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  1. Funny, funny stuff guys. I appreciate the laughs. And I live for a laugh...
  2. The conspiracy theory won’t work if for no other reason that if it were discovered the NFL would collapse and in a hurry.
  3. Somebody with money could rent the sign next to it and put this pic on it. This one didn’t get called either.
  4. Put this one on a billboard right next to it that didn’t get called.
  5. Maybe they will trade their next two years 1st for one this year.
  6. Man I swear. I think Belichick and Brady sold their souls to the devil.
  7. Come on Chiefs!!!
  8. Now if we can get the Chiefs to put a whuppin on the Pats. It’ll all be good.
  9. Probably better than I deserve. Hope you’re doing well. I’m usually lurking once a day.