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  1. Me either bud. Just not even competitive on either side of the ball
  2. Ahhh first game of the season. Nothing more exciting! Looking for great things from this team. Starting today!!!🏈
  3. Probably just roster shuffling. He’ll probably be resigned in a day or two. Opening a roster spot for a new player?
  4. Alex Gibbs used to cobble together some of the best olines out of the least amount of talent in NFL history. His was the wide zone scheme just like ours. So coaching definitely matters. As far as the Falcons oline…after two divorces I finally figured out that I couldn’t read minds nor foretell the future. So I don’t have a clue how they’ll do but I’m their biggest fan.
  5. If he plays for two more seasons with his average production there’s no way to keep him out of the Hall of Fame. His career numbers will be too good to keep him out.
  6. I was 9 when Bob Berry (Falcons QB)made the Pro Bowl.
  7. You know the most sexually charged statement in 60’s television was when June and Ward were sitting at the breakfast table drinking coffee when June blurted, “Ward I think you were a little to rough on the Beaver last night”!!! 😂
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