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  1. You’d think they would have the courtesy to manufacture some FF garbage points. 🤷‍♂️😂
  2. If Koetter goes tomorrow then Oline consultant Chris Morgan needs to catch a ride. I won’t insult other coaches by calling him one.
  3. -4 offensive yards of production from this team thus far in the second half. Shameful and embarrassing!
  4. Baldy is doing this game for NFL radio. He will crucify this team over the next week.
  5. They honestly look like they had no game plan for the Ain’ts at all. On both sides of the ball. So far Falcons MVP is Koo. SMDH
  6. I had a good feeling about him when we traded for him. I have 4 FF teams this season. Hurst is on every one.
  7. I agree, other than a play here or there the run blocking hasn’t been good. No explosion off the line. Pass blocking has been pretty good but Ryan’s sudden ability to scramble has saved them a few times. They are improving though.
  8. Love these breakdowns by Baldy. Especially when they’re positive.
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