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  1. Vaughn must have been bullied or something when he was younger because he’s entirely too sensitive. Poor guy
  2. coleman and ito smith time!
  3. Vaughn doesn't know anything. he never has real insight into the falcons organization like he should for someone that works at ESPN. Look at mike garafolo for the eagles for example. He always breaks news about them before anyone else does...Vaughn needs to step his game up
  5. He's not. My buddy is a die hard eagles fan and he said means is a high IQ DE with a motor and someone that can motivate. He said this was a great pick up for us for depth DLINE rotation and I believe him.
  6. so if he is he wont be anywhere near 100%
  7. great pick up. will be in the D line rotation on the regular., Stay tuned
  8. Why the Falcons cant pull up film of Shanahan's plays in the red zone when he was here and runs those same plays or something similar is beyond me. The falcon's formations are so predictable it pains me that a guy sitting on his couch can tell you what is about to happen based on motions and personnel groupings.
  9. It looks like the falcons honestly don't even know how to draft a QB or find a gem. Since matt ryan has been in Atlanta have they found a capable #2 that would one day be a number 1? Its been 10 years and they have yet to be able to get a QB in here that we could one day say he could be a #1 and lead this team somewhere. Its disgusting how Atlanta never game plans for the future at that position.
  10. if the Falcons start off 0-2 or lets say 0-3 then you best believe DQ is going to start chirping in sark's ear OR he is going to remove sark because to Rich Eisen's point, you just extended Julio and Matt Ryan so none of them are going anywhere and if you need to make a change on offense its gotta be the OC. So Sark is going to be gone if the Falcons start 1-3 or 0-3 etc
  11. The falcons management needs to see this...
  12. It's almost like his passes don't zip to the WR's but more so just get there pretty quick if that makes sense. And pretty quick isn't good enough in the NFL because DB's and LB's are ready to pick anything off in that tight of a space.
  13. I've noticed this as well. Ryan's arm strength doesn't allow for him to thread the ball into tight spaces so he certainly does need more room to operate from to score. For most NFL teams being at the 5-yard line is a blessing but for us its a curse.
  14. So you guys are saying that sark really isn't the one to blame here but its more so Matt Ryan?
  15. this is why after 10 years the "is he elite" question still comes up...he is too up and down for me to consider him elite.