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  1. 1. Mike Mularkey - IMHO, our offensive (pun intended)gameplan is to put a square peg into a round hole. If he were the coordinator for the Jets, they'd be pretty damned good. We do not have that offensive line and we actually do have a QB and receiving threats. People are constantly questioning him about not ATTACKING the defense and I haven't heard a good explanation yet why we continue to run out routes for 3 yds. It's pretty embarassing. I will say this - If Matt Ryan or Michael Turner or anyone else on the freakin' offense isn't doing what you have asked, DO YOUR JOB AND TAKE CARE OF
  2. Great effort but you still have a QB that couldn't even beat KANSAS. When that changes, come back to talk.
  3. While Turner did not look good, Snelling had the biggest hole of the day (to the left side of the line) and made a right turn right into a tackler. I have no idea what he was thinking. IMO, Mularkey should be coaching an SEC team rather than an NFL team. Apparently, he is used to having bigger, stronger guys who are able to beat their man one on one. We do not have that type of personnel.
  4. Lofton, without question. Give Spoon a year or two and those guys will DOMINATE.
  5. It's pretty sad that we have a losing record against the freakin' Cardinals. Do we have a winning record against ANY team?????
  6. I was with you all the way until you actually agreed with our philosophy and then criticized the Saints'. I'd say their aggressive philosophy has worked pretty good.
  7. I believe that Mularkey is used to just being able to hand the ball off and be successful. I'm sick and tired of seeing up the middle for nothing, then a sideline route for 3 yards. It sickens me to watch this offense, especially after watching some real offenses on Sunday. We don't have the personnel to line up and smash the defense off the ball for 5 yards. They're not really giving Ryan a chance to be successful. They're only preventing him from totally losing the game himself. These guys have way to0 much talent to look this predictable. I listened to the game on the radio yesterday
  8. Sometimes it sucks to be right. Everyone's been worried about the defense but has given the offense a pass. We should be modeling ourselves after the Champs, the Saints. They impose their will on the defense. We try to "steal" every 3 yards we can get. This team can beat most teams with this method but not the good ones. Embarassing offense performance in my opinion. For those who want to blame the kicker, keep preaching. This loss was not his fault.
  9. You've got 30 seconds to enter the code after opening the door, dumbazz. Now call the cops and tell them you're okay.
  10. All we need now is Obama coming out and blaming that on Bush too.... Oh wait, that already happened. Sorry.
  11. I hate the Saints more than the Yankees, and believe me, that's saying something.
  12. Favre's the man. Screw the Saints. It was a DirecTV commercial. Those a**holes claim I owe them 1200, good luck getting that.
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