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  1. I’m getting too old for this game so I’m gonna sign off with this era. I’m gonna always wish this team and ESPECIALLY these fans who have endured more than they should have good luck, but I’m out. There is, unfortunately, gonna come a time where a lot of us gonna realize we’ve given too much time to a such a game of randomness, injuries, coaching, money, pain, endurance, lack there of, and shame to this game but there is no logical reason this left sided brain guy can come up with to continue on. For real I know it’s gonna sound like the wimp way to go out but I hv enjoyed the Tandys, Birdweissers, Ya Boys, and all the other crazed fans that drove my fandom here on this msgb, but I gotta move on. I wish you all the best knowing one day I’m gonna be at a bar somewhere when this team wins it all wishing I didn’t post this. That’s when I will tip my hat and say well at least they were strong enough for I am not. Just hope that happens before I die. Peace out Falcon Nation y’all are the best...
  2. I’m bout to gv this game up. We suck enough our own. Can’t win beating ourselves and getting screwed by the refs. This is impossible.
  3. As if we don’t have enough problems we make of our own...jeez us!!! if it ain’t us it’s the world
  4. I’m trying to pull myself together, 7000 is right. My life is good even if my favorite team driving me nuts right now lololol sorry y’all
  5. lol you’re right...I’m taking em but obviously they ain’t working
  6. Why is this happening? I know we as fans don’t deserve this...I’m so bummed
  7. I don’t what witch we pizzed off...but the curse is REAL
  8. I don’t know but the way I feel right now I wld thank them for putting us out our misery. We don’t deserve this...I feel like the Joker movie right now
  9. I’m melting down. Don’t know how far this rabbit hole goes, but I’m tired of us free falling into it. I’m getting close to asking the moderators to ban me to keep me from embarrassing myself. This the worst I’ve ever felt as a Falcon fan. I’m so sad
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