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  1. Yeah I agree. As a color analyst he pretty much sucked buuuuuut gotta start somewhere. I’m sure it’s a difficult transition.
  2. For Cowpatty it was a good listen. Thanks for posting.
  3. That one worked. Thanks so much.
  4. me too still looking
  5. Our defense doesn’t have to be better. They just have to create more turnovers. Easier said than done I know and of course the offense has to cooperate...
  6. RANK 7 FALCONS (0-1) Previous rank: No. 8 Falcons move up despite the season-opening lossdue to ugly performances from the Saints and Steelers. Not to mention, these guys had a real challenge Thursday night. You try going into the home of the world champs, having your best running back limping on the sideline, losing your defensive enforcer for the season and going against a crowd ready to douse its Pabst Blue Ribbon on your head. (Side note: Does anyone say "world" champs anymore? My pro football preview magazine from 1958 does.) Safety Keanu Neal's torn ACL is huge, but I don't think any of the below teams are better than Atlanta. And Falcons fans can no longer say I hate their team. UPDATE: After publishing, the Falcons announced that Deion Jones has been placed on injured reserve with a foot ailment. Dan Quinn expects Jones to return this season, but the star linebacker will be out a minimum of eight weeks.
  7. I like and respect Louis a lot. He is the most straight up analyst on tv. I wouldn’t wait till the end of the year though. If the offense sucks again against the pantys. Fire him as soon as the clock strikes 0:00.
  8. I personally like the fact that Quinn is creative. Especially after all the sorry efforts by some past Falcons coaches doing the same thing over and over and failing every time.
  9. I’ve seen a couple of different tweets saying essentially the same thing. Neither mentioned a specific player. Only looking to sign a vested veteran after the first game. Can’t dress but 48... soooooo we wait
  10. Quinn has said pretty much every year that they call plays to evaluate players in particular situations. Along with several starters sitting and I would rather lose a preseason game 63 to 0 than lose a top flight starter at any position.
  11. I’ve actually been pretty encouraged what with all the starters who are sitting. Receivers have dropped enough balls to be ahead by 10
  12. http://ripple.is/football/3026-atlanta-falcons-jacksonville-jaguars Found this one that works
  13. Keeps redirecting me to site to sign up livessports.pass
  14. Thx