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  1. NOOOOOO!!! We have enough issues with drop passes already.
  2. Mannnn u beat me to it lol EVERY freaking offseason
  3. Mannnn, I’m never gonna forget that one electric season turbo had with us...good luck bro
  4. I say do it ESPECIALLY if the price is right. Cant see ASJ trying to break the bank with his NFL resume to date which isn’t that much his fault seeing the keystone cops offensive situations he’s been in. He and Sark know each other, he’s big, athletic, can catch, should come affordable, and Ryan can get him the rock brainer.
  5. H3ll with it...bring him home This window won’t stay open forever...sometimes u need krazy personalities to get your D on that elite level soooo DO THIS!
  6. Who’s uncle is dis?
  7. They need to bring Janet back... f the sexy
  8. Timberlake look he just got off the bus...
  9. What the #%^*#*!!!!???
  10. Eagles defense legit
  11. KA BOOM!!
  12. Wtf kind of kick was that? lololol
  13. That good ole jet
  14. This dude did he come from? Is what I’ve been wondering all year
  15. Just for the record...I hope this game ends in a tie.