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  1. you know Kyler Murray played the same amount of games in college?
  2. I would say wait for 2022 but the QB's coming out next year look horrible so while I do thing we should not get a QB this year, we need too based on what's coming out next year...And you have to think about it like this, how many times are we going to have a top 5 pick? Take advantage, draft your QB of the future and sit him to learn from Matt. Its the simplest and most long term approach.
  3. 4 players with the panthers in his first year above 1k yards each isn't showing you enough? A national championship win with record numbers isn't enough for you? Im lost..
  4. Hennessy might be the starting left guard this year....straight from dq mouth...Davidson is going to be in the rotation day 1. Terrell is starting day 1...you’re looking at 3 potential starters
  5. Okay so you’re a coach that knows who is going to start and who isn’t? Can you please list every single item that qualifies someone as a starter vs a non starter?
  6. explain what signing hawkins has to do with anything?
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