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  1. Outfield positioning too. Like you, I would prefer a better tactical manager, but as far as old school managers go, Snitker isn’t the worst. There’s no doubt the players like playing for him, for whatever immeasurable factor that is worth.
  2. He ded.
  3. We had a pretty sweet trip to Costco last weekend.
  4. It is, and he was great in it. I read a lot of great reviews, and I’m glad I watched it. It’s a slow burn, but totally worth it. Brutal, and makes you realize just how big a dude he is.
  5. Just watched Brawl in Cell Block 99. Good guy movie.
  6. It’s not binary. The Sheriff and SRO can have been awful without negating the need for better gun control.
  7. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve had a gun held against my head. It sucked, very ******* bad. Neither your story or mine persuade against better gun control.
  8. There’s also the warm feeling of knowing you’re helping promote the interests of companies that profit off of endless war and crazy defense spending.
  9. In Bruges is a great movie. Just saw The Shape of Water. Nowhere near as good as his best movie, Pan’s Labyrinth, a genuine masterpiece, but still very good.
  10. So were these cops.
  11. Reasons I'm so mad at Kap, in no particular order: 1. He's better looking than me. 2. He's got way better hair than me. 3. He's a touch more athletic than me. 4. He's got more money than me. 5. He's got the courage of his convictions in a way I admire, and of which I'm jealous. 6.