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  1. who have you heard that from?
  2. exactly. he is our edge SPEED rusher. We dont need a sloth at DE
  3. IG = instagram.... jesus
  4. so are NFL players supposed to get out of shape in may and then get right in august? is this how it works?
  5. That could be why
  6. I cant link an IG story
  7. Hey guys go look at the falcons IG story and tell me if it looks like takk got really big (in a bad way) this offseason. He looks to be out of shape to me..thoughts?
  8. Who said Oliver was going to be playing full time outside?
  9. He reminds me of marshawn lattimore with the long arms
  10. its not even just that its the fact that they had this man standing up instead of sitting down at a table with TD and DQ and Arthur. They hired someone this year to make some neat videos but the basics like press conferences and setups have been very very weak. I hate the 30 second clips from players. If a press conference is 48 minutes long I want to see all 48 minutes! @AtlantaFalcons
  11. He used that wrong lol
  12. He played for Alabama. That’s the closest thing to an NFL team. He’ll be ready
  13. well that blows
  14. I wish you had quoted me I am just seeing this post by chance because I did not get a notification...are they still there?
  15. i do! Are they free?