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  1. Thanks and Happy Father’s Day! The best job on the planet.
  2. Makes as much sense as Cowgirl fans believing that DQ is the 2nd coming of D-coordinators. Dude had 5 years and couldn't coach one up here.😂
  3. Good pre third day presser with Arthur Smith at bottom. What we learned from third day of Falcons minicamp Matt Ryan and quarterbacks take target practice, a non-kicker FG contest and more from Day 3 Jun 10, 2021 at 02:42 PM Scott Bair Falcons Digital Managing Editor Quarterback Matt Ryan fires a pass during Falcons minicamp
  4. I’m a Falcons fan. I haven’t even considered drafting Julio on any of my fantasy teams for 3 years, so I won’t be following his career any further. I’m not mad but since he doesn’t want to be here then he needs to be somewhere else. Bye
  5. I guess when you start hanging around Terrell Owens magical things begin to happen... I have thought for several seasons that the “brotherhood” was badly fractured. Apparently it started at the top.
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/05/24/mmqb-matt-ryan-atlanta-falcons-uncertain-offseason-good-place MMQB: How Matt Ryan Came Out of an Uncertain Offseason in a Good Place When the Falcons' quarterback found out his replacement hadn't been drafted, he'd already put in the work to start this new phase of his career. Plus, Phase III of offseason workouts begin, how the Russell Wilson drama settled down and much more. ALBERT BREER 2 HOURS AGO In one way, the Falcons’ new bosses were very transparent with Matt Ryan ah
  7. Feed him and get him up to 350. Falcons defenses have usually done better with a fatty in the middle.
  8. The Atlanta Falcons held their first day of rookie minicamp practice on Friday and for the first time since being hired as head coach in Atlanta, Arthur Smith was leading the way on the practice fields. All nine of Atlanta's draft picks were in attendance as were all 20 college free agents and five tryout players. Here are five observations from practice on Friday: Arthur Smith runs a tight ship Since his introductory press conference back in January, Smith has stressed accountability will be a core principle of his program. That was on full display duri
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