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  1. i could use one too! thanks.
  2. I live in North London (Finchley) mate, that's crazy. You probably weren't far away either haha, wow. Glad to see a red devil as long as you aren't a bandwagoner. Awww isn't that unfortunate. Deep pockets won't buy you lot trophies though....
  3. spot on. Plenty of stuff to do around campus. Oh and biskis and cosmic will be your best friends at 3 in the morning. You need any help let me know....
  4. ah mate you are going to love chapel hill. I go there myself but I am studying abroad for the year so won't be around this year. Have a great first year. Oh and just a tip players (the nightclub) gets old after the first couple of weeks haha.
  5. hitler is rolling in his grave.... too soon? :ph34r:
  6. 1. Been to 6 of the 7 continents (antartica being the only one I haven't been too). Been to over 50 countries, my passport has about 30 stamps since I don't get stamped visiting other countries in Europe. I love travelling, I'm glad my parents have the jobs they do.... 2. I once got to go in the locker rooms at Wembley stadium (soccer) hours before a game. It was exhilarating since I got to see some of the stars (Rooney, Beckham, Gerrard) up close and personal. Got an autographed England shirt from the whole team that day. Best day of my life so far haha. 3. I got off a train which blew up se
  7. i don't think Spain deserved it. They flopped and exaggerated like Italy is known for and to make it worse Iniesta the biggest flopper in the world gets the goal. **** that.
  8. i know a lot of companies have flex scheduling like this. My dad only works 4 days a week and on a friday he may do some work from home but I haven't seen him go to work on friday's at all unless there is a meeting or something....
  9. that's the thing if I had an opportunity to act than I would definitely work hard to be a good actor just because it would make me millions. If anything I would at least try and get a gig as an announcer or on tv....
  10. i don't get why idiots like these throw away their careers. If I was an actor I would certainly work hard to keep my public image clean and get new movies so I can keep making millions. Idiots....
  11. I mean I like the players but I can't cheer for the national team. The style is fun to watch but I cannot possibly cheer for Brazil unless it could help England or something like that. I guess hate is too strong, its more like an annoyance with all these bandwagon fans and their record of winning so many cups. In all fairness Brazil did not look like winning today. Yea you guys got a nice first goal but after that you just sat back and were content at defending. The dutch were lucky to get the first goal but after that it was all oranje.
  12. so happy for the dutch. They deserved it. Also the fact that I hate Brazil, coupled with the probability that Brazil will win it in 2014 I loved today!
  13. I didn't know we were playing this game
  14. you **** bathonians. Living near the coast for four years enjoying the sunny weather while we rot in London and than you come and steal our jobs. . In all seriousness though congratulations! Are you from the states originally?
  15. I just reposted what I posted above. can someone please delete this? thanks
  16. i think one of the major set backs of Freddy Adu is that the MLS team DC United kept him in the US and gave him a professional contract when Adu was 14. This in no way is me disrespecting the MLS but honestly the MLS does not have nearly enough resources to train someone at 14. What is even more appalling is that the kid actually started for DC united at 14 in real MLS games. You will never see that at a European team. Team's in Europe have academies where they train kids like Adu and these kids work their way up by playing games against the academies of other teams < sort of like the farm
  17. spot on, except for the fact that he is a fraud. Ronaldo is a great player and having seen him play at United I can confidently say he is one of the best. However there is something that hinders Ronaldo; when things go awry Ronaldo is nowhere to be found. Ronaldo can't lead a team, he doesn't have it. I have seen Ronaldo do this on two occasions now. The champions league final in 2008 and the performance yesterday. It was sad to see someone with so much skill and ability not give his best to help his team.
  18. go to the doctor! I think I would be so freaked out if that happens to me. Good luck and I hope it goes away soon. jesus.
  19. good post but in regards to having an American team in the EPL, I don't its possible. EPL teams play 38 league games, not including cup competitions so the best teams usually play around 45-60 games in a year. Add to that a trans atlantic journey and its not possible. The MLS need to focus on youth development and maybe if the US does well n the world cup then kids may even consider playing soccer. Higher player salaries should also be considered. Obviously it is harder to do but a golden generation of American youth can do the trick for you lot.
  20. well obviously not every movie is going to be great but hollywood shells out 5-6 good movies a year and I don't mind that. I usually don't watch the remakes until I read the reviews but I must say the batman remakes are epic so you just have to wait and see.....
  21. just got back from SA and I must say the country is impressive and beautiful. I posted some pictures in the other thread if you want to take a look at it but pictures alone do not do justice to how amazing this country is. the poeple are very friendly and the tournament organization was exceptional. While Germany in 06 was fun this was a whole new experience and I'm sure Brazil will be just as great in 2014.
  22. I agree with everything except of number 3. Get rid of the offsides rule? That kills the point of the game then. Why even play the game when all you have to do is make a huge pass to a cherry picker at the other end of the field. The whole reason football is exciting is because of how hard it is to score a goal. A goal is a moment of magic, brilliance, skill, and sometimes even luck and taking the offside rule away just takes away from the point of the game. I would rather see a 2-1 victory than a 7-5 goal rout. Tell me how you felt when Donovan put it in the net at the 92nd minute? I bet it w
  23. calmed down a bit now still gutted though. Sorry for the personal attacks herr beast but I was pissed. Credit to Germany, they played well but I still think it would have been a lot closer had it not been for the screw ups these refs have carried out so far. Also as far as England not playing well goes, I think there was only one game where we didn't play well and that was Algeria where we looked like we could care less. Arguably we didn't play well today but after that disallowed goal and the third one by germany it was over. Still shouldn't have allowed Germany to go up 2-0 so early with the
  24. As much as I want to I can't fault Capello for this. he is a winner everywhere he has been and while international duty is a lot different I just don't see it. England's quality coming into the world cup was questionable but I figured with Rooney coming off an amazing season and with Lampard having a great season we would have a shot at at least the quarters. Its about time the premiership introduced some home grown player ruling. I don't know what it is but England need to start playing with some heart and develop some naturally skilled players....
  25. England won't be back until 2018 that's for sure. The 06 England team was the best we had in years and thanks to Sven Eriksson even that team underachieved. If only the FA had hired Capello back then....
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