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  1. If we can win in Indy and at home against the Titans like we’re capable of doing, I’ll say the chances are good. It’s on us to play like we are capable of all four quarters and we haven’t yet. Right now the only thing keeping our chances of grabbing control of the NFC South with Brees out is ourselves, unless Sean Payton finds a way to hire a voodoo priestess to work some magic on Teddy B and make him a good QB.
  2. Just imagine if he caught HALF of the INTs he should have, he’d be on everyone’s list as top tier CB in the league. Glad he recognized his issue and put in work to fix it.
  3. Not trying to be negative, but I swear predicting any score with our Falcons right now is nearly impossible to me unless you eliminate the seriously annoying self inflicted wound factor. If you take that out tho we SHOULD be able to win this one handily 27-14 with that 14 coming with a garbage TD we always seem to give up in even a good win.
  4. Eric Dickerson - the curl, the goggles, ran like a gazelle
  5. Is it possible that he hurt his groin in pre-game warmups? It may hv been too late by then I would guess.
  6. Why? He couldn’t find a scarf that fit?
  7. Yea that was awesome seeing Matthews come off the top rope WWE style and may that DB rest in pieces
  8. That was actually pretty good. Kudos, just downloaded the app. Gonna see what you got so keep it up
  9. Yea it’s the new emphasis on protecting the qb that caused that. Defenders are scared to go full on in anymore cause they know a flag will be thrown if he throws instead of pump-faking and he wastes the dude. You know just 10 years ago Cousins wld have gotten decapitated. But unfortunately now it’s prissy ball or lose 25k and/or get kicked out of the game. Not that Beasley wld have made that play 10 yrs ago anyway just saying.
  10. Yea, Quinn’s coach speak is starting to annoy me as much as Mike Smith’s used to.
  11. Straight home cooking. It was bad enough that we played like (enter language filter here) or that the other team was just better prepared all the way around, but to have homer calls happening all day just made all of that even worse. I’m definitely not saying that was why we lost at all, we did that ourselves no doubt, but it just felt like the refs kicking dirt in our face or rather like Red sneaking that last second punch in on Debo after Ice Cube already knocked him out and then Ezell came and stole his shoes in “Friday”. I can not believe they didn’t throw a flag on that Gage hit. Horrendous indeed
  12. I’m trying my best not to, but I’m getting real close to giving up on Freeman. That fumble yesterday just got me
  13. Coming to this msgb and seeing all the usual chicken little we suck season over ish that always happens after week one
  14. The money isn’t gonna make us appreciate Julio any more than all of us already do...just make us all glad he is still OUR durrty bird. Having said that congrats, you more than deserve it bro.