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  1. Arthritis has taken care of cartwheels for me. I'd sure try to dance a little jig though.😂
  2. I was looking at your draft pick # 68. I thought what tha #%{# is an ED? I mean I’m 61 so I know what ED is. 😂 Of course then I realized it was supposed to be DE.
  3. Looks good. I still believe the cap will be close to 200 million. More gooder for us if it happens.
  4. I think that the talent is better than they preformed but with that said, I’d definitely agree with C-. They were decent at times pass blocking and horrid at run blocking. It’ll be interesting how the new staff values the current line.
  5. Getting old is no fun for a lot of us. Arthritis, Alzheimers, Cancer... Seniors who have good health are truly blessed. May God bless this family and all families who are dealing with a loved one with disease. I had an Uncle who succumbed to Covid last week after battling cancer for 20 years. It’s truly sad thing to witness.
  6. I watched that the other night. Still funny as ever.
  7. I’m pulling for the Chiefs. If for no other reason than I don’t want to see Brady with another ring. I know he’s the goat but I’m tired of seeing his mug and Disneyland demeanor. Go retire with your super model wife and quit ruining my life!!!😂
  8. The Falcons/Arthur Smith portion of Albert Breer’s MMQB George Walker IV/The Tennessean/USA Today Network GETTING TO KNOW ARTHUR SMITH I was like a lot of people who’ve been around new Falcons coach Arthur Smith—I heard about the rising young coach well before I knew who his dad was. But for obvious reasons, as he inched closer to reaching the top of his chosen profession, it increasingly became known that he was the son of FedEx founder Fred Smith (I did eventually figure it out). Now? Well, now, as part of his place in the coaching carousel, it’s actually become a piec
  9. This is great. The fact that he came back to work with Arthur Smith speaks volumes. I’m excited to be a Falcons fan again.
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