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  1. Literally nothing could stick to that guy during the campaign. Truly unprecedented.
  2. I really think if you talk with me about the culture and mythology of the band, through a detailed case study of Summer Tour 97 and Fall Tour 98, complete with several reading and listening assignments that should take no more than a few dozen hours, you'll have a change of heart.
  3. What can I say, I ain't a killer, but don't push me.
  4. Well someone has to lock up misbehaving Muggles.
  5. Grady Jarrett tho.
  6. Don't you libs get it? The fact that the Fake News isn't reporting is conclusive proof that it's true.
  7. Too soon.
  8. You're not wrong. Kudos to @SpongeDad for teaching his kids to count.
  9. How is it possible to have a beast like Julio only have one TD at this point in the season? It's mind bottling.
  10. So, they've absolutely blown up every one of these dumb *** toss plays, haven't they?
  11. tl:dr Trout's ideas are bad and he should feel bad. FTR, you're all wrong. As Vicious has ably clarified, the only just system of government is one where Trump Almighty is backed by the got dang U S of A military with no oversight or challenge.
  12. "kind of entertaining" was probably a bit strong. Leon advocates for elimination of primaries and letting the party pick its candidates. Achilles and PG (and kind of jdave) think that and, I assume, Trout himself are dumb (in so many words).
  13. Vicious figured out the secret plot by the US military to elect trump so that he can eliminate corruption and pedophilia and currently he has 500-2,200 marines at Langley ready to arrest thousands of deep state operatives pursuant to sealed indictments and also Republicans think pedophilia might not be so bad because she probably dressed like a 20 year old and also Jesus. Plus Leon v. achilles/PG has been kind of entertaining.
  14. I'm 1/8 Wrangler. No apologies necessary.