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  1. At this point it probably doesn’t mean a lot. He could be back day after tomorrow. There’s gonna be a ton of moves on the bottom of the roster. Not just us, everybody. If this season does indeed get played there will be more roster changes than any other season.
  2. Of course he knows that if he gets a Super Bowl ring then the HOF is a shoe in.
  3. I have overdrafted Falcons players the past two seasons. Probably will this season too. 😂 I mean lightning has to strike eventually.
  4. Happy to see Jason got to stay locally. Hopefully he takes somebody’s place at AJC.
  5. You and your family have my prayers for rapid and complete healing. I have had several relatives who have had it but thankfully none requiring hospitalization.
  6. Player reps have voted unanimously to accept owners proposed changes to CBA. In other words, it’s on for now...
  7. It wasn’t the first one I watched but I remember seeing this game. I was 13 at the time and playing junior football. Where did the years go...
  8. Falcoholic just happened to do a write up on Keanu today. Falcons player profile: S Keanu Neal We’re kicking off our Falcons player profile series with a look at the projected starters. We continue our safety preview with Keanu Neal, who enters a pivotal season on his fifth-year option in 2020. By Kevin Knight on July 13, 2020 3:00 pm Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images We’re in the depths of the offseason here at The Falcoholic, and there has been little to nothing in the way of interesting news in ages. So, we’ll have to make some content of our own in the meantime. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing you a new Player Profile series where we’ll take a look at each of the players on Atlanta’s roster. I’ll break down their measurables, past production, and try to project their 2020 season with the Falcons. We’ll get things started with the projected starters. The fifth group—and final one on defense—will be safety. The Falcons kept things largely the same here heading into 2020, with the lone addition being fourth-round selection Jaylinn Hawkins as a developmental backup for Keanu Neal at strong safety. Today, we take a closer look at strong safety starter Keanu Neal, who enters a pivotal season in 2020 on his fifth-year option. S Keanu Neal Age: 24 (25 during 2020 season) Contract: $6.46M cap hit in 2020, free agent in 2021 Career Production: 34 games played, 34 games started | 238 total tackles, 6 TFL, 8 FF, 14 PD, 1 INT 2019 Production: 3 games played, 3 games started | 14 total tackles, 12.5% missed tackle rate | 70% completion percentage allowed, 85.4 passer rating allowed Neal followed up his strong rookie season with an even better 2017, where he was named to his first Pro Bowl. Expectations were similarly high for him heading into 2018, but Neal suffered his season-ending ACL tear in Week 1 against the Eagles—heralding what would be a miserable, injury-plagued season for Atlanta. In 2019, Neal returned and managed 3 games before suffering a similar fate, this time an Achilles injury. For whatever reason—his skillset, his leadership, or his mere presence—the Falcons defense just falls off a cliff when Neal isn’t on the field. Hopefully he can return healthy for the 2020 season. Projection: Neal, if healthy, should return to a high-level of play in 2020. It may not be 2017 Pro Bowl-level, but it will be above-average at worst for a strong safety—which is miles ahead of what the Falcons have had at the position in his absence. Just don’t be surprised if Neal has a slow start to the season as he continues to rehab his Achilles injury.
  9. They were using him at lb some before he was injured. So yeah I think he will get more lb snaps this season if he can remain healthy. Of course that is the big question...
  10. I’m not sure who but yeah I think we need a veteran presence in the secondary. There will be plenty to hit the waiver wire before game 1 kickoff along with the free agents that are out there now.
  11. I’m certainly pulling for him to succeed. Which would mean a Championship and we could finally have rest. The players believe in him so I’m not going to question their judgment. I do believe it is a good thing that he wasn’t fired with the way Covid has played out. Teams with an existing coaching staff will be way ahead of those with new coaches. Off topic but it’s sad that it looks like a good portion of the UFDA’s won’t even be allowed to compete in camp.
  12. I pretty much believe that every season. However to go undefeated in the NFL at this point in time you would truly have to be a team of destiny. Doesn’t hurt to wish though.
  13. We have been very fortunate to have him. First class player, teammate, leader and person. Thanks for the post OP and Goober Pyle. Good read.
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