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  1. Money Matt all day strong...
  2. Can’t fix em all, but we have to get the most important ones (o-line & d-line) first and foremost if we don’t do ish else.
  3. I think we def got the steal of the first round at last year’s draft. And just think, he’s more than likely gonna be even better next season
  4. Dang, first the Fat Boys break up now this...
  5. May they continue to suffer forever
  6. LMAO yeaaa I sometimes forget in my ultra-blind angst against the stanks that we’re not the only fan base that hates those swamp rats
  7. You’ve got be kidding me
  8. Nickell Robey-Coleman got fined 26k...we should start a GoFundMe account to pay that fine for him and make sure everyone knows Falcon fans started it. Saint fans would be mortified lololol
  9. I don’t understand that. Getting robbed was my favorite part of their loss. And now I get the fortune of having them remind me of that glee with billboards saying “Saints Robbed”? Hahahaha! This year is off to a flying start
  10. I hope this haunts them forever....
  11. Funny that one the greatest moments in Atlanta Falcon’s history involved a game the Falcons didn’t even play in gotta luv it!!
  12. ...and freaking EVER.