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  1. They probably can’t! But they’re still more watchable to me than they have been in awhile.
  2. Outfield positioning too. Like you, I would prefer a better tactical manager, but as far as old school managers go, Snitker isn’t the worst. There’s no doubt the players like playing for him, for whatever immeasurable factor that is worth.
  3. I mean, if you or he think the bold, neither of you know much about the science behind climate change.
  4. When it comes to climate change, which this thread is about, the right is decidedly wrong (nice). In huge numbers. Loudly, and with feeling. The left is not. There are those on the left who are wrong on some scientific issues (see vaxxers), but on science, generally, it is the right who ignores facts. Again, the republican president:
  5. I mean, for over a decade, I have been posting links to actual science in an attempt to refute some of those myths and hopefully to educate. Refuting the myth that scientists widely predicted global cooling in the 1970s, or why the fact that the climate has changed before is evidence for anthropogenic climate change, not against it. About the myth that scientists and liberals started using “climate change” instead of “global warming” because the warming had stopped and they couldn’t explain it. I’ve posted the timeline of the science, going back to Fourier, Tyndall, and Arrhenius. I’ve posted
  6. For **** sake Dago, do we need to turn every thread on here into an abortion thread? For the record, what “conservatives” will do about climate change is bury their head until the impact is just awful, then they will say “well, we have no choice, we need to geoengineer the **** out of the planet.” Which, sadly, is becoming more of a necessary reality with each passing year. So, huge businesses will continue to profit, and we will basically double down on dangerous planetary experiments, trying to solve one problem while almost certainly creating many, many more.
  7. We had a pretty sweet trip to Costco last weekend.
  8. It is, and he was great in it. I read a lot of great reviews, and I’m glad I watched it. It’s a slow burn, but totally worth it. Brutal, and makes you realize just how big a dude he is.
  9. Just watched Brawl in Cell Block 99. Good guy movie.
  10. I wouldn’t mind that part. I just didn’t like that lady going to town on my tootsies* with ******* sand paper. *i say “tootsies” every morning with my kids, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I change my lingo for you chumps.
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