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  1. Who’s the backup punter? That punt was weak.
  2. I guess we’re all insane. Isn’t that the definition? Doing something over and over and expecting a different result...
  3. Owners have discussed making QB’s cap exempt.
  4. It will depend on what language is in the new CBA. If the cap goes up as part of the agreement then we could possibly sign everyone who we want to keep.
  5. I remember watching Jack Youngblood play two games with a broken fibula in 79. AN absolute Hammer!!!
  6. This staff doesn't have two or three years to gel. If there is not at least a playoff berth this season then this whole staff is going to be shown the state line and probably Dimi and staff too. Arthur is 77 years old and he wants his Championship an I'm 60 and want him to get it.
  7. I was with DTV for 15 years and it was a good company to do business with until ATT bought it. I was gone within 6 months of the buyout and have been streaming Sling and Amazon Prime since then, plus an exterior antenna which picks up about 20 channels. Been using Reddit streams for games. 10 second delay doesn't bother me. Since this is DTV's last year of the Sunday Ticket deal I would figure the NFL will probably use multiple outlets for streaming like Amazon(already streaming Thursday night games), You Tube, Hulu, Sling and on and on. They could possibly stream it on Game Pass since it already has that capability and all the Networks have streaming capability now. In my experience ATT has ruined everything that they have taken over.
  8. You mean it isn’t Swamp Fox??? I mean he was here twice.
  9. If and when it comes to that point, Blank will probably hire Josh McDaniels. Not my choice but would probably be Blank’s.
  10. He ain’t special. I’m pissed too!!! You have had a full offseason, an extra week of camp to prepare for opening day and this is what you put on the field??? I saw somebody say we didn’t get blown out. What because the Vikings let off the gas and we score garbage touchdowns and go for two for whatever reason? Falcons have practiced against Shannahan’s West Coast offense since Quinn got here and they don’t recognize what their doing??? I have been watching this team for 50 years and this is the poorest excuse I have ever seen for, effort, execution and coaching. If they can correct this in one week then that means they quit on this one.
  11. Pretty good assessment. No tape on the offense isn’t an excuse. They have been practicing against that offense for five years. Both offenses come from the Mike Shannahan tree
  12. Truth hurts and he just spoke it. I know it's first game but we didn't even look competent in any phase of the game. This could get ugly early.
  13. I hope we don’t hear his name all afternoon.
  14. I was surprised at Brown. Wonder if he’s possibly trade bait.