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  1. Who knows if it’s legit but I found this on Twitter.
  2. Just found this on Twitter for what’s it’s worth.
  3. Six minute interview with Rich McKay. Covers draft setups and new unis.
  4. Prayers up Falcon Brother!
  5. Interview almost 18 minutes long. First 10 minutes on Coronavirus with last few minutes about football.
  6. Many times a virus becomes less effective with warm weather. With this one, who knows. Reasons being that more people are outside with warm weather and not interacting as much indoors where the air is dryer. There is more humidity in the air during warm weather. Virus attaches to humid air which drops quickly and virus doesn’t stay in the air very long. We can pray that happens. Not for sports but for humanity. Maybe we can be more prepared for the next one.
  7. Here’s a short interview with Whitworth who was Gurley’s teammate in LA. Good listen.
  8. A lot closer than I thought it would be.
  9. Yes
  10. Thanks I had been searching to see how it came out.
  11. PGA has cancelled The Players Championship. Also all tournaments cancelled at least till Texas Valero Open