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  1. If he doesn't he'll be **** close. We've got a touch stretch coming up over the next month and should give us a clearer picture of where the team really is. For some reason, we've never been able to beat the NFC East.
  2. It's pretty obvious to me that he's gotten a lot more production with pretty much the same personnel. I would love to see what Grimes could do, but I'm loving the physicality of our secondary right now so I hope it continues. One thing I haven't heard here is how bad we're missing Lofton. Dent may have some talent but he is definitely struggling with gap assignment and overpursuing.
  3. I do a lot of work in the Green Bay area and always sport my Falcons jacket.. you'd think as good as Green Bay was the last couple of years that no one would care.. but they couldn't help themselves and now I'm giving it back to 'em... feels good to be a Falcon fan!
  4. No, it would be different if they dominated a truly ****** divivision but they didn't. Should make them travel.
  5. It'll be interesting to see the "experts" take on the Jets after this beatin tonight. People forget how hard it is to beat a good team on the road.
  6. The dude from Entourage will get exposed tonight. Any takers?
  7. The 4th down play was not a catch. The one on the goal line could've arguably been called a TD.
  8. The Bucs are definitely better than I expected, but don't be a *****'. It's easy to come here and talk sh** when you're not expected to win. Honestly though, I think the Bucs on the road are tougher for us than the Saints at home. Everyone is chalking this up as a win, but not me. I won't be happy about it, but I think 1-1 in those two games gets us HFA. That's all that really matters at this point.
  9. I KNOW he is starting material on THIS team. He should be the least of anyone's concerns right now. We probably have 7-8 starters that wouldn't start on the majority of teams out there. Most teams in year 3 of a rebuild do. IMO, 3 of our 5 starting O-linemen fit that statement. You want to point fingers, watch the games.
  10. Pretty fair assessment, but it amazes me how people are just now getting upset. This offense has been pretty dismal for 2 years now.
  11. Mularkey is running on borrowed time. I just hope that Smitty doesn't let this guy take him down too. It's time to admit that he is not the answer.
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