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  1. Good listen, thanks for posting.
  2. I don’t know how to imbed videos from iPhone but if you know how please feel free. At any rate, interesting video. http://www.nfl.com/videos/atlanta-falcons/0ap3000000936945/Five-reasons-why-Falcons-will-make-playoffs-in-2018
  3. Wouldn’t cut him because he does have trade value. I’d certainly listen to offers.
  4. Overall the best db group that I have ever seen assembled on a Falcons team an I been around a long time.
  5. Thanks for the laugh!
  6. I'm with you. I'm all in on this young man. Now he is gonna do young man stupid ish from time to time just like any of us would have if we had a lot of money at that age. But he has a passion and rage for the game of football. He is gonna be fun to watch this season. Whatever he weighs...
  7. 30+
  8. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/6/2/17419604/the-falcons-now-have-an-additional-3-5-million-in-cap-space Levine Toilolo was a perfectly fine player for the Atlanta Falcons, but chances are good you haven’t given him much thought since the Falcons cut ties with him earlier this year. The team has multiple tight ends, after all, and they just signed a new one yesterday. But here’s a reason to think about Levine Toilolo again: The fact that Atlanta designated him as a post-June 1 cut means that as of today, the Falcons have added about $3.5 million in new cap space. That takes them from roughly $5 million in space (not including their new Yale tight end) to about $8.5 million. If they wanted to sign, say, a veteran safety, they’d now theoretically be able to do so. Chances are good that the Falcons will instead use that money to work on extensions for the likes of Grady Jarrett, Jake Matthews (whose extension might actually save more money this year), Ricardo Allen and maybe even Julio Jones. Keeping the core of this talented roster together remains critically important, so I’m fine if the Falcons don’t chase any shiny toys. They could still shore up the tackle position or nab a reserve safety and I’d consider it a prudent move, but let’s get those contracts done first, eh? At the very least, the Falcons have a little flexibility in case injury strikes or they determine that a position like defensive end isn’t quite as strong and deep as they’d hoped, to name two frightening possibilities. So thanks for the cap space, Levine Toilolo. May your time with the Lions go well.
  9. Nick Foles. 100% reception rate with 100% of all catches resulting in touchdowns. Same stats in Super Bowl appearance.
  10. I think that Quinn would strongly consider changing play calling to Knapp if Sark isn't getting it done this season.
  11. I didn’t see that one but there were several others.
  12. You get to see fiery leadership qualities that we don’t get to see on Sundays. I can see why guys will run through a brick wall for him. Also you get to see what a genuinely nice guy he is.
  13. He does drop a few f bombs that get beeped out.
  14. NFLN had a 30 minute Sound FX of the Best of Matt Ryan today at 1:00pm. It was a great watch and comes on again tomorrow morning at 5:30am for those that may want to record it. It’s so seldom that we get this kind of recognition that it’s always must watch tv. Some on sideline and some from camp. Enjoy
  15. It wasn’t just for football. It was for Valdosta/Lowndes Co being named Titletown by ESPN a few years back. Both high schools and VSU being included for all sports.