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  1. they reminded them NOT to fall on the ball during the timeout
  2. Hennessy might be the starting left guard this year....straight from dq mouth...Davidson is going to be in the rotation day 1. Terrell is starting day 1...you’re looking at 3 potential starters
  3. Okay so you’re a coach that knows who is going to start and who isn’t? Can you please list every single item that qualifies someone as a starter vs a non starter?
  4. explain what signing hawkins has to do with anything?
  5. crazy that we havent had a single leak yet
  6. decent crowd? There were so many patriots fans in their stadium it was a home game for them
  7. and its not working because the product that puts buts in the seats like mine is a winning product so they could come up with 1001 hype videos and cool themes or slogans or whatever but I won't pay a dime for a team that isn't producing on the field consistently.
  8. All I am saying is that the hype videos and songs etc don't matter if your fans are restless and tired of the product that they are seeing on the football field. The Neal and Allen recovery videos were amazing and that's the content we want to see, but the bone crusher crap and the brotherhood music videos hold ZERO value esp when the product on the field is garbage..are the eagles doing that? are the patriots doing that? No...why are we doing that? Who are we as a team to be doing that? Do we have a ring or rings to be doing all that? They are trying so hard to hype the fans with videos, pep
  9. I see we have people that can't read and are going off topics...my rant was NOT about the current press conferences or the improved audio quality etc. It was about the MARKETING hype videos that they are putting out...the latest bone crusher crap and the brotherhood music video are my problem...the us vs all yall t shirts and "brotherhood" marketing campaign are my problem... NONE of that crap matters if you can't put out quality football on the field...
  10. For the love of God, can you guys please stop coming out with these embarrassing marketing and quick little "hype" videos please?? I think I speak for all Falcons fans when I say that all the fans want to see is a winning product on the football field. We are getting tired of the hype year after year. Quick little phrases like "brotherhood" and "us vs y'all" don't mean a **** thing and hold no value when there is a losing product on the field year after year. Go look at the eagles or patriots accounts, and you dont see all this nonsense. They understand their fans and they know that all they w
  11. tbh freeman looks cooked...all this burst and violent running DQ is talking about is some BS...ITO looked way more aggressive and polished than freeman..
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