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  1. I'm going even further down the slippery slope. I have been watching this team for nearly 50 years and have never had this feeling about a Falcons team before. I think we will join the Miami Dolphins as the only undefeated teams ever.
  2. Mine has been gone 23 years, Mom 16. I still miss them as much as I ever did but the pain has faded, being replaced by good memories. I've been on this board a loooong time. Seen dozens come and go. Rev Hal is one that comes to mind. Priorities change all the time. Just a part of life.
  3. Don't hate him bro. I'm fine with whatever celebration they come up with. He is indeed a top ten Falcon of all time. It's just it could have been so much more...
  4. Never said he wasn't talented or held back during games. He was electric edge of your seat must watch tv. What I'm saying that someone who thought no more of his team, teammates or fans than to throw away game plans which he admittedly did and told Jim Mora on an interview that he never watched a "single" one. Then maybe your and my long awaited Championship would have already come to pass. Then as a backup for the Jets he admitted again that he wasn't prepared to enter the game after starter was hurt. Thing I hate is all of it was such wasted potential. Had the potential to be all time. Here in Atlanta. All time. What a waste.
  5. I'm sure that factors in for sure. Dunno about the Roddy part. They were teammates and remain friends. Who knows, I'm certainly no mind reader
  6. He did his time and I have to admit that it heightened awareness of animal abuse and I would say that rescuing dogs and cats is probably at an all time high. So some good has ultimately been done. My problem with him was when I saw the video with Jim Mora Jr interviewing him on tv and he asked Vick what he did with the videos that he sent home. Vick's reply was that he threw them in the trash. Never watched a one. To me anyone who was no more invested than that has no place being celebrated as a former great.
  7. I think they want absolutely no distractions during the season. No matter the side you are on regarding YKW, this has potential to be a minor distraction.
  8. Good read. Thx for posting.
  9. He really is a great guy to be associated with. I heard a piece last week where he asked to attend the awards banquet for Bronco's office staff and other personnel who work directly for the Broncos. He handed out awards and attended the post-banquet party. I don't remember who reported it but they said it was the first time ever a player attended the teams employee banquet. Not just for the Bronco's, league wide. It says something about the person.
  10. We may not get much love in the media but the GMFB crew loves us. Another aspect to admire about Quinn is that he is doing his best to market this team so we will get more coverage. One day in Bristol at ESPN and a day in New York with NFL network.
  11. He is scheduled to be on NFL live tomorrow. He did this last year during the offseason. Basically spent a day in Bristol at ESPN.
  12. I believe the upcoming season is going to be special in all three phases. I can't wait!!!
  13. Love that this staff is willing to look anywhere for talent.
  14. 19-0 Gonna be a special year. 85 Bearsesque. Gonna knock the 72 Dolphins off the Throne!!!
  15. Congrats to all of em'. They all earned it.