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  1. Good thread. Would read again.
  2. It’s almost like Chicago is immediately adjacent to places where guns are incredibly easy to get.
  3. Exactly, since they’re going to do it anyways, we should be able to buy it anywhere. And, I should be able to pick up some crack up at 7-Eleven.
  4. You guys, people are going to get their hands on large scale bombs one way or the other. May as well just sell them in Walmart. And I should have the RIGHT to pick up some grenades in the check out line.
  5. That he is alive is pretty telling.
  6. What he’s accomplished at this young age is pretty remarkable.
  7. What makes you think I wouldn’t be one of the ones unleashing the robots? Seriously though ... need someone to photoshop my avatar over Whitney Houston’s face and yours over Costner’s. Or better, over this.
  8. Except most who post/talk about the latter in no way actually want it. I mean, BO is great and all, but he ain’t taking up arms against anyone. Revolution would **** with his cushy lifestyle of ****posting, dropping cash and Percocet at clubs, and keeping up a rigorous workout regimen to keep his bod tight for the ladies.
  9. Felineophile.
  10. I was right here. Like, 10 minutes ago. I’ll let you in on how the magic unfolded: “Hey, I think snopes already confirmed this. Heh... they have that cat they love, or something. They’re like, cat lovers ... whatsthat called? cat o philes? No, Monarch, don’t be stupid, that’s not it. TO THE INTERNET! GOOGLE! What’s another word for cat o phile? ****. Google isn’t Alexa. *types ‘what’s another word for cat o phile’* ailurophile? The ****? Well, google can’t be wrong.”
  11. A) Y’all didn’t need JDave. You could have confirmed with those liberal ailurophiles at Snopes. B ) Sessions is a racist piece of **** who basically lives to push his ****** ideology on people, so **** him, he deserves no benefit of the doubt, particularly from people who would have no reason to know better about the terminology.
  12. Neat. Neat. Neat.
  13. Not with that attitude.