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  1. This is the most heartless play I’ve seen from this team since Joey “Blowey” Harrington was the qb. Very sad times.
  2. I agree with the thought about the “trenches”...we’ve ALWAYS have had that problem no matter coach or QB. Until we drastically change our approach to this, we will continue to be almost-beens.
  3. I was telling my pops this last time we played the Aints. Right after Breezy and company marched down the field and scored on their first possession, the camera cut to Ryan on the sideline getting ready to put his helmet on and you could see Ryan with that *sigh* look while exhaling with his lips flapping. I told my pops as soon as I saw him doing that we were going to lose. I want that “Get f-ing SET!!” Matt Ryan not that look I saw that Aints game bruh
  4. I remember that but dizzam -124? Must hv pizzed off a lot of people lololol
  5. How in the world do you hv -124?
  6. Never seen one team do so many predictably wrong things as consistent as this team does...someone HAS to get fired today.
  7. The 80s/90s are back people = pathetic
  8. And I LUV it!!! At least somebody got some spirit on this team!
  9. We gotta challenge that
  10. That wasn’t a first down
  11. We can’t catch a break with a presidential pardon
  12. Allllmost time to crank up the Madden...this game is about to be over any minute
  13. Of course when Julio does catch it