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  1. They probably can’t! But they’re still more watchable to me than they have been in awhile.
  2. Love the profile on Trae Young on the Athletic. Kid definitely has the spark and the confidence. Just hope it turns into one of those super-productive chips on the shoulder, not the destructive kind.
  3. We may have different definitions of “ethical.”
  4. Counterpoint: WHO?
  5. There is no light ahead, friend. Give in to the darkness.
  6. I’ll say someone slightly less noteworthy, like Schweitzer. That, of course, will be a smokescreen for the devastating injuries to Julio and Mack, which will happen simultaneously just three plays later.
  7. To be fair, who could have possibly seen this coming? Oh. Right. You could have, and in fact did see it coming:
  8. I think our home opener is the only nationally televised game we have this year.
  9. They don’t play until tomorrow night, I think.
  10. Outfield positioning too. Like you, I would prefer a better tactical manager, but as far as old school managers go, Snitker isn’t the worst. There’s no doubt the players like playing for him, for whatever immeasurable factor that is worth.
  11. To be fair to kicker, that has been the official motto of the Republican Party for 50 years. Like, it’s embroidered on their pillows at headquarters and stuff.
  12. I mean, if you or he think the bold, neither of you know much about the science behind climate change.
  13. When it comes to climate change, which this thread is about, the right is decidedly wrong (nice). In huge numbers. Loudly, and with feeling. The left is not. There are those on the left who are wrong on some scientific issues (see vaxxers), but on science, generally, it is the right who ignores facts. Again, the republican president:
  14. Stop giving the benefit of the doubt to that POS. He has proven, time and again, that he does not deserve it.