.
  12. Say what u want about his play, but Ryan would have gotten back up and stayed in the game.
  13. He so Hollywood. As soon as he went down I knew he would come back in the game. He wasn’t that hurt. Reminds me a Paul Pierce phony butt in the playoffs years ago. Instead of taking a few plays off, he gotta go on the cart and ride off so he could get all the attention.
  14. Gruden has been and still is a freaking idiot. Just glad I don’t have to listen to him on MNF anymore.